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I don't care.
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Heroes of Might and Magic V  → Sylvan Creatures

by Ubisoft

Untitled Document

Pixie (upgrade: Sprite)

  • The Pixies are the guardian spirits of the Kersyls, the giants trees that host the Sylvan cities. They live in their branches in a close symbiotic relationship. These creatures are not dedicated to war, but they will fiercely defend their home despite their relative weakness. With them on battlefield, the enemy will have to deal with swarms of winged creatures.

Blade Dancer (upgrade: War Dancer)

  • The Blade Dancers are the core of the Sylvan infantry. These elves have been trained since their early childhood in the secret martial art of their faction, which is essentially based on evasion and quick action rather than brute force. They wear no armor, and are therefore exposed to enemy strikes. Thanks to their superior initiative and speed, the blade dancers are an essential part of any offensive strategy.

Hunter (upgrade: Master Hunter)

  • In peace time, the Hunters supply the Sylvan communities, and they are respected as such. Wandering Irollan, they live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They will never kill a living being if without purpose. However in war time the hunters become deadly, fast, shooters.

Druid (upgrade: Druid Elder)

  • The druids are the priests of Sylanna, the primordial dragon of Earth, embodiment of Nature. As such they have access to the secrets kept within their caste. They may also be considered as the “wizards” of the Sylvan faction. Sylanna’s blessing allow them to master elemental spells and direct the wrath of nature upon their opponents, or fortify their own troops. However their basic magical attack is devastating as well.

Unicorn (upgrade: Silver Unicorn)

  • The Unicorns are spirits of nature, and as such they are sacred to the Sylvans who respect them as reincarnations of the Ancients. They are considered as a totem animal for the whole faction, and it is said that when the last Unicorn will die so will the Sylvan faction and all its people. Actually the Unicorns have indeed the ability to shield nearby troops on the battlefield from hostile spells.

Treant (upgrade: Ancient Treant)

  • The Treants are the heavy infantry amongst the Sylvan troops. These huge, slow animated trees are the toughest creatures in Irollan. It is said that Treants breed from the proximity of elfs: they would access a superior state of consciousness thanks to the close relationship the elfs have developed with Nature. They are consequently faithful servants of the Sylvan cause.

Green Dragon (upgrade: Emerald Dragon)

  • The Green Dragons are the incarnations of Sylanna, the Primodral Dragon of Earth. These huge creatures are powerfully linked to earth and are therefore protected against any fire-based attack. On top of that they are surrounded by a powerful vital aura that will deal damages to any attacking enemy unit.

Omega_Destroyer at 2007-06-20 00:42 wrote:
SATAN at 2007-06-20 00:37 wrote:
ok elves are good even if they are wowish
Inisto at 2007-04-11 21:04 wrote:
The creators of the upcoming ToTE promised a new upgrade level for all creatures.Does anyone think that maybe Faerie Dragons will return?

ThunderTitan at 2006-05-18 10:38 wrote:
"Do you think that the elves from LotR look just like those from mythology?" RIPOFF

No they don't! Tolkien took the ideea and made it his own, not copy/pasted it. Not to mention he didn't have 4 prequels that he could draw inspiration from.

DaemianLucifer at 2006-05-18 01:07 wrote:
Am i the only one being bugged by the wow-ish elven ears?

No youre not.As soon as the first pictures of elves appeared,we noticed that donkey style.

wuzgar at 2006-05-17 23:23 wrote:
Am i the only one being bugged by the wow-ish elven ears?

theLuckyDragon at 2006-03-17 12:58 wrote:
That's right. And remember: that's a different world, not the industrialised one we live in now, with endangered species and stuff.

Grumpy Old Wizard at 2006-03-16 23:40 wrote:
I do not see druids as opposed to using animals or plants for necessary uses such as food and clothing. Everything has its place in the natural order of things. Prey and preditors are each part of nature.

However, I see you facing the wrath of a druid if you slaughter animals for no good reason or harvest more than you need.

K-Dog at 2006-03-16 22:11 wrote:
Harmony with nature??!! You know many poor animals had to be murdered to make the "cool" clothes for those druids??!!!

That dendroman loox really ultraXtreme weird and green dragon looks as a result of experiments in Springfield nuclear plant.

Archaion at 2006-02-17 06:55 wrote:
Sylvan Town


Vision at 2006-01-14 04:06 wrote:

Do you think that the elves look just like those from Lord of the Rings? RIPOFF

Do you think that the elves from LotR look just like those from mythology? RIPOFF


Get over yourselves. Elves, dwarves, treants, druids, etc, ALL come from somewhere WAY back in time. Stop trying to flame the game and either like it or dont.

