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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Heroes of Might and Magic V  → Academy Creatures

by Ubisoft

Untitled Document

Gremlin (upgrade: Master Gremlin)

  • Gremlins are small creatures that bear demonic blood. Unlike the Orcs, they stayed faithful to their masters. They are very weak, and therefore serve as shooters on the battlefield. They use a magical weapon that throws small bombs on the enemy.

Stone Gargoyle (upgrade: Obsidian Gargoyle)

  • The Stone Gargoyles are magically animated statues. These statues were crafted in the ancient times to guard secluded temples in the barren regions in the south of Ashan. When the mages discovered these temples they detected primitive protective charms on these statues that allowed them to animate the Gargoyles easily. These creatures are quite fast and extremely resistant. Because they are also immune to lightning, they make for very efficient defensive troops.

Iron Golem (upgrade: Steel Golem)

  • Golems are mechanical statues that have been magically animated by the mages. Like the gargoyles, they are extremely resistant due to their inorganic constitution. Unfortunately they are also very, very slow. To compensate this, the mages cast protective spells on them making them more resistant to magical attacks. On top of that all golems are not submitted to morale and they are totally immune to some spells due to their mechanical condition.

Mage (upgrade: Arch Mage)

  • The Mages are the rulers of the academy society. In combat they will not enter the battle unless they are forced to. Most mages are old men. They are very slow and weak, but of course they are very gifted in magic. They will fire pure magical energy blasts that will hurt any creature in the way – including friendly ones. On top of that all mages master several spells.

Djinn (upgrade: Djinn Sultan)

  • The Djinns are ancient elemental spirits that the mages summon for help on the battlefield, magically binding them to their person. Once a Djinn is bound to another soul, it cannot retreat, and will protect his host until all his vital energy is consumed. Djinns are both gifted in offence and defence, they are the fastest Academy units and usually master basic spells. They are very versatile troops and can be used efficiently in any strategy.

Rakshasa Rani (upgrade: Rakshasa Raja)

  • Rakshasas are the ancient rulers of the spirit world, once worshipped by an ancient southern civilization that disappeared ages ago. Thirsty for revenge, these creatures have been rediscovered by mage travellers who – after many unsuccessful attempts – managed to summon and control them efficiently. These creatures are extremely powerful and also very versatile. They master the art of melee combat, and the enemy won’t retaliate to their attacks.

Colossus (upgrade: Titan)

  • The Colossuses are the ultimate creation a mage can dream to achieve. They are created using the same basic method as golems, but at a much larger scale. On top of that their “soul” is far from being basic, as they host the souls of legendary heroes who in this form can return to combat. This unwavering will makes them immune to mind control, assuring the mages of their total indefectible loyalty.

Wolfsburg at 2008-06-27 15:28 wrote:
To Wuzgar:

You do aknowledge your "favourite faction" was placed in the badlands in Heroes II. And guess what, they had no Nagas back then either... So its not like a tradition its being broken here. HIII kid...
Inisto at 2007-06-09 13:02 wrote:
To Wuzgar:

What the heck does people have against Bagdad anyway?

Eolian Mage at 2007-02-02 14:08 wrote:
I like the look and feel of this town, including the somewhat improbable gargoyle. The graphics in this game are a mixture of the sublime and the bizarre, which gives it a unique personality. And, yes, I too find flaws in its graphic concepts, but, I detest the mundane, and this game is anything but that.
SAITAN at 2006-10-11 14:20 wrote:
is it just me or is the raja taking the place of nagas

wuzgar at 2006-05-17 23:12 wrote:
I really hate the idea of converting my favourite faction to a desert one, Now it looks like goddamn Bagdad with some indian influence. The only positive thing i can find about this faction is the golemn. Also i miss my nagas!!!!!

Skullmane at 2006-04-17 13:37 wrote:
Just to correct you all, these ARE the upgraded creatures, they wont look better, lol.. Look at the adress in your broswer, it says Titan, Djinn Sultan, Archmage etc.
Not all though
Edited on Mon, Apr 17 2006, 07:39 by Skullmane
REvan34 at 2006-04-01 13:46 wrote:
Sorry but as far as i'm concerned this must be the worst academy- or else wizard town- ever....

