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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Cultist → The Ship

by Robenhagen


  • Capture Erewel
  • Agrael must survive

Secondary Objective:

  • Capture Ur-Nebryzias (later during the mission)
  • Complete the dragon's quest (later during the mission)

Carries Over:

  • Agrael (max level: 30)

Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface

This mission has a similar layout to the previous. Agrael still starts in the SW portion of the map, has an easy access of a Sylvan town, and will be conquering towns at NW and NE. However, there is no Gilraen chasing you around, only low-level heroes with not-too-impressive armies. There is an underground level that connects different portions of the map, giving a potential shortcut to end the mission. You'll also get the only totally functional Inferno town in the campaign.

At the beginning of the scenario, you must choose a bonus from one of these three:

  • Druid: 10
  • Gold: 6000
  • Wood: 40

Resources come in whole-sale quantity on this map. You will never be short of it, if you flag whatever mines you see. Take the 10 druids - the extra men will come in handy.

Pick up the wood and enter the Garden of the Wee Folk. Now, you can continue north along the path, but I find it much more rewarding to use an alternate route, by going east along the cobblestone road. Head east and flag all the mines you pass, as well as picking up treasure and resources - the first stack of master hunters will join you. On day 2 there's a cut scene with an unpleasant surprise for you - the Sylvan forces are deserting you and you'll slowly lose them. If you have Diplomacy you can probably get some extra Sylvan stacks to join you along the way. If you find certain stacks too tough, simply avoid them for now. The master hunters south of the Ore Pit will also join your rank.

Master hunters come with the "warding arrow" ability that sometimes triggers upon arrow impact, and pushes the target's initiative back. This is one of the reasons that you really want to split your master hunters into multiple stacks. Your attack are also more effective this way, by not over-killing just one stack, instead killing all stacks before they hit you.

Continue until you get to the Sylvan town Hallin, owned by the green player. Visit the Hut of the Magi next to it to see two different Subterranean Gate Entrances and you get a glimpse of the Inferno town Ur-Nebryzias. Capture Hallin and enter - unfortunately you can't build a Tavern, so you can't get an extra hero... yet. Now depends on the patches and difficulty level, the AI has a different degree of effectiveness. It is possible that some roaming AI hero will claim this town while you are miles away, so you can focus on the economic buildings first. You will be benefited by building the Hunter's Cabin in the near future, too (more on this later). Pick up a first aid tent if you have the war machine skill; they're mighty cheap in the Sylvan towns. Continue east, flagging all the mines.

Now you are ready to go underground to claim your Inferno town. You can follow the road east, until the road turns north and is blocked by lots of ancient treants. Avoid them by going straight east - through the forest towards the Subterranean Gate Entrance. Enter it when you get there. Once undergound follow the path to the north west. When it divides, head east towards Ur-Nerbryzias. On the way you should flag the mines. Capture the town to complete your secondary objective.

Alternatively, you can go west from Hanllin, and turn north. There is a Sulfur Pit along the way, which is quite useful to you as Inferno towns needs a lot of sulfur. Turn west afterwrads, and you will also end up underground. Head east to defeat a group of Deep Hydra (very slow, therefore very easy), flag mines, and take the town Ur-Nerbryzias.

This Inferno town has a Tavern, so get some extra heroes. The daily desertion of Sylvan units only happens on Agrael, so you can give all Agrael's Sylvan units to a new hero just before pressing End Turn, and at the beginning of the next turn return them to Agrael. You can flag the remaining mines in this area by moving Agrael together with a new hero.

Now quickly build your Inferno town up, focusing on troops and a capital. Upgrade hell hounds to cerberi as they are much more useful. Nightmares are also nice as you have 3 extra every week from the creature building just south of the town. Pit fiend/lord is a big money burner. Go for them only if you have enough cash. Capture the Howling kennels and the Inferno Military Post. Later on, hire another new hero here whose job is to purchase new hell hounds, hell chargers and pit fiends from these two dwellings every week.