Do you know that, although he created the Elvish language (thats what I said), Tolkein took the idea for Elves from ancient mythology?


ed dunk at 2006-01-14 03:45 wrote:
Making chess pieces more attractive does not improve the game!
Arzang at 2005-12-08 21:09 wrote:
"With them on battlefield, the enemy will have to deal with swarms of winged creatures."

magical or not, the description says they're winged. and that description is about pixies, not sprites. oh well, maybe it's just a miss from ubi.

Orfinn at 2005-12-08 16:26 wrote:
no barbarian they do not, i would say the dendroids from H3 is more similar.
and pixies dont need wings,they are magical after all.
barbarian at 2005-12-07 11:24 wrote:
treants look a lot like those from Warcraft III
Arzang at 2005-12-03 22:47 wrote:
where the hell are the pixie's wings?

kage at 2005-11-30 05:13 wrote:
es muy impresionante. awesome, just awesome

Orfinn at 2005-11-23 15:55 wrote:
The Druid dosent look like Miraculix but hes waay cooler =D
Breza at 2005-11-22 18:08 wrote:
i'm tired of every one slagging off these treants they look a lot better than the old ones bigger more muscle and a unique look to them only one problem I WANNA PLAY HOMM5 NOW !!!!!!!!!

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-17 19:44 wrote:
Hey, has anyone noticed that the creature pics have detailed outlines? Great job CH team!

Shogun_Razor at 2005-11-17 15:17 wrote:

lordskeleton at 2005-11-17 01:08 wrote:
"Is it possible the developers and artists deliberately used Warhammer as an example with which to "incorporate" characters into the HOMM5 game?"

No way!! You think?

Shogun_Razor at 2005-11-16 22:05 wrote:
Hey Tysar, I saw the link you posted - There seems to be too many similarities. I donnot play Warhammer (although many of my friends have) but I must say originality seems to be waning here. Is it possible the developers and artists deliberately used Warhammer as an example with which to "incorporate" characters into the HOMM5 game? I am curious to hear what other's have to say about this.

Tysar at 2005-11-16 15:50 wrote:
anyone plays warhammer here!? Wardancers, anyone? Treants? They are exactly the same... :/ ripoff!!

Metal Militant at 2005-11-13 19:57 wrote:
Full of fantasy.

theLuckyDragon at 2005-11-05 09:09 wrote:
elegant, intriguing and diverse... perfect (or at least fairly near) !

... although those ears do look a bit ridiculous ...
Edited on Sat, Nov 05 2005, 02:11 by theLuckyDragon
Cleglaw at 2005-11-02 18:17 wrote:
so simple and ugly apperance for treant

Orfinn at 2005-10-17 17:57 wrote:
Pegasi dosent belong to forest, fit better in open plains or in rough landscapes.The treant arent the best i ever seen but not at all the worst, i give it a 8 out of 10.At least these Treants are unique never seen walking trees like those before.
I really like the green dragon,its so shiny so bright so green i wonder how much more they can add to make the Emerald dragon unique. Which breath weapon will they ahve? Spraying out a burst of tiny small emeralds?

Dave_Jame at 2005-10-16 09:39 wrote:
they look god but the Dendroid looks terible... I cant look at it

Wojtas at 2005-10-14 12:45 wrote:
Yeah! The Treants are bach! That's cool.

CloudRiderX at 2005-10-12 21:21 wrote:
Yeah, i wouldn't mind Pegasi. What I wouldn't mind even more- Pegasi Archers!

Shogun_Razor at 2005-10-06 16:16 wrote:
Where are the Pegasi?

Is this faction shifting from Flight to Archery - looks like it.

CloudRiderX at 2005-10-04 20:26 wrote:
Man these are cool! Ive got the same good feeling i got when i saw the Necropolis troops. That is a cool Green Dragon.

Marcus333 at 2005-10-02 16:35 wrote:
Hmm... It seems that many of the names have changed.

Edit: I just saw the Green Dragon, and it looks really good! I'm looking forward to seeing it in battle!
Puzon_351 at 2005-10-02 13:10 wrote:
Great creatures, Well done :)

Orfinn at 2005-10-02 11:37 wrote:
Great line-up,and the creatures tyhemself looks awesome!

matros at 2005-10-02 09:38 wrote:
WOOOOOW!!!!! those look awesome. After some slight dissapointment from Dungeon, the Sylvan creatures made me HAPPY:) again!

psiho333 at 2005-10-01 19:44 wrote:
Now THIS is a green dragon :D

it seems that it has changed a bit from Homm3 ;)
definetly in a good way :D

Jerrie at 2005-10-01 17:13 wrote:
The creature thumbnails are beautiful! :)

Well done, CH-team!

Robenhagen at 2005-10-01 12:42 wrote:
I've replaced the small images with some larger ones.

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