Vlad976 at 2006-03-31 14:28 wrote:
The gargoyles still look like arcade machines to me. I suppose when you plug it into a wall socket it'll get ludicrously fast...
Breza at 2006-03-31 08:56 wrote:
I wonder how the golems will move like in this game. Hopefully different to all the golems in the other heroes games.
Edited on Fri, Mar 31 2006, 01:56 by Breza

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-19 13:34 wrote:
Because they wouldn't look like gargoyles. And if you really want to be exact none of them are gargoyles, because only watersprouts are gargoyles, normal statues are chimerae.
Boromir at 2006-02-19 09:52 wrote:
How do you know that they weren't just sculpted to look that way?
Yeah, they could have been... But, well, if we go this way, why don't make them look like behemoths or dragons - they might have been scuptured that way... :devil:

LordHoborgXVII at 2006-02-19 00:11 wrote:
...of Dum? Beautiful. :applause:

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-19 00:02 wrote:
Hmmm. maybe they should be called the Flying Jukeboxes of Dum. And just add Glowing as a prefix for the upgrade. :disagree:

LordHoborgXVII at 2006-02-18 23:32 wrote:
When posting pictures, be sure to add 'img' and '/img' on the front and back respectively, surrounded with brackets, of course. It's BBCode, which is actually more conventient than html.

Currently I think the gargoyle design looks very good, but not for a gargoyle. It would be very much better if there was some creature in the game that looked like this, but didn't have to pretend it was a Gargoyle. The design is good, it's just not appropriate.

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-18 13:21 wrote:
"Yes, that's true, but for example H3 gorgoyles were not statues, but monsters with unnaturally gigantic teeth."

How do you know that they weren't just sculpted to look that way?

Orfinn at 2006-02-18 13:15 wrote:
Yeah the Academy and its gargoyles are great, just look at that panorama view, its sky city Heroes style! And who was the person that proposed a sky based town in the old HRT forum? He deserve a huge medal ;)

Archaion at 2006-02-17 06:48 wrote:
Academy Town

A very beautiful flying Academy!



Edited on Thu, Feb 16 2006, 23:53 by Archaion
Boromir at 2006-02-14 22:57 wrote:
The real gargoyles weren't jukeboxes. They were actual statues, not WC3 flying boxes. (...)
Yes, that's true, but for example H3 gorgoyles were not statues, but monsters with unnaturally gigantic teeth. All those gorgoyles you have linked are statues - more or less reallistic. In fact, H5 gorgoyles are box-like (probably too much), but at least they look like statues...

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-14 15:46 wrote:
Understatement anyone?

Corribus at 2006-02-14 15:13 wrote:
I have to admit I think the H5 Gargoyles look a little strange. Definitely not the way I would have designed them.

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-14 13:52 wrote:
The real gargoyles weren't jukeboxes. They were actual statues, not WC3 flying boxes.

In architecture, gargoyles, or gurgoyles are the carved terminations to a spout which conveys water away from the gutters.

Boromir at 2006-02-14 13:46 wrote:
I tkink the gorgoyles from H5 are great. Maybe I'm alone in my view on this, but still that's what I think. Gorgoyles in previous HoMM games look just like other monsters, sort of demons. And now we have a revolution: gorgoyles are the real gorgoyles, but brought to life by the use of magic. Sure, their flying is funny (how such a thick brick could fly?!), but that's what Academy's magic do. ;)

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-14 13:46 wrote:
It's magic... ;|

CloudRiderX at 2006-02-14 13:33 wrote:
I swear I was misled,lol. I don't even see how they can really fly.....

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-14 13:28 wrote:
"I thought the gargoyles would be cool when I first saw the game"

What the hell made you think that? They're bloody flying jukeboxes.

CloudRiderX at 2006-02-14 13:18 wrote:
I thought the gargoyles would be cool when I first saw the game, but now that I played the beta, the gargoyles suck! They don't move at all, and they don't come alive like I thought they would. Ubi, let's try to make the gargoyle cooler for the final version!
jomunga at 2006-02-04 10:04 wrote:
I hope the colossus gets some armor when upgrading to titan. or at least some clothes... other than that its fine. The titan has always been my favorite creature, so cover up its shame. Its probaly too late now.

This towns is really mixed. I think the greek monsters should have there own town. Titan, Medusa, minitaur, hydra, harpy, etc

Orfinn at 2006-01-27 18:51 wrote:

Yeah looks cool and dreamy though, it's kinda Heroes version of the Bespin Sky-City from SW.
Remember from an old topic that there were some members that suggested ideas around a sky based city but that idea got ignored pretty early.
Edited on Fri, Jan 27 2006, 11:51 by Orfinn
george137 at 2006-01-02 22:17 wrote:
I think its just a personal bias for me because for some reason i just think the desert is well... pretty dry. (no pun intended)

Anonimous360 at 2006-01-02 21:29 wrote:
I like their idea to make it a sky-city.
Arzang at 2005-12-24 22:10 wrote:
I never called tundra more plain than desert. in fact: I see them as equals. both extreme polarities. and 90 fahrenheit (approx. 32 celsius), I didn't know it could go that high. that's very high.