You can give your remaining Sylvan forces to a new hero (preferably Sylvan to avoid the -2 morale penalty) and send him/her back to Hallin, and start exploring the map with the troops from Hallin.

It is time for Agrael to head up north from Ur-Nebryzias and turn north west immediately after fighting the wights. At some point you should spot a large stack of spectral dragons; approach them (but DO NOT attack them) to trigger a cut scene with the shadow dragons (!) and get another secondary objective: Complete the dragon's quest. You must obtain 100 hunters and/or master hunters for the dragons (this is why the Hunters Cabin is important early on). This objective, however, is one you shouldn't haste to complete - you won't need to complete it before you're absolutely ready for the final show down. It's also worth noticing that any Sylvan forces under Agrael's command still flees each day, so you should use somebody else to move the 100 hunters to the spectral dragons (hand them over to Agrael to let him complete the quest though).

It's now time to explore the remaining underground; you can find a couple of interesting things - besides treasure. A set of stairs to the south west, where you were supposed to enter the underground. Two set of stairs to the north east - the one furthest to the east leads to the Sylvan lands, but you should exit through the other one first to fight some ancient treants and get a huge gold/xp boost. Then return to Ur-Nebryzias and recruit all the demon troops you can afford, then head to the other set of stairs to the north east (the ones next to a garrison).

You're now on Sylvan territory, but why should you care? Head north east to the Sylvan town Giladan and capture it. The green player should have a fairly powerful hero in the area, that you need to deal with. Then start exploring the area, there's a good deal of mines and hunters lodges that will help you get your 100 hunters (it's shouldn't be a problem, since you don't need them right away). You can also find a good deal of power-ups that you should make sure Agrael visits. There are also a couple of Keymaster Tents (Blue and Green). A little south west of Giladan are some master hunters guarding a stack of Arch Devils, who'd join you if the master hunters weren't in the way. Just west of there is a Sylanna's Ancients tree (+1 level). North west of Giladan is a heavely defended garrison owned by the green player. If you complete the dragon's quest, you won't need to come this way. Still, it's good experience (I find it hard to reach level cap on this map), but at least for now you should just let it be. To the far west is yet another Sylvan town, Aglan, which you should capture as well.

When you're done exploring the forest, complete the dragon's quest, if you haven't already. You can also choose to attack the spectral dragons, but I wouldn't advice it, since it causes you to fail your secondary objective (this means that you'll have to go through the garrison north west of Giladan, and yet another even more heavily defended one to get to Erewel, and it will make you miss some useful creature boosts). The dragons disappear upon completion of the objective and you're free to pass. On the other side of the garrison, a dark path leads to the west and an area containing an Arena and two Marletto Towers. Continue north east, past the stairs and past some Wraiths to get to one more Marletto Tower. Then venture back and up the stairs.

Start by going west and check out the Refugee Camp, continue on westwards to get a stack of succubus mistresses to join, there's also an Arena. Head back to the Refugee Camp and go east to find a stack of cerberi waiting to join. Follow the road, but at this point you can ignore flagging the mines, since the scenario is nearly over. If you haven't reached your level cap yet, you should head east past Erewel to fight some more creature stacks. To the far east you'll find the second defended garrison, which will make a good experience boost. You may also notice the Green Border Guard (there's only treasure behind it, so it's optional if you want to get it). Oh, and I never found any use for the Blue Keymaster Tent, but if any of you know, please post it as a comment and I'll add it here.

The final battle (Erewel) is quite hard, but start by having all your troops gate in extra creatures and you should be fine. Hopefully your Swarming Gate activates here! Note that emerald dragons are immune to Earth spells, so your Pit Lord's meteor shower will always be resisted by them. Also, do not rush in before the AI decides to rush out, or you will suffer very heavy casaulties. Afterwards you get your prize: The Ship - so you can sail on to the next scenario.

