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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Cultist → Agrael's Decision

by Robenhagen


  • Find Tieru
  • Agrael must survive

Carries Over:

  • None (Max Level: 40)
Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface


At the beginning of the scenario, you must choose a bonus from one of these three:

  • Succubus Mistress: 4
  • Hell Hound: 12
  • Sextant of the Sea Elves

Take anything you prefer. The sextant can be quite useful, since there's a good deal of sailing in this scenario, making this artifact perfect for a high-score rush. On the other hand, you only have a fixed number of troops available in the scenario (unless you're prepared to spend weeks waiting for the few dwellings to respawn), so choosing either the succubi mistresses or the hell hounds also seems a good call. Personally, I chose the succubi mistresses, since they fit well with the way I like to play.

There are no other players - only neutral stacks, so you can take what time you need to complete. A word of warning is that you'll need to fight a rather-large (size depend on difficulty level) stack of emerald dragons at the end - and this stack grows like all other stacks, so the longer you take, the harder the fight is going to get. The mysterious fog mentioned is really just the fog of war. The problem with it is that it doesn't disappear when you're in a boat, so you need to be on solid ground to remove it.

Head to the island just north of you and visit the Redwood Observatory to clear some fog. Also visit the Hut of the Magi to clear even more, then go back to your ship. Sail to the island east of you and fight the hunters to enter yet a Redwood Observatory. There are plenty of treasure chests on the map, which is a good source of experience points, but you should take the gold every now and then, you'll need it. Use the Subterranean Gate Entrance to enter the underground.

Head north, past the dark raiders, until you get to an intersection, continue north along the tunnel as it turns south. At the end you'll get to a set of stairs. If the neutral stacks here seems to large for you, get the free stack of cerberi on the west first. Flag the Inferno Military Post and the Howling Kennels. These are the only two creature buildings in this scenario. By the time you get here, you are more or less by the end of the week, so you can just wait till the next week to hire yet another round of creatures. Go back underground and follow the tunnel back to the intersection and head down the passage leading west. At the end, head up the stairs and visit the Hut of the Magi on the northern part of the island. Go to the Shipyard and build a ship.

Sail to the eastern shore of the island that is immediately to the south west (you can see a pack of treants guarding some pit fiends). Get the pit fiends to join you and then sail to the volcanic island with the Inferno dwellings to get some more troops for your ranks. It would be useful to wait to yet another new week to hire 2 rounds of creatures. Now you are set for the rest of the mission - it's time to head back west. There's one island you still haven't visited in the west, and it holds a Hill Fort, where you can upgrade your troops (bring enough gold). If you don't have enough gold then skip the Pit Fiend upgrade as they don't really make a big difference. After this, you will probably never spend any money, so you can start to convert all treasure chests into experiences - and hope that you will ain one level before the end. Now you are done with the SW portion. To the far east is an island with a visible Subterranean Entrance Gate - sail to it (on the way you can actually see Tieru on one of the central islands, if you pan the camera).

Start exploring the island by going south. At some point you'll get to a stack of emerald dragons. This stack of dragon is actually about 3/4 of the size of the final "boss" of this mission. You can fight them, but you will need some good skill and Agrael build to pull out unharmed. If you defeat this stack of emerald dragon, you can learn a second-level spell "Vessel of Shalassa", which enables you to summon a ship to the nearby shore. So go to the shore nearby and summon your ship to visit the Cartographer. The Cartographer sells you the sea map for 4000G. This map remove all the fog of war over the water for 4000 gold. Whatever you choose, you can still complete the scenario without the map. If you have the map, though, you can actually complete the mission much faster.

If you bought the sea map, you have now free access to all water, but you cannot land in most places because the islands are still covered by fog! Besides the islands you already visited, there is an island that is located on the center-east, appearing mostly brown on the mini map. If you have visited all Huts of Magi available so far, then the shore of this island has been revealed to you, and you can land there. You will soon face the "boss", the emerald dragon stack mentioned earlier. By coming this early you should be able to defeat it with whatever you have now. However, you will miss 3 stat points, a few artifacts, quite a lot of free creatures and tens of thousands of experiences that you would obtain by taking the alternative long route. In fact, you will not see Agrael (the Demon Lord) later, so you can actually rush straight to the ending and enjoy a much-higher score!

If you don't have the sea map, head back up to the northern part of the island and enter the underground. Enter the Stables and head north. Now look carefully for a unpaved trail to the east, past the dark raiders to get some treasure and a LARGE stack of cerberi. (On heroic you get more than 100 cerberi here, making the rest of the scenario extremely easy.)

P.S.: Since these dogs are all you need to win, you can rush here as soon as you can, and then make a direct shot to Tieru!

