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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Queen - The Trap

by Angelspit


  • Capture Brightwood
  • Upgrade Magic Guild (to lv 3) in Brightwood
  • Visit the Seer Tent & Obtain the Boots of Leviathan
  • Meet Alaron's Army
  • Isabel must survive

    Level Cap: 22
    Carries Over: Isabel
    Spoiler: view a screenshot of the surface (1.5 MB)
    View a screenshot of the underground #1 (1 MB)
    View a screenshot of the underground #2 (400 K)
    View a screenshot of the underground #3 (500 K)

    The Trap is a long trek along a path nearby some Inferno terrain, and this is your first mission with a very big map. There are plenty of places to explore, but unfortunately Isabel will probably hit her leveling cap long before the end of the scenario. You don't need to fight everyone unless you want to. Also, Isabel will start to learn magics (up to level 3) in this mission. You can learn spells by visiting spell shrines along the road, as well as from your mage guilds to be built later in the mission. In the latter case, the heroes have to visit the town themselves.

    You start at the SE corner of the map with a sizeable army that includes imperial griffins and cavaliers. The cavalier bonus is probably the best, as you will use them a lot in the first half of this mission.

    Follow the road NW, visit the windmill, and fight any stack that blocks your way. Just SW of a stable you can visit a Witch Hut (1), which sometimes teaches you a useful skill. (Otherwise, feel free to restart the mission as it is still early.) NW of the Witch Hut is a lumber mill that is worth flagging now.

    Further down the paved road you will see a new kind of stat bonus, a Planetarium (spell power +1). Spell power affects the effectiveness (damage or duration) of your spells. There is another knowledge +1 bonus up a slope not very far ahead. Try to recruit the peasants from their huts as you proceed. If you feel confident, you can make another detour north to flag an alchemy lab (mercury +1/day).

    It is important to keep your troops alive in the first half of the mission, or maybe I should say under all circumstances. In the picture below, Isabel challenges some marksmen and archers that block the Witch Hut at (1), with her imperial griffins and cavaliers only. I didn't deploy the other units as they will die from the arrows.
    To start the battle, the griffins battle dive the marksmen, and the cavaliers march up a little to get into the striking range. Certainly the cavaliers will be attacked by all three stacks of shooters, but their high defense and HP should help them survive.
    A few moments later, the marksmen have been killed by the battle dived griffins, and the cavaliers have handled one group of archers. Indeed, the cavaliers only lost 52 HP out of 90, so none died. However, the archers will act before the cavaliers, shooting without long-distance penalty. It is hard to tell whether the cavaliers can sustain this final blow.

    Fortunately, Isabel in this case has learned the skill Divine Guidance (under Leadership), so she can push up the initiative of cavaliers. Now the cavaliers act before the archers, killing them off without any more damage!

    This is just one of the many ways to avoid casualty during neutral creature battles. High HP and defense units are excellent damage sponges (as long as you don't lose any of them). Try to keep an open mind and try out different strategies. It is always better to kill the enemies before they even touch you. A well-planned and coordinated offense is the best defense.

    Back to the walkthrough: keep following the road, and you will need to fight some succubus mistresses (2), a shooter unit which could cause some damage to your troops. This is a good opportunity to test how much you have grasped the concept of troop conservation. Can you pull through without loss on heroic?

    Keep traveling north until you arrive at Brightwood (3). The Castle is lightly defended, so you should have no problem capturing it. You should receive a new objective, which is to upgrade Brightwood's magic guild. You can now start to build up the town, while sending Isabel to flag mines in the vicinity. With the starting army, you should be able to flag most mines, starting from the ore pit NE of the stable all the way to the east end of the map (4). If you need a certain type of resource, there is a trading post conveniently located at (5).

    In order to win this mission, you have to build up the mage guild up to lv 3. No matter whether you have picked magic skill(s) for Isabel, you can learn a utility spell called Summon Creature once you have mage guild level 3 and a lv 10+ Isabel. This spell enables Isabel to summon creatures inside the nearest town from anywhere on the map. You no longer have to come back to replenish the army, as long as you have enough mana to summon them!

