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Heroes of Might and Magic V  → Inferno

by Ubisoft



“Do what thou willst”

  • Aka: The Demons, The Lords of Chaos
  • Associated colors: black and red
  • Worship: their progenitor – Urgash, the Primordial Dragon of Chaos
  • Core philosophy: “Might makes Right” ; conquer, plunder and rape the weak, laugh when you're wounded or tortured, indulge yourself in selfish pleasures, spread anarchy and chaos, corrupt the righteous
  • Country / kingdom: Sheogh, the Prison of Fire
  • Capital city: Ur-Hekal, the “Gate of the Burning Heart”
  • Key symbol: Unicursal hexagram, Ouroboros (the snake that eats its own tail)
  • Description: The ravening monsters that would burn the world to a cinder just to watch it burn.Demons are an alien pantheon of hostile monsters that are bent on conquering Ashan. Fortunately, they are imprisoned in Hell (a “dimensional jail” created in the lava core of the planet) and can't exist for long in the material (surface) world, except when they are summoned by a sorcerer or when they can possess a mortal body. On the battlefield, Inferno troops are famous for their insane brutality in both the might and magic fields. Inferno troops will rush into the melee, while creatures with magic abilities will disrupt the normal order of things to call for demonic reinforcements or to summon the fury of the fire element on their enemy. The inferno heroes will of course support their troops, sometimes taking part into combats but most of the time they will use their tremendous resources in mana to cast countless and devastating spells.


The origins

28-40 YSD: Wars of Fire - First great demon incursion.

The great wizard Sar-Elam, know as the “Seventh Dragon”, sacrifices himself to end the Wars and repel the demon incursion. Sar-Elam and his disciples seal the demons away to prevent their return.

62 YSD: The Schism of the Seven

Schism between the disciples of Sar-Elam, who can't agree on the best way to follow the road laid down by the Seventh Dragon. Sar-Antor founds the Blind Brothers, a congregation of healers, seers and embalmers dedicated to the worship of Asha. Sar-Badon founds the Dragon Knights, a martial order disciplined in both body and mind.

67 YSD: The Prophecy of the Demon Messiah

Sar-Shazzar gives the Prophecy of the Demon Messiah, which predicts, among other things, that a half-demon hero will someday shatter the Demon Prison and unleash bloody chaos on the world.

104 YSD: The Dragon knights become a secret order

On his deathbed, Sar-Badon commands the Dragon knights to retreat from the world and dedicate themselves to preserve the teachings of the Seventh Dragon, watching against any Demon activity.

No longer are the Dragon Knights to be prominent or visible in the world.

330 YSD: 1 st Eclipse - War of the Blood Moon – Creation of the Orcs

A total lunar eclipse provokes a massive rupture of the Demon Prison. The Demon Lords force their way out and raven across lands. Armies are rallied to meet them, but, caught by surprise, they are rapidly overwhelmed.

The Demons are finally defeated but at most terrible cost. The Demon Lords are cast down, and the surviving demons banished back to their hellish prison. The Dragon Knights emerge from hiding to repair the prison as best they can, then vanish once again.

564 YSD: 2 nd Eclipse - Rise of the Demon Sovereign

Total lunar eclipse. This time the Blind Brothers had predicted it, and the Alliance, helped by the Dragon Knights, is quick to react. Only a small band of demons manage to escape into the world. The names of the Demon Lords, Urgash's first children, are heard no more. Instead, the name of Mal-Beleth, new and only Demon Sovereign, appears.

717 YSD: 3 rd Eclipse – Dragon Hunt

During a brief lunar eclipse, a band of Demons escapes into the world. They seek out the hidden strongholds of the Dragon Knights and begin a bloody secret war. The outcome of this conflict is unknown to date.

The modern ages

843 YSD: 4 th Eclipse - Falcon's Last Flight

Total eclipse. This time, the Demons storm the capital of the Falcon Empire and massacre the royal house. As soon as the Demons are repelled, fighting breaks out as the various noble houses attempt to claim the throne. Duke Ivan of Griffin conquers the bloody crown. The Empire is renamed “Holy Griffin Empire”.

969 YSD: 6 th Eclipse - Queen Isabel's War

An eclipse not forecast on any calendar grips the Blind Brothers in a panic. The Demons emerge in force and march towards Haven's capital.

This war will be known as Queen Isabel's War and is the topic of Heroes V 's campaign.