Go back the way you came and follow the northern tunnel you passed on the way here. When the tunnel splits take the western path to get more treasure, then go back and follow the eastern tunnel to reach a set of stairs.

Explore the island to get more cerberi and succubi mistresses to join you. You can also find a Mercenary Camp (+1 Attack). When you're done, head underground through the southern Subterranean Gate Entrance. Follow the tunnel north and get the pit lords to join you. The tunnel turns west and ends with a set of stairs. Head up and explore the island - start by going east to the Arena (ATK or DEF +2). Then turn to the southern part of the island to visit a Redwood Observatory. Finally head west to the Monolith Two Way and through it. Go past the Subterranean Entrance Gate to visit another Redwood Observatory. You can steal the resources behind the ancient treants without fighting them, but why would you want to? - Fight them! Go back and down the stairs, then follow the tunnel until it divides. Go east, past the hydras for some more treasure and then west to exit the underground.

Build (or summon) a ship and sail to the island just east of you, where more pit lords will join you. You should also visit the Hut of the Magi. There are now only two islands you haven't visited; Tieru's and the one you are going to next. Sail to the easternmost of the three central islands. This is the island where you could have landed if you obtained the Sea Map earlier. Not much to do, but enter the underground. Head north to get back above ground - you're now on the island that leads straight to Tieru. Head south to encounter this final stack of emerald dragons. If you come here REALLY late then you will see a huge stack, but otherwise they are just about the same size of the emerald dragons you fought along the way. (On heroic, patch 1.3, this stack starts with 9, and grows at a rate of 11% every week.) Once they're defeated, cross the bridge to meet Tieru and watch the surprising ending. Congratulations!

Alexyn at 2015-03-08 22:57 wrote:

I'm in the middle of Agrael's Decision and I'm trying to summon the boat which is just a bit in front of me. I'm standing on the edge of the shore, slightly in the water, but when I open my spellbook, none of the spells are "in color" and although I just obtained the Spell of Shalasaa, I cannot cast it. Can anyone advise me on what I might need to do? Thank you.

Current state,
Level 25 Demon Lord
Spellpower at level 6
Mana is at 290
Sunlover at 2014-04-04 18:21 wrote:
FWIW, I just ran this on v1.06 Hard difficulty - it's really a joke, especially if you have Expert Light/Resurrection. I didn't lose any forces until I got to the "restock" island of demon forces, and even at the end with 19 Emerald Dragons (I was trying vainly to get Agrael to level 30, he only got up to about 29.25), I only lost about 15 Cerberi with Resurrection.

It seems to be a very good tactic to rush the Cerberi down to the end of the field (if you have Resurrection, maybe even if you don't have Light Magic) and let the Dragons take their shots, leaving the Succubi and Pit Lords unmolested.

I disagree that "completing this chapter as quickly as possible" is an absolute must-follow rule; given that it's the final battle, if you've done a decent job protecting your Succubi, Cerberi and Pit Lords with widespread destruction spells like Meteor Shower for the spread out forces, and spammed Implosion, I probably could have handled up to 30 Emerald Dragons fairly easily. I screwed up in not resetting my score table, so I'm not sure how many days it took me - going to run it again and see if I can get to 30.

One thing I did differently than others (at least if I understand everything I've read) was once I picked up the Pit Lords in the lower SE island guarded by treants, I once again headed to the island to pick up 2 weeks of creature generated allies. Then headed back west to the Hill Fort to promote them and moved onwards from there. This was for a "max stats" run though, not a speed run.
some_pete at 2009-06-27 16:23 wrote:
I fluked this mission, and I mean I won by fluke. Here's something you need to know: sailing around in a ship doesn't lift the black fog and you MUST go ashore to uncover it. First island - lookout tree. I then found a Magic Eye hut, and went on to the next more easterly island with the stairs. Down I went, kept right all the way and ended up on the inferno island with two critter generators. North of the 'start' island is another island that turned out to have a hill fort on it - upgrade time, two weeks worth of troops. On to the larger green island in the East, fought my way past 5 dragons (heavy losses) to find a shrine with the ship calling spell and the map merchant just south of the tip of the island with a handy ship near by. Summoned the ship, bought the map, and ended up .... on the island with the bridge after collecting another week's worth of critters (but not upgrading them). More dragons guarding the bridge: something good must be there! There were only 3, no match for 4 pit lords and 20odd cerberi and cut to Tieru sitting on a pile of rocks! Whoa, that was a surprise. Fastest and easiest mission I've played yet, except for the trainer in 'Tribes'. Clearly speed is the key here, and I had navigation and the sextant ... never even visited any of the northern half of the map (as I said, it was a fluke) and always took gold over xp; once I could summon ships I didn't bother to backtrack.
darius92 at 2008-11-29 01:02 wrote:
Mybae someone can help me out. I finish the game and watch the scene at the end. But when i click close on the screen afetr the game crashes. I have version 1.5.