    After accumulating some troops, you can visit the garrison on the west of the town to trigger a cut scene and yet another objective. That objective will show up as secondary, but completing it is required to finish the scenario. Essentially, you need to visit a Seer's Tent just north of stairway A.

    The entrance of the stairway A area is blocked by a rather large stack of griffins that won't join you unless you have a large army. You can also fight them to get through. After visiting the Seer's Tent, You will be asked to retrieve the Boots of Leviathan in the underground through stairway A.

    The underground area is quite small, with three paths all leading to dead-ends. The only one you need to visit is the one guarded by bone dragons, in the NE direction. The artifact you are looking for is in a crypt at (6). The crypt is guarded by a rather large Necropolis army. Don't try to fight them unprepared.

    Note: There is a new bug with patch 1.3. The icon of the Boots of Leviathan is missing, so it becomes a rather "invisible" artifact. It is still there and would functions normally when you equip it, though.

    After taking the Boots of Leviathan, you are ready to win this mission. However, there are quite a few stat bonuses you probably haven't visited. First, you can pass the portal marked by the letter C, which connects to the C area of the underground. There are a few stat bonuses inside. After getting the Boots of Leviathan, you can walk down the river at (7). Isabel needs to wear the boots to cross water, and you usually need to have a day-full of movement points to start crossing. You can find several stat bonuses south of (7).

    East of the portal C you can see two new types of buildings, a Hill Fort and an Artifact Merchant. The Hill Fort allows you to upgrade units (for example, archers to marksmen) for a slightly discounted price, and you do not need the corresponding upgrade building in the town to upgrade in a Hill Fort. The artifact merchant sells six random artifacts, and their stock changes from time to time. Generally speaking, your money is better invested in units than in artifacts, unless you see very useful ones (for example, Golden Horseshoe, Ring of the Broken Will, Lion's Crown, etc.).

    When you feel ready, put on the boots and cross the water at (8). Go west a bit and you win the mission!

    Note: By the way, the most famous Easter Egg of HoMMV is hidden on this map at (9)!

    A little surprise awaits Isabel, Beatrice and friends.
  • Comments
    VAMPSVSZOUNDS at 2011-12-02 14:25 wrote:
    I've just restarted the campaigns and must say I'm astonished how Isabel never gained ANY SP/knowledge,which were as of the satart of this mission 1 and 2.Also,every shrine seems to want to make me get Summoning,when I have freakin' expert Light....
    Edited on Fri, Dec 02 2011, 09:27 by VAMPSVSZOUNDS
    leloo at 2011-03-16 04:19 wrote:
    I just bought this game and I'm at the part with the boots of Levitation. I can't get them to work. Help please!

    Shad0WeN at 2009-07-08 00:33 wrote:
    you can't just equip the Boots of Levitation and then walk across the water using the ramps next to the broken bridge?
    larsimartini at 2009-07-07 21:12 wrote:
    The boots won`t work!!!