ThunderTitan at 2008-11-06 21:24 wrote:
well ur frigid little missy...
Inisto at 2008-11-05 23:14 wrote:
Better quit before banhammer arrives
Edited on Fri, Nov 07 2008, 07:37 by Inisto
K-Dog at 2006-03-16 21:05 wrote:
Ouroboros is a symbol of constant re-creation and harmony of 2 opposites (normally it has half light and half dark), but in Satanism it is the symbol of Leviathan, god of chaos or whatever.Similiarity between Leviathan, from Old Testament and Satanic Bible and that Urgash from HoMaM V is obvious, so thats probly the reason why the Ouroboros is an Inferno symbol.
Edited on Thu, Mar 16 2006, 14:05 by K-Dog

ThunderTitan at 2006-02-05 16:52 wrote:
The Dragon of Chaos created them to serve him in bringing Chaos to the world!

parallarx at 2006-02-05 16:46 wrote:
the back-story isn't deep enough for my tastes. the other factions reveal a little more personality than does the inferno. it makes them seem like simple, marauding beasts, which is rather boring. their actions bely an obvious deep-seeded passion for something more complicated than pure destruction. also, where's their creation story? it's my understanding that this isn't based on the historys created in the previuos heroes installments, so where did they come from?

kage at 2005-12-01 06:08 wrote:
old school demons...not that i have anything against that, its still a cool-lookin town
Edited on Wed, Nov 30 2005, 23:09 by kage
bladesinger at 2005-10-17 13:48 wrote:
I do not like this town, nor its wiew. It looks like hell, if you know what I mean (but i guess that has to be that way, because i am keen to sylvan).

Shogun_Razor at 2005-10-06 18:54 wrote:
Unicursal hexagram is Old Skool evil , ditto Ouroboros - What else is there anyways?

Orfinn at 2005-09-06 15:51 wrote:
Agree with JSE.I would rather like to see the Inferno units use the Unicursal hexagram rather than the Ouroboros (the snake that eats its own tail) which fits more for the nature town.
george137 at 2005-09-05 20:02 wrote:
Dont you think the inferno creatures look exactly the same? (Compare the nightmares to the pit fiends and the hell hounds to the devils.)
Puzon_351 at 2005-09-02 18:32 wrote:
Ok my question is uut of time I everything understand :)
Puzon_351 at 2005-09-02 07:16 wrote:
This me again and my question WHY THE BATTLEFIELD IS SUCH SMALL ?? please change it !
Puzon_351 at 2005-09-01 11:17 wrote:
In my opinion this creatures are very good, but Better exist Even if
Nekropolis creatures. They are topping

dudzio86 at 2005-08-28 00:19 wrote:
Dear JSE.

I salute you because of your knowledge about symbols, but I feel sorry for you because of your knowledge about Inferno faction in HoMM V. If you red history of faction and a little about this how demons were returning and returning again to the world of game you would know that Ouroboros is very well chosen here.

hero_the_sandwich at 2005-08-27 20:50 wrote:
isn't a nephilim a giant? So succubus - nephilim would be a giant succubus?

Mitzah at 2005-08-24 20:51 wrote:
I think they used the "horned" because they want to establish a relation with HoMM 3...it's kinda useless...
anakha at 2005-08-22 12:02 wrote:
I don't like the names "Horned Demon" "Horned Overseer", skip the "horned" alltogether. And overseer of what? imps? perhaps a little low level to be overseeing much. "Succubus favourite" is another poor choice, I suggest (a friend actually): Fallen Nymph - Succubus, or Succubus - Nephilim. Also the repetition of "Hell" is poor, perhaps "Infernal Stallion". The rest is wonderful.
grimogre at 2005-08-17 21:41 wrote:
I like the art.Most impressive.Ubisoft,we salute you.Inferno is shaping up to be the ultimate badass town.
grimogre at 2005-08-16 23:25 wrote:
When do the action figures come out?;)

JSE at 2005-08-16 06:02 wrote:
I think this has been said before on the Ubi Soft Heroes forums — but what the heck: The Ouroboros as a symbol for the Inferno faction (with core philosophies like selfishness and destruction) seems very questionable to me.

One of the primary meanings of this symbol is eternity and the eternal return. When considering this, what Heroes faction comes to your mind first? — Right, Nature (which is more or less the direct opposite, at least when leaving out things like Darwinism).

In my opinion, Ubi Soft/Nival should be more careful when utilizing actual symbolism. A much more appropriate symbol for the Inferno faction would be the chaos star.
(Image link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/26/Asterism-cuneiform.png)

The Ouroboros however would make a fine symbol for the Elves faction.

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