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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Necromancer → The Attack **Spoiler**

by Rapier


In the final map (The Lord of Heresh) Godric is against you. It uses a carryover Godric so if you donít want that fight to be difficult, avoid levelling up Godric or giving bonuses to him.

But it is a fun challenge to maximize Godric whenever you can, and fight him on heroic later. There is always a way to get him. For example, the Mark of Necromancer gives you unlimited mana!


maltz at 2006-10-01 19:59 wrote:
For C2M4, these heroes shouldn't carry over from a previous mission. What you see is probably a preset AI hero that happens to be pretty competent.

sumalmamus at 2006-06-13 16:25 wrote:
I haven't seen anybody mention it, but one reason I found the fourth map of Inferno pretty darn tough was that the sylvan hero I had developed had all the skills i had picked for her and she seemed to be out to get me (my primary nemesis on the map).

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