Shad0WeN at 2008-10-02 21:38 wrote:
This map was fun exploring all the islands and the fog thing was a unique idea, it was a nice change of pace.

I noticed something weird though. After I finished the map I went into the main menu options to replay the dialogue and when I checked out the 3rd cut scene (Agrael's Decision - 3), it showed something that I never got and what looks to possibly be a location on the map that doesn't exist. In the cut scene it showed Agrael's boat near a whirlpool, a couple of derelict ships with debris scattered in the water, and a matrix of strange balls of light hovering in the air. My guess is that this is just something that didn't end up getting used in the map?

Grail Quest at 2007-07-28 03:10 wrote:
Did it on Heroic and there were 25 Dragons! However, I went into the scenario with Urgash's Call and boy, it is Ultimate all right. Unless I was facing Druids, I won every combat without losses, including the dragons at the end. Maybe it was because of my Diplomacy skill, but every demon stack joined (and on Heroic, that's a lot of troops!)
Against druids, I got lucky (again, because of Diplomacy?) and picked up some minotaurs and Blood Maidens, which I fielded to avoid taking demon losses. Frenzy worked well to occupy the druids with themselves while I cautiously approached with my troops.
Remarkably straightforward, and tons of cash about so convert every chest to XP.
You may also want to forgo the Sextant as there is a lot of underground, and the tunnels will take you just about everywhere.
aznricepuff at 2006-08-22 19:52 wrote:
I got only 6 dragons at the end. The key is to get to the end as fast as possible, since at the beginning of every week every neutral stack on the map gains more creatures. Basically, dont pick a fight with every neutral creature you see, all it does is waste move points and potentially your units if you let them die. Also, get the sextant of sea elves as your bonus in the beginning, all of the other options suck.
NickMP at 2006-08-08 17:12 wrote:
Did this on Hard and just found 9 dragons at the end, but I'd not taken the time to explore the northern 3 islands. The scenario is pretty strongly scripted (usually only a couple of options where to go next) but it's atmospheric, rather like some of the Robenhagen HOMM 4 maps.
calmon at 2006-08-07 13:13 wrote:
On hardest Level and with some recruiting weeks it were hundres and hundreds of dragons. Can't see any chance to defeat 500 and more emerald dragons.

dbmayur at 2006-07-27 07:00 wrote:
I have about 30 dragons waiting for me...I guess I ll try to bypass them with sikons technique.
ScionHisi at 2006-07-16 11:55 wrote:
I used to play Heroes 3 - 4 years ago, but I just started back up with V. Breezed through the The Queen with no problems then continued on to The Cultist. Made it the the last mission, yeah this one. Got through the entire mission (taking the necklace) with minimal casualities, and I never picked up any monsters except for 10 scouts (which proceeded to die by my Succubi). Anyhow, the point. Don't skip picking up monsters! I made it all the way through, took out the last two groups of Elder Druids, hoping they would be the last monster.
Got to the Emerald Dragon's with 5 Succubi left....

Since the one staircase going back down doesn't work, I get to start over. Yay me!

Sikon at 2006-07-01 11:38 wrote:
I had 15 dragons on normal, but defeated them with minimal losses with quick combat.
As for the dragons guarding the Vessel of Shalassa shrine: there is absolutely no need to fight them, even without Scouting (I had Pathfinding, Quick Gating and Teleport Assault as Logistics abilities). Move as close to the dragons as you can, there is a point (slightly to the right) from where you can partially see the landing ramp. There should still be a thin patch of fog preventing you from sailing there, but it can be removed if you just walk along the shore. After that, you can completely bypass the dragons, land behind them, and have the Cartographer revealed. In fact, I couldn't find any other way to complete the map.

Robenhagen at 2006-06-13 21:38 wrote:
The link to the underground map has been fixed.

sumalmamus at 2006-06-13 16:31 wrote:
I only had six dragons at the end on the normal setting, I had already beated at least that many two other times without loss. There is perhaps a "random monster" setting as in the previous versions map editors as I ran into mostly stacks of weakly minotaurs on the map, and tiny stacks of creature of the week.

Jata at 2006-06-12 20:23 wrote:
I can't see map of undergroud here. It shows Error 404 Not Found.
calmon at 2006-06-09 12:43 wrote:
I tried this one time on the highest difficult level on my own. I can't defeat the emerald dragons at the end. Maybe i shoudln't wait and recruit to much creatures in the dwellings but without its hell too on this difficult level.

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