Bethel at 2005-12-24 21:45 wrote:
Tundra is anything but plain. It is filled with very low-lying plants, however, so anyone who looks for a variety of plant heights could be forgiven for thinking it is. As to temperature variation, it can go from 90s in the summer to -40 in the winter, depending on the latitude. (all temp Farenheit).
Think of the interior of Alaska. Then see if you can get actual pictures. :)
Arzang at 2005-12-24 19:42 wrote:
how is tundra any more or less plain than desert? both seem as infertile and plain to me. and isn't tundra climate always cold?

the desert goes fom hot to cold. it's less plain than you think. the desert look to me is a very welcome addition. at least they didn't go with anything that reminds of ancient greece to accompany the whole 'science'deal. that would be lame.
george137 at 2005-12-24 18:09 wrote:
I liked it better when they were a tundra faction. I think the desert look is kind of plain.

kage at 2005-11-30 05:33 wrote:
it doesnt look like there's gonna be an ifrit to duke it out with the genies in this one... :(

kage at 2005-11-30 05:23 wrote:
im impressed. i didnt think theyd be able to outdo the wizard team from HoMM3, but i was wrong. im gonna have to look up those rakshasa rani things tho; thats the only thing i dont recognize from mythology. i like the new look for the gremlins, its kinda like in the movie.
hammerofoz at 2005-11-25 00:52 wrote:
For an informative article on Nagas see http://www.khandro.net/mysterious_naga.htm
I can find no reference to Egypt but they are associated with water. Many Angor Wat era temples in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand display the naga as it appears in the game.
Breza at 2005-11-24 17:47 wrote:
To orfinn
Nagas are originally from egyptian mythology henceforth a desert would work nagas are swamp based but oasis are found in deserts also so i'm confused and yes i am fairly sad

Orfinn at 2005-11-23 15:20 wrote:
To Breza: In mythology Nagas are creatures living in swamps, so maybe they will appear in the new Fortress town.
And Djinn is another name for Genie, read what kurios wrote to understand what it means.

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-21 23:23 wrote:
Nagas and Genies are cool! What are you talking about? I like this lineup, but let's not get carried away....
Edited on Mon, Nov 21 2005, 16:23 by CloudRiderX
Breza at 2005-11-21 18:26 wrote:
Great one of the best shame no nagas this time or genies but still great the titans look great and so do the golems

Orfinn at 2005-11-18 14:39 wrote:
Hmm, their home territory seems to be the sky but they also seems to like desolate places so living in a sky town above desert are logical.

Anonimous360 at 2005-11-17 15:20 wrote:
But they are obviously not a desert faction-check out the scenery behind the Djin,the Archmage and the gremlin.

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-15 22:51 wrote:
I don't know if tetsumonkai's comment was aimed toward me, but I never said anything about its coat looking funny. I just think it looks funny, but it doesn't really bug me.

Orfinn at 2005-11-15 12:51 wrote:
Hard to belive but yes they do.

vulnevia at 2005-11-15 08:55 wrote:
tetsumonkai: plus that big and warm clothes can keep the heat out.
tetsumonkai at 2005-11-15 03:35 wrote:
Damn im getting tired about the whine about a gremling wearing a coat. Have you ever been in a desert? do you know how cold it is at night? they obviously have a reason for all the creatures they create and why they wear certain things. They have gone so deep with the facts for every little detail that you can in no way think its a mistake of some kind.

Amgor II at 2005-11-14 20:55 wrote:
I would like to hire the Colossus character to paint my house, but
not Red.

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-14 19:52 wrote:
It's definitely a better line-up than 3. The gremlin is the only thing I have a problem with. But I love the golems, they actually use a weapon! Thats what the golems in 3 were lacking, punching is great, but they could cut enemies in half with a sword. Rakshasa is going to be my favorite!

lpatenaude at 2005-11-14 17:23 wrote:
The Djinn has a head as dark if not darker than the rest of his really dark body.
What you see is the contour of his overly fancy and shiny hat.
The hat is composed of white fur and a lovely flying over it is a light blue feather.
I just love its fantasy look. Look at the size of those blue with white spikes-like main part of the arms' tricep-bicep's amulets, aren't they awesome?!

tornado_x at 2005-11-14 07:50 wrote:
I like "Academy's Creatures" because there are like in Heroes 3 (with some changes).

vulnevia at 2005-11-13 23:21 wrote:
Xander: It'd true, it the eye of Anubis on that ankh they have as symbol =)
Xander at 2005-11-13 21:48 wrote:
Looks awesome!!!!!!!
Cant wait for a water faction or some orc faction in the expansions:)

and to Vulnevia: LOL!!!!! hahahah***
Edited on Sun, Nov 13 2005, 15:07 by Xander

Metal Militant at 2005-11-13 19:50 wrote:
Quite good

Marcus333 at 2005-11-12 13:29 wrote:
I like all of these creatures, but mostly the Titan, Gremlin and the Iron Golem.