    Grail Quest at 2007-07-20 14:47 wrote:
    If you don't stop for anything, you can get to Brightwood by the end of the first week, which means instead of having a fat stack of peasants that do little in combat and generate 1 gp each per day, you can start accumulating city income. I got there on Day 7 of Week 1, and the AI had built a Resource Silo as well. If you get there in Week 2, the AI will also have bought all their peasants to use against you in the siege.
    Once at Brightwood (facing the city gate) go right and get the mill, then south of that to get the quarry. Otherwise you'll have a tedious critical-resource shortage.
    Combat tips (on Hard):
    - Succubi: Field only griffions and cavaliers, and have the griffins dive immediately. Cavaliers move up to take the other stack on their second action. Against maybe 40 Succubi Mistresses, the cavaliers should survive without loss. Griffins come out of their dive and cavaliers strike; remaining succubi shouldn't be able to kill even one unit in either stack.
    - Nightmares and Hell Chargers: Field griffins and cavaliers in the flank. Hopefully none of the nightmare stacks will reach, and therefore instead just move up to stall in the middle so that your archers do only half damage. If all stacks are Hell Chargers, your cavaliers will definitely get hit no matter where they are, so hopefully they have split into stacks of 5-6, which mean no cavaliers lost if only hit once, and with a stack of 6 cavaliers, retaliation can kill 2/3rds of the attacking stack. You might consider not fielding the griffins at all unless the Hell Chargers appear in a regular stack of Nightmares, in which case the AI usually places them in the middle for maximum coverage of the battlefield.
    - Hell Hounds and Cerebuses (and Grim Raiders): Use tactics similar to those for Hell Chargers, but also consider not tackling them until you are capable of an absolutely crushing retaliation against each stack, on your first strike. What they lack in individual firepower, they more than make up for in numbers, and are therefore more annoying than the more powerful Nightmares which spawn in stacks 5% to 10% the size of Hell Hound stacks. Survivors of your first round of attacks will usually run past your heavy hitters to target whatever little guys they can definitely kill. It appears the AI will prioritize any stack that can absorb the full damage output of its attacking stack, AND which will result in at least 1 kill. If your cavaliers survived retaliation with lots of Health, for example, they'll probably be ignored when the AI lets loose the hounds.

    Grail Quest at 2007-07-06 15:59 wrote:
    Overall I thought this was a dumb scenario because there are no enemies. You spend about 5 months walking around picking up permanent bonuses in hard to find places. This coming after a tense scenario where the final enemy spawns really close to you and you may or may not have had your army smashed by the devils that were blocking the way. And then in the scenario after this walk in the woods, the comparative difficulty skyrockets because suddenly you've got 20th level enemy heroes that keep respawning and you can't stop them from doing so.
    Finally, the level cap means if you are unlucky with skill picks, you might not get more than one or two magic skill picks, in turn meaning a wasted chance to pick up magic when denied for so long. On my re-play of The Queen, strange luck resulted in NO magic picks except for the one offering of Basic Dark Magic by the time I had hit the level cap in the previous map. Luckily, I wanted Isabel to have Dark Magic, so I took it.


    By the way, what is the deal with Biara and Sir T(h)omas? She's so obsequious with Agrael when he tells her to tend to him. Since he didn't have an inflection to suggest sarcasm or a nefarious intent, Biara's reaction seemed completely out of place.
    louistey at 2007-04-18 12:07 wrote:
    wads the easter egg?

    Pol at 2007-04-13 07:56 wrote:
    It's a Nival joke :D

    --> Tank again

    kes05 at 2007-04-12 22:32 wrote:
    Has anyone figured out what is up with the army tank? Just curious.
    pogodaboss at 2006-09-21 05:40 wrote:
    There apears to be a bug where the Boots of Levitation dont have an image so they could hide in your inventory if you wear boots when you take the crypt.

    DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-13 08:52 wrote:
    Has anyone seen the ARMY TANK in the bottom left corner????
    <br>Is it possible to get to?????

    Check out this and this.
    NickMP at 2006-06-13 08:36 wrote:
    Just for interest, before finishing the scenario I doubled back along the eastern side and fought various creatures. There is a trading cart in mid-east map where you can buy some cool stuff, but I don't think it carries over to future scenarios so you don't really need it. RThe final cutscene is certainly intriguing (if you don't mind the general mock-dramatic style of the voiceovers in the game in general, which do sort of fit the HOMM tradition though I'd prefer a less hammy style myself).

    azorblade at 2006-06-11 22:49 wrote:
    "Has anyone seen the ARMY TANK in the bottom left corner????
    Is it possible to get to?????"

    seen, but i didnt see any way to get to it. mayby it just for decoration :D
    majestic69 at 2006-06-09 13:01 wrote:
    Has anyone seen the ARMY TANK in the bottom left corner????
    Is it possible to get to?????
    Pondus at 2006-06-08 11:39 wrote:
    Meet Alaronís Army ??
    Edited on Thu, Jun 08 2006, 08:46 by Pondus

    Thlypsis at 2006-06-01 20:53 wrote:
    The level cap for Isabel is 22.

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