Note: If you are playing at a high difficulty level, you probably need to speed up the conquest a bit before the green player grows out of your control. You can charge directly to the NE Sylvan town with Agrael and a new hero, almost immediately after you take your Inferno town. You can always summon upgraded Inferno creatures somewhere along the way. After taking this NE town, hire a hero to flag the mines, and send Agrael to capture nearby Sylvan heroes. There are always a few, who will turn themselves up in the next turn or two. None of them are powerful enough to cause any significant damage to you. Next, rush straight west to the NW Sylvan town. Don't miss the Archdevils along the way. There is also a Sylanna's Ancient (level up tree) in the middle, useful if you have trouble hitting the level cap later on. You should be able to take this NW town easily as well. Now you are rich, and there is no enemy sneaking upon you. This map is all yours to explore until you crush the boss effortlessly.

Sunlover at 2014-04-04 00:48 wrote:
There are many ways to solve this chapter, as have already been posted -- wanted to share mine as well since it's a little unique. :)
This was on Hard difficulty, vers. 1.06, Agrael had expert logistics, pathfinding, and an interesting 3 schools of magic (destructive, light and dark), and enlightenment. I am trying to run through all the scenarios once to max out each character's stats, and once for speed ignoring stats. This was the maxxing stats run...
I head up north as soon as I pick up the nearby Master Hunter's stack. Once you get past the initial Blade Dancers, there is a stack of Elder Druids just off to the west which all but assures your easy victory. The 1st week I (in general) collect all the chests for gold for building up castles, except near the castle on day 6/7. I head north after the Druids, then east (flagging the hunter cabin) - sometimes that stack of Master Hunters nearby will join you, sometimes they won't -- nudge south to take out the Blade Dancers there and the gold/chests, then head east, hit the Skill Tree, grab the sulfur mine and beat the Blade Dancers, absorb or fight the Druid stack, and end up close to the castle on day 7 of week 1. I've touched the nearby Master Hunters stack who always seems to join you but left the chests there. I capture Hallin and immediately head west to flag the wood resource, beat the Hunters and grab the gold/leave chests, then beat the Unicorns and flag the gold mine. From there I head directly east, of course developing the castle at every turn. I beat down the enemies, leave the chests but take the gold and flag the mines of course.
Instead of heading east into faerie country, I head towards the Ancient Treants. I hit the experience obelisk, go west to scare off the elves guarding the Observatory/spell power boost, and then head north. Flag the hunter tower, and then head north. Just north of there is a group of Blade Dancers that usually join -- and the reason for my course alteration, the Boots of the Swift Journey. If someone cares enough about their character to get Logistics and Pathfinding in the first place, I don't know why you would leave these here for the AI to inevitably pick up. It helps significantly!! :D
I head NE from there, tap the Skill Tree to see if it'll give me any bonus abilities, scare off or defeat or absorb the Master Hunters guarding the Hill Fort. Promote anything that needs promoting, then head NW and W from there, beating down the Ancient Treants for resources and gold (leaving the chests), head SW then NW, beating the Silver Unicorns for the Crystal Ice shield, head SE from there taking out the Treants and the Unicorns for resources and gold, head NW and touch the blue tent, take out the last batch of Unicorns, head NW and W down the river, touching the water mill and coming out near the Blade Dancers guarding the horrible 250/day sack of gold. From there, I head a little S and then W to the SW stairwell to obliterate the Orange forces in a matter of a few days. I headed down on Day 7 Week 3 Month 1. By this time I'd developed the Elven town Hallin to have at least base level creature generators in every way except Dragons.
The advantages to trying things this way are:
1) Boots of the Swift Journey, of course
2) By leaving all the chests behind, you are setting things up for your drafted (hopefully) Elven hero to head up from Ur-Nebyzrias, pick up those chests, and power-level them up to about level 10-12 or so.
3) the Crystal Ice +2 defense shield
4) the Hunter cabins you flagged and left behind will greatly boost your Elven hero's ranged damage, especially if they hit the Hill Fort later or promote them in the city.
I did try a few times to head NE from the Hill Fort and take the NE town. That would ensure you have a significant boost in surface castles/ armies and ensure no AI green army comes along to take your leftover level-seeding chests. However, after troop attrition, your army has dwindled down pretty significantly. even if you pick up the Hunters from the Hunter cabin you flagged 3 weeks ago (for a total of 21), your army simply gets overwhelmed by Erasial and his legion. Unfortunate.
Going around the map trying to hit every stats booster definitely takes some time and intricate criss-crossing (even with Town Portal), but I ended up with (starting with a level 22 Agrael) level 28, 26 Att/12 Def/21 Spellpower/23 Knowledge and 345 Mana. My elven hero was pretty exceptional as well, especially with her 31 Defense.
For fun, and to give the AI a (small) fighting chance, I attacked the final castle with a mixed army: 376 Sprites, 262 Master Hunters, 41 Ancient Treants, 107 Druid Elders, 112 Cerberi, 48 Pit Lords and 17 Arch Devils. I did have the inevitable morale failures occur at times which made it amusing. I came out from the battle with 16 Sprites, 260 Master Hunters, 40 Druid Elders, 28 Pit Lords, 34 Ancient Treants, gained a total of 55000+ XP (which I didn't need by then). I laughably picked up Implosion in the final battle afterwards.
One final note, you can be the judge of whether it helps you enough to go for it or not: it might help earlier rather than later but to each their own - the Blue Gate opens to treasure as others have mentioned certainly, but it also leads to a 4-Leaf Clover, the Help of Dwarven Kings (+4 knowledge), and (after some Green Dragons), the Dragon Scale Shield (+3 defense and 5% initiative). [I figure after 8 years it's ok to post the specific bonuses found here ;) ]
Edited on Thu, Apr 03 2014, 21:16 by Sunlover

ShadowLiberal at 2012-10-07 02:13 wrote:
1) There is no harm in not doing the dragon sidequest. You can still explore the entire map and get all the stat boosters.

2) If you have a triple flaming ballista build, it's actually easier to take out all 3 Sylvan towns first, and THEN take the now nearly completely built Inferno town underground. Just keep on hiring more sylvan creatures, also some stacks of sylvan creatures will join you, which makes things much easier (I got over 100 master hunters just from neutral stacks joining me, and over 50 blade dancers)
some_pete at 2009-06-27 16:04 wrote:
Another mission where you need a bit of luck, I think. I had a very mighty green hero come through the caves with dragons and ents around week 4 and sweep the floor with Agrael. I had other green heroes come overland with a superior stack on the eastern side early. Last game, I decided to leave the sylvan city south for the time being, went straight for the subterranean city and took that easily (the inferno hero hadn't even left to take a single mine yet) and went back up to first take the southern city which was a tough fight and then I got lucky and caught the main green hero with no dragons and only some 10 ents and a few misc. troopies: a few meteor showers later I owned the map. No more resistance after that. Sheer luck I caught him at that time. Lots and lots of attribute improvement spots on this map. For some reason the tunnel dragons' quest didn't resolve even though Agrael had the 100 hunters in his army, so I killed them for a nice 10k XP. 31 shadow dragons ... the final fight was easy: I saved and did it twice actually, first with a lvl 20 elvish sidekick hero with 700 master hunters in 3 stacks, 76 elder druids +22 emerald dragons; second time with Agrael which was a bit messier but the gated units finally won the day. I just about fell off the chair when the AI's 18 dragons killed 248 cerberi on the first attack. Fortunately they had gated already.

Peredhil at 2009-06-21 01:45 wrote:
Quite easy.If Agrael don't go sideways, day 1- kill green hero S, day 2- took Sylvan town S, day 5 get Inferno,day 8 get NE town(through underground), day 13 get NW town.Only with Exp Logistics.The 2 main Green heroes are pathetic indeed.
Wystaan is lv 16 with skills at basic.

Heroic, 1.6
Edited on Sat, Jun 20 2009, 21:50 by Peredhil

Shad0WeN at 2008-09-25 04:50 wrote:
concerning the Dragon's Quest:

if you bring the Shadow Dragons 500 hunters instead of 100 they will also give you the Dragon Flame Tongue artifact (+2 attack, +2 defense, 50% protection from cold spells)

koffil at 2008-05-17 12:38 wrote:
19 level hero (Wyngaal) is a "low"?this hero took and slay most of the me thing that was on the above world. and more one come-in easy difficulty
and what about screenshot of the underground?
and how can I get avatar?!
sorry about the english, a.r koffil
Edited on Sat, May 17 2008, 08:48 by koffil
ghostspartan6 at 2008-05-14 02:47 wrote:
what a pain.when i capture the demon town after capturing the town just right of where agreal starts the misson,the game crahes.
ghostspartan at 2008-03-14 03:30 wrote:
even on easy i have trouble finishing this mission.the AI keeps killing agreal be4 i can get my troops upgraded or enough to pwn the remaining sylvan heroes.

Grail Quest at 2007-07-27 14:53 wrote:
The Blue Border Guard is somewhere in the NW and just opens up neutral stacks and treasure. The Green Border Guard is behind the Green Garrisons, and far East of Erewel; it has a Vault of the Mages.
A surprisingly straightforward mission, even on Heroic! Strange after The Conquest, but oh well.
Maybe Diplomacy helped, but the initial joins made the troop desertion almost a non-issue. I thought the cut-scene meant a one-time troop loss; taking off 2 units per stack (from stacks of 6+ only) was not visible until I happened to open the console and see the reports.
Took the three sylvan towns once I noticed Erewel wasn't going to do anything other than sit there and accumulate troops. Got about a week's worth of reinforcements, then headed down. The Inferno town was almost fully built, except for 2 buildings (boosting Hell Charger and Overseer growth). Erasial had a sizable force, but having more than 100 Master Hunters and close to 100 Druids must have done the trick because auto combat did it without smashing my army. After that, I continued to build Sylvan forces and arranged for a sizable reserve force to accompany Agrael topside.

I recommend AGAINST doing the Shadow Dragon quest. For me, all it did was remove the Shadow Dragons and give about 13000 XP. "Failing" the task did not close off the path at all since I could kill all 33 of them without any troop losses. Lots less XP, but 100 Hunters are way more useful. And if you can muster 100 Hunters, your forces are probably sizable enough to handle the final encounter.
Basically blitzed it and finished on Month 2 Week 4 Day 7, which included a short side trip to a witch hut underground that improved my Leadership.
Lots of other permanent bonuses down there, though.
Edited on Fri, Jul 27 2007, 10:59 by Grail Quest
archcorenth at 2007-02-14 05:11 wrote:
That's wierd that you say you didn't find the use for the blue keymaster tent as I'm looking at this walkthough because I never found the use for the green keymaster tent and was wondering if I missed anything.

For my way through the map I used all sylvan troups except for devils and pit lords. I found it made the map very simple as you could always easily summon creatures from a slyvan town, whereas there were less place to summon from the inferno town. Considering the last mission, I wish I had cause for inferno troups in the inferno mission.
Rainalkar at 2006-12-05 10:06 wrote:
Sorry no, I could install it but I am not anywhere near my pc now. I don't know how you played the previous missions, but if you didn't rush you could have gotten some very good spells on mission 3. If you didn't I hope you did take Phantom Forces on mission 2? It should be quite enough (if you have enough mana).

Personaly, I played this campaign during my rush attempt (http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=19592&pagenumber=4), but if you just played normaly then you should be level 24 or so which is fairly high and your hero should be rather powerful. You can't possibly have only those skills because that is only hero level 14 and you are certainly much higher than that, so I guess you didn't mention the abilites (at least) you got.

Your skills also are really not top of the notch. Dark/Light would suit you very nice, as would War Machines on this particular mission (and on mission 5, if you are willing to make a trip to buy the machines). Attack and Defense are decent skills but aren't really the best choice for this campaign.

Don't know, really. If you are really having that much of a problem there is a walkthrough here http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=539. If you just follow the instructions you shouldn't have any problems (I didn't when I tested it on heroic). If it's still hard for you, try to get the Archdevils to join you (located on ground level somewhere in the middle but a bit up and right). Hear you
Elkor at 2006-12-04 13:42 wrote:
Have you got MSN messenger?
Elkor at 2006-12-04 13:32 wrote:
Sorry have you got msn messenger?
Rainalkar at 2006-12-04 09:52 wrote:
If you have Diplomacy you have a pretty good chance that each of the stacks can join you. If you (probably) don't, just restart until you get that join or two. I know that all the way back when I was playing the campaign the 1st time I was joined by Unicorns and one Hunter group. But still, the Dragons really shouldn't be a threat. What are your stats/skills/spells?
Elkor at 2006-12-02 18:13 wrote:
Sorry,but from where?i get from the first master hunter and the second near the stone desposit.Where can i get more?Wich are join to my army?
Rainalkar at 2006-11-27 07:10 wrote:
Yes, but you have > than 100 elves. Just clone them and sorround them with other stacks, it is a piece of cake. If it's too hard for you try to get a good terrain formation so the Dragons cannot reach you.
Elkor at 2006-11-26 00:50 wrote:
HMm i attack the spectrals and there are 33 dragon:(
Rainalkar at 2006-11-25 10:48 wrote:
I did it on heroic in a minimum possible number of days, 7 or 8, I dont recall correctly. The best thing you personaly could do is to follow the road east to the first junction and get as many joins possible. Then go north and west to the underground entrance, then follow the road north to the Spectrals. I recommend you kill them, thus keeping your elves, it shouldnt be to hard, then go through the garrison. Once on ground level get the Cerberi to join and when you attack the town you should be more than capable to take it. I did by not taking a single join (didnt have time) and with pitiful stats (although I was able to summon cca 30 Fire Elementals) so you should manage.
Elkor at 2006-11-20 20:33 wrote:
I need some help at this map.I installed the 1.4patch and tring to do this map on easy and at the second week fifth day a big sylvan army come with upgradeed water elementals and treeant,i can't beat them,what can i do?
Rainalkar at 2006-11-10 16:02 wrote:
The first time i played just like u guys did and it took me about 1 month . But the second time i made a big improvement , less than 10 days . Why didnt u guys go straight through 2 gates with the initial army ? They are strong enough (at least for me ) . No need for doing secondary objective or smth . Heres the screen shot i took after passing through the second gate (at Day 7 week 1) :
<br>viewĄt=TheShip.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 (connect the above two lines)
<br>And if i can do that , then u also can . It will be much more faster .<br>Edited on Fri, Sep 29 2006, 21:51 by maltz

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems very hard to me. You placed nothing of your own troops on the field - theoriticaly, Expert Dark + Frenzy + plenty of luck could do the trick, but I would like to know how you did it.

Shad0WeN at 2006-11-04 01:20 wrote:
Quote: "Do the monsters offered at the camp change over time or are they random?"

Each week you can recruit a random creature. It changes at the beginning of the week.

maltz at 2006-09-30 06:33 wrote:
I looked at the screenshot. It seems that there is only 1 hunter left? And adding up the loss tells me that there was only a tiny army to start with. Er...
Arabia_vn at 2006-08-17 13:31 wrote:
The first time i played just like u guys did and it took me about 1 month . But the second time i made a big improvement , less than 10 days . Why didnt u guys go straight through 2 gates with the initial army ? They are strong enough (at least for me ) . No need for doing secondary objective or smth . Heres the screen shot i took after passing through the second gate (at Day 7 week 1) :
view¤t=TheShip.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 (connect the above two lines)

And if i can do that , then u also can . It will be much more faster .
Edited on Fri, Sep 29 2006, 21:51 by maltz
NickMP at 2006-08-08 09:51 wrote:
Good walkthrough. I did much the same but didn't bother with the keymasters, so didn't max out on xp - perhaps I'll regret it in the final scenario. The Sylvans didn't counter-attack after Agrael caught their first big force exiting the underground. When I took the NE Sylvan town and then defeated a Sylvan hero, the cursor suddenly became very sluggish and jerky, making the game temporarily unplayable. I reloaded a save from a bit earlier and next time it didn't happen - no idea what the problem was as I do have a well-over-spec machine. When I reached the port, I had to hang around for two weeks to bring up/call in reinforcements, but at that point you are heavily out-producing the enemy so time is on your side.
The scenario is quite good fun, and the moral dilemma of the dragon bargain is satisfying since we've been given hints that Agrael's character is improving...

maltz at 2006-07-26 15:09 wrote:
In my latest game I was able to hire a great stack (93!!) of Master Hunters on my way down for about 34000G (had diplomacy). That makes killing the green early very easy.

wimfrits at 2006-07-09 10:17 wrote:
Nice walkthrough. I think I did almost the same as is said there; except that I skipped the entire east half of the map.
You can gather enough elves to pass the shadow dragon┤s quest from Hallin and the hunter┤s cabin by the start of week 3. By that time you should have enough Inferno armies to be able to take Erewen.

As for the losing of Sylvan armies: split stacks increase the amount of deserting armies, so it helps to combine armies before ending your turn.
csarmi at 2006-07-08 12:50 wrote:
I simply took all green castles (except Erewen obviously) in 10 days.

Lost almost all my army (my bad), but I got 7 arch devils now. Most of the sprites on the way (druids and everyone else was obsessed casting spells on them which was great actually).

Then I took the 9 dragons (easy fight, of course I didn't put my unicorns to the battlefield).

then I took things in the wrong order and after I took the 2nd city (northeast) I had only 3 unicorns, a few sprites/pixies, 5 druids and 37 masters left. (day 5 or 6)

Of course I still attacked the 9 phoenixes (hunters, unicorns and 5*1 pixies), but 3 unicorns dies too fast (4 or 5 would have been enough to hold the birds long enough) and I made a mistake in the end of the fight too, so I lost all but 5 of my masters. (I advise this fight only for experts!)

I recruited two heroes on day 5/6 then two more on day 8.
I killed the grand elves defending the arch devils with 5 pixies and 1 sprite (mass confusion, mass slow then decay and run around).

Then I went west on the road, killing some 75+37 silvers and 300 war dancers with my arch devils (mass confusion, mass slow and correct placement of pixies) and took the green castle. Now I try to triple-build, the 40 wood I got was helpful, but I lack on ore.

Arch Devils suck btw. I had to skip some fight which I would be able to do by master hunters and such.

Ah, and in the meantime I sent one hero back to collect all the resources I left on the ground (I only took the mines with Agrael), one to collect the war dancers and the boots and some follow Agrael taking the resources he keeps lying.
Edited on Sat, Jul 08 2006, 06:53 by csarmi
csarmi at 2006-07-06 13:40 wrote:
I don't understand this underground thing. What's wrong with going for the 2nd Sylvan town right away? It can be captured before week 2. Several emerald dragons or swarm of pixies are easi kills. There is a hill fort and a tavern one the surface with easy guards as well (lots of ancient treants, lots of silver unicorns, that kind of losers)

Sikon at 2006-07-01 11:26 wrote:
I captured all three Sylvan towns and found Alaron too tough to face with Inferno troops, so I built up all these towns, brought Agrael and another hero to Erewel and started summoning creatures from the left and right towns (using the well to replenish Agrael's mana) and giving them to the second hero so that they wouldn't desert (I also had about 40 druids with that second hero from a stack that joined me at the start). Having three towns worth of Sylvan creature growth (and a third hero bringing troops from the bottom town to the left one), it was only a matter of time before I built a sufficiently large army for Agrael.

Lady Farquad at 2006-06-30 17:00 wrote:
I got hydras at the refugee camp. Didn't get them because I like to play Agrael with inferno units only and phantom force my succubi, thus I never use outsiders (even if they're free).
Sylvans are stubborn like hell, they're obsessed with Hallin too. But Agraels got town portal, so I don't have to worry, but it can be annoying having to go back over and over again.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-25 10:04 wrote:
The green attacked my inferno,but lost :devil: And he was never able to get even near any of my surface towns.

Phate at 2006-06-25 09:22 wrote:
Yes, In my game green never attacks my inferno town, but is only obsessed with Hallin. I took it over, left it without building anything until I got to the inferno town and hired a sylvan hero to shift all my elves onto. Green will most likely get there before you, but he doesn't seem to build much/anything while he's there.

So check out his forces and supplement your sylvan army with inferno troops (pit fiends/chargers from the outpost) from agrael if you tihnk it's too big for you.

Then retake it and try your best to hold it. Still green managed to take it from me again but agrael with exp logistics and pathfinding can quickly get on the scene. If you like have two heroes around the sylvan town, one takes all the hunters and saves them from green so you can give them to the dragons later, and if green manages to take over the town have agrael or another inferno army take it back.

Phate at 2006-06-24 23:12 wrote:
Yes, In my game green never attacks my inferno town, but is only obsessed with Hallin. I took it over, left it without building anything until I got to the inferno town and hired a sylvan hero to shift all my elves onto. Green will most likely get there before you, but he doesn't seem to build much/anything while he's there.

So check out his forces and supplement your sylvan army with inferno troops (pit fiends/chargers from the outpost) from agrael if you tihnk it's too big for you.

Then retake it and try your best to hold it. Still green managed to take it from me again but agrael with exp logistics and pathfinding can quickly get on the scene. If you like have two heroes around the sylvan town, one takes all the hunters and saves them from green so you can give them to the dragons later, and if green manages to take over the town have agrael or another inferno army take it back.
ronnuspharmd at 2006-06-17 02:21 wrote:
So I follwed this exactly and before I can get my sylvan hero (which I hired as soon as I got the inferno town) back to the surface to work my elven town it gets taken over by the green and I have no chance of stopping it.

maltz at 2006-06-16 16:21 wrote:
The blue gate is to the north of the West town. For me, there were a few nice artifects guarded by quite powerful stacks behind the gate.

infael at 2006-06-16 03:30 wrote:
My campaign must be buggy. Never got the sylvan fleeing Agrael's army cutscene. Took Erewel and made a ship. Game doesn't see that so am sailing around aimlessly. Never got any secondary quests either.

Have euro collector v 1.1.

offshore33 at 2006-06-09 11:58 wrote:
If you are REALLY anal retentive about capping your XP on each scenario, you can always clear out all of the opposition except the top town, take over everything else on the map, and start feeding every troop you don't intend to take with you to the final battle down into Ur-Nebryzias and start sacrificing them for XP. I don't know how many troops this would take, but I gave up after feeding something like 3 full weeks of all the elven towns' troops (all as upgraded as I could get them.)

Oh, and quick question for others, but what was the creature offered at the Refugee Camp for others? The first time I reached it there were Pit Lords. But my homebase got ambushed right afterwards, so I reloaded to an earlier save. When I came back the place only offered Griffons (not even upgraded ones!) Do the monsters offered at the camp change over time or are they random?

Sikon at 2006-06-08 04:27 wrote:
Actually, you don't need a Sylvan hero to prevent the Sylvan forces from fleeing - any hero besides Agrael will do.

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