I don't get why many of you don't like them? And the lineup is great too.

vulnevia at 2005-11-12 12:12 wrote:
Sauron: You have to put a coin in it to work =)

Sauron at 2005-11-12 12:08 wrote:
To Orffin:

They don't need to turn alive to fly. They are just flying boxes.

Daystar at 2005-11-11 22:25 wrote:
Ah! Titans in bathing suits! NO!

the gremlins rock though.

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-11 19:53 wrote:
Well, I figured they would do that, I think its cool that they don't move until they come alive, like how they are supposed to be.

Orfinn at 2005-11-11 19:48 wrote:
Stop wining about the gargoyle!
First: Its a concept art!
Second: Wait until you see it come alive, which i highly suspect they will.
Read the info about the Gargo agian: One part of the text says this."These creatures are quite fast"
So how can they move quite fast unless they turn alive and fly to move and attack?

kurios at 2005-11-11 18:53 wrote:
Djinn is the actual name. The name comes from the pre-islamic arabic term for wind spirits...as opposed to ifrit for fire spirits (where efreet comes from)...genie was a delineate from that word...I have always preferred the anglicized arabic words ifrit and djinn (pl: djinni)

CloudRiderX at 2005-11-11 17:17 wrote:
I think the gargoyle looks cool. compared to the previous ones, it does look silly, but I think it's cool to make a new looking gargoyle. The others are okay too i guess, whats up with the gremlin? Awesome titan, guess mage is okay. Djinn instead of Genie? Whats this world coming to!? It fits the desert-thing better i guess...
Rakshasa is absolutely AWESOME! And about the headless djinn thing, I think he has a big hat and a bandana over his mouth or face or something.
Edited on Fri, Nov 11 2005, 10:19 by CloudRiderX

igoraki at 2005-11-11 17:05 wrote:
same creatures as in heroes 3 - well,yes in a way,but they changed town style from snow to desert,sure that count as something

i really,and really dont like gargoyle,and that is a sad thing,cause they used to be in every single heroes game so far(dont recall them in kings bounty,but it was long time ago) and this is their worst incarnation,design is terrible and its presence here is questionable,since they should be grotesque statues on medieval castles so how did they become part of the arabic-like desert town ?

gremlin look like the one from the old movie with the same name,face is almost the same but this one have bigger body.beside that,why does he have fur coat in desert ?
Sergeipoo at 2005-11-11 15:25 wrote:
it's too boring with the same exact line-up as heroes 3. and... uhm headless djinn? scary....
scarier still since the word slow appears a tad too often.... predictably my least favorite town....

lpatenaude at 2005-11-11 15:13 wrote:
Not any kind of modern bomb. A medieval version of it.
It's just a small balloon filled with some sort of self ignition type powder or potion liquid.
Besides, there will be only the Master Gremlin using those unreliable projectiles anyway. Just try to dodge a laser beam coming from an Arch-Mage when the Djinn just casted precision onto him(Arch-Mage).
I'm more concerned about all these spell-casters united against my Might oriented Haven forces beside their own main spell-caster(Hero).

Koni at 2005-11-11 14:45 wrote:
But a gun/rifle could be used as a club, too! See some bandits in western films.

Zombie_Inc at 2005-11-11 13:53 wrote:
Since when do clubs shoot bombs on the enemy?

Vision at 2005-11-11 09:27 wrote:
Vinius: Since WHEN is that thing considered a gun?

That aint no gun, its a club!

vinius at 2005-11-11 08:56 wrote:
gremlin, rakshasa and djin are terrible. No for guns in HoMM!

Paladin at 2005-11-11 07:15 wrote:
Gremlin, Gargoyle, Mage, Djinn, and Colossus looks terrible! But from the screenshots, they look better in-game. The Golem is better than in previous versions, in my opinion; it's like it's put together.
Edited on Fri, Nov 11 2005, 00:16 by Paladin

Desper at 2005-11-11 05:06 wrote:
Absolutely great, without Gargoyle (it's absolutely worse). Djinn, Rakshasa and Colossus are amazing.

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