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Heroes of Might and Magic V  → Story

by Ubisoft

Year 28-40 of the Seventh Dragon: 1st demon incursion – Wars of Fire

The first and greatest wizard of the world of Might & Magic, known as the Seventh Dragon, sacrifices himself to end the wars and repel the demon incursion. To prevent the demons’ return, he seals them in a dimensional prison, created in the depths of the Fiery Mountain. However, from then on, the repercussions of the Demon invasion will echo through the world in the form of sects, cults, and spies.

849 YSD: 2nd demon incursion – War of the Eclipse

A total Eclipse allows Demon armies to slip through a weakness in their prison. Phalanxes of demons spread over the holy land once again, but they are finally defeated by the combined forces of an alliance gathered by king of the Holy Griffin Empire.

The Griffin king dies during the war, and like the Seventh Dragon centuries before, he sacrifices himself to banish the Demons back to their fiery jail.

The king leaves his wife as regent and his first and only son Nicolai as heir.

A figment of his most holy soul is preserved in a powerful artifact: an orb wich can duplicate his final miracle and banish a Demon back to the Fiery Mountain. With this object in its possession guaranteeing its security, the human empire enters a new, prosperous era.

869 YSD: Present day

The Griffin Empire is getting ready for a celebration — the marriage of the young Emperor Nicolai to his sweetheart Isabel.

But Demons stalk the lands once more, and their attack that interrupts the wedding ceremony signals their invasion of the Griffin Empire. Like his father twenty years before, Nicolai leads his army to war. Isabel, however, is sent away to the safety of the Summer Palace.

But soon she decides to enter the war and raise her own army to help her beloved in his fight before it is to late…

In the epic struggle that tears the world apart, the actions of a few heroes belonging to ancient factions will decide on the outcome of the war, and unveil the dark plots behind the demonic invasion.

We can also recommend reading Penny Arcade's take on the story.


LedeniBaron at 2007-06-23 10:33 wrote:
All i've seen in the story is written above is after The creation/revelation of the seventh dragon, but what was before that?

Angelspit at 2007-02-14 16:34 wrote:
Please, use the edit button instead of posting multiple posts in a row.

Wraith at 2007-02-14 16:32 wrote:
Who cares for homm1-4. they are bull**** peace of crap only what i care,is stronghold and crystal dragons,azure dragons,rust dragons and ghost dragons should come back in hommV

Wraith at 2007-02-14 16:25 wrote:
I am pretty sure that barbarians will make comeback in next epansion.

Wraith at 2007-02-14 13:51 wrote:
Sandro should arrive to next expansion
Edited on Wed, Feb 14 2007, 05:51 by Wraith
Azune at 2007-01-10 12:00 wrote:
Uhm i finished hommv hof campaign a few days ago and there's suggestion about the return of stronghold/barbarians or w/e you want to call them. There supposed to be in the far east so maybe we'll se a younger version of crag hach? o.o

DaemianLucifer at 2006-08-21 09:08 wrote:
yep, they are just tie ins .... i don't find them insulting, but can understand how some people might

Easy,they killed them,and then made a few guys with a similar name just to satisfy the fans.They made a not so good game,so they are using cheap tricks to divert our minds of it.That is quite insulting.I am not going to think any better of the story because it has solmyr mentioned somewhere in it.Thinking I will is insulting my inteligence :disagree:

stefan.urlus at 2006-08-21 05:06 wrote:
yep, they are just tie ins .... i don't find them insulting, but can understand how some people might

DaemianLucifer at 2006-08-21 00:47 wrote:
Its a completely different universe.Those easter eggs are in there just to say how ubi "cares" for the fans affection for old heroes.
kardaum at 2006-08-21 00:43 wrote:
There are many strange things in this game...
Sandro was the master of Markal
In the wizards campaign Zehir say the name of Solmyr
In the 3rd level of the Wizards campaign there is a city, in which descriprition say it is an ancient town founded by Erathian refugees.

So is HommV universe the same of III and IV or is it not?

DaemianLucifer at 2006-06-30 18:23 wrote:
Yeah, but I have a wuestion. In one of the bios of the Necropolis heroes (Lucretia), it mentions that she was trained by Snadro. In mission 2 of the Haven campaign, the queen mentions Crag Hack as a means to bolster her army. So.... is it that UBisoft couldn't bother to think up of new names, or just did the old heroes exist, or... what?

Those are supposed to be easter eggs,but I find them insulting :disagree:

Drayakir at 2006-06-29 20:19 wrote:
Yeah, but I have a wuestion. In one of the bios of the Necropolis heroes (Lucretia), it mentions that she was trained by Snadro. In mission 2 of the Haven campaign, the queen mentions Crag Hack as a means to bolster her army. So.... is it that UBisoft couldn't bother to think up of new names, or just did the old heroes exist, or... what?

Orfinn at 2006-02-22 11:29 wrote:
Fans as us may get used to the new universe after some time, remember the old heroes as legends, praise them and honor them. But now a new time has come, look at the bright side, a new history with plenty possibilites! A fresh start ;)

Sandro123 at 2006-02-16 13:40 wrote:
this is a completly new story that will be hard to swallow at first. I miss the old heroes who developed from H1 to H4, but this is not my decision after all.

Crag Hack, Sandro, all are gone forever, so I suggest a minute of silence for them:( :sniff:sniff:

I hope that their succesors won't have names that are hard to spell and will be remembered as 3do heroes :sniff:sniff:sniff:

kage at 2005-12-01 06:03 wrote:
i mean, like, after this game. and i dont kno if its the same universe. instead of Ancients, they have dragons. no mention of Ancients at all. not even...Ancient dragons or somethin
Edited on Wed, Nov 30 2005, 23:04 by kage

Paladin at 2005-11-29 11:22 wrote:
Well, it's *supposed* to be in the same universe, but a return of old heroes, etc seems very unprobable. Though the MM universe isn't unfamiliar to interstellar travels...

kage at 2005-11-29 07:27 wrote:
I havent heard anything yet, but are they ever gonna return to the old storyline? It had some more potential, it just kinda dropped off when they lost all their money and went bankrupt.

Zombie_Inc at 2005-10-26 18:10 wrote:
Ubisoft ignore all the older versions, they started the world and the story from scratch.

Sgt_BFG at 2005-10-26 14:53 wrote:
Hang on, if Nicolia is the son of Cathrine, wasnt M&M 7 and HOMM3 set in the year 1156 or something? then what is Nicolai doing in the 896 or something?
george137 at 2005-09-28 00:05 wrote:
Story sounds the same as any other fantasy game. (Must stop evil people from taking over the world again.)

Orfinn at 2005-08-29 15:58 wrote:
Remember that there may be plenty (at least more than 2 i guess) planets created by the Ancestors in different solar systems.So as we know that Ashan is our new might & magic world dosent mean that the old worlds/planets Antagrich (Antagrich was the world with the continents Enroth,Erathia etc right?) and Axeoth are forgotten,its just another story on another planet i guess.Maybe the story switch back to Axeoth and continues from where the story ended in H4 and when that chapetr ends then the last part of the game continues on Ashan
But the problem would be too many factions,creatures etc both for Axeoth and Ashan in one game,so unless Ubi can do it i guess the story continues and switch back to the story of Axeoth in H6.

CloudRiderX at 2005-06-07 14:08 wrote:
I'm not saying that the game is going to be bad, I'm just saying it's going to be like saying goodbye to a good friend and making a new one. Yeah it will bother me for a while, but when the game comes out, I'm sure I won't care. Everything I've seen is great, most of the things i've heard are good(except for the "we'll be discussing that later" stuff). I'm waiting for later to come so we hear some exciting news.

lpatenaude at 2005-06-05 15:00 wrote:
I really don't think about a major disappointment here.
I see this new revival of the franchise of HoMM as a breath of fresh air and having both of kings'/queens' feet on the ground, just like his hired heroes having to do all the dirty work for him/her.
Really do think that the greatest survivor-like player during the towns' sieges should be the one having the greatest primary skills, spells and army to back everything all up.
I'm talking about the new possibility to attack the same town's castle walls by as many as 4 different factions, all at the same time.
The overall landscape seen horizontally from ground up and straight forward is quite realistic enough in order to bring another kind of adventure/strategy player into this marvelous and fantastic fantasy world of HoMM.
The people whom never really played any strategy PC games and consider themselves "both feet on the ground of our lives' reality" could see this game as a chance to slowly but surely immerse themselves into this totally new fantasy world such as HoMM5.
In conclusion, let's see upon the release of it and how the marketing dept of Ubi will handle its approach towards a widely new market of players of all kinds.

CloudRiderX at 2005-06-03 23:26 wrote:
Yeah, whatever the case, I'm gonna miss Enroth and Erathia. I'll also miss all the cool heroes that built up to IV through II and III. Its either gonna be a big disappointment, or a great new adventure. But H4 already had a brand new world, i would hate to get it changed so quickly. But i guess they would rather make a new world that they could mold then try to shape around a world that fans and creators are familiar with, especially when they would be taking the chance of messing it up and nobody wanting to play it anymore.

Vitirr at 2005-06-02 16:22 wrote:
Well I really doubt that 3DO had anything to do with the world destruction or Nicolai story in M&M9. For once I must say it was all NWC fault and not 3DO.

HodgePodge at 2005-06-02 15:28 wrote:
Well, I for one hope the Nicolai in Heroes V is OUR Nicolai. For one reason, I was quite disappointed, even angry with the way 3do just kind of dropped him off in the new world, where not a soul heard of him.

Anyhow, one of the things Nicolai was attempting to do after the Reckoning was to raise an army to defeat the demons; but he needed money; that's why he was looking for a job, if I recall from MM9.

3do could've done so much with the Nicolai character. They really dropped the ball badly in this case. No wonder they went bankrupt. Seems like 3do didn't care at all about what their fan-base thought or how we felt.

Marzhin at 2005-05-24 12:17 wrote:
Well, actually, NWC did this all the time. For instance...
In the first Might and Magic, there was a Lord Ironfist...
In Might and Magic IV and V, one of the main character was a King Roland (and NOT the Roland of Enroth)...

JSE at 2005-05-23 17:34 wrote:
I think Nival should decide for either of the following alternatives and stick to it:

1.) Continue the original universe and let familiar concepts and characters reappear (my favourite alternative).

2.) Create a completely new universe from scratch (with no elements from the previous games) and at the same time try to avoid obvious similarities and allusions to the previous games; i.e., no remake of the ROE campaign, no King Nicolai etc.

They shouldn't try to have their cake and eat it, too. ;)

gryphonheart at 2005-05-23 14:40 wrote:
Oh yes, I believe that it's the case. Btw, I'm really happy to see that the Griffin kings are back :)

Marzhin at 2005-05-23 11:45 wrote:
As long as they keep the Might and Magic universe - the Ancients, the Kreegans... - it's OK for me. I guess naming the king Nicolai is a way to appeal the Might and Magic fans.
gwaihir at 2005-05-23 08:59 wrote:
The story is basically OK I justr hope that the game will be playable as the HOMM3 and more similar to it than the HOMMIV. It really looks like the Lord of the Rings, but we will wait and see.
vervmeister at 2005-05-23 08:42 wrote:
I recall in MM9 there's a Nicolai Ironfist...but he's just a stupid NPC with a generic peasant model and he says that he joined the circus after running away from the Erathian demon invasion...how sad is that! There's no way it's the same Nicolai.

Vitirr at 2005-05-22 22:30 wrote:
I doubt Nicolai is "our" Nicolai. Otherwise his father would be Roland and it's said that he sacrificed himself to end with the demon menace, something that doesn't really happen in HOMM3 and expansions nor in M&M7 and 8. Besides Roland wasn't the Griffin King at all, in that case it could be Catherine but not him.

Said this it all seems to look like we'll have a completely new world, with completely new heroes and perhaps even in a completely different timeline. This isn't that bad as long as they create a world that we get to like and love as we did with Enroth and Erathia.

JSE at 2005-05-22 20:54 wrote:
It would be a cool thing of course if this Nicolai was Nicolai Ironfist from Enroth. Heroes V surely isn't set on Axeoth where Nicolai was seen last time (in MM9) as official announcment tells us of a completely new world, however, maybe it's still set in the same universe and maybe Nicolai managed to travel to this new world through a portal or the like...

Otherwise, it would be a strange coincidence and — together with the fact that the Heroes V story has striking similarity to the Heroes III ROE story — would suggest that Nival isn't really inspired.

Morannon at 2005-05-22 20:54 wrote:
I'm no expert on the Lord of the Rings, but it's what I come to think of when I read the background HoMMV story. Mostly because in both stories, a good human empire are desperately trying to imprison the ultimate evil at the cost of their king.

Even though the story is pretty basic fantasy stuff it sounds interesting to me. I just hope that the characters in the game are believable and react realistically to the world around them. The characters should be deeper than the purest of good and evil and have rich story about them selves that make them worthy of remembrance.

(Sorry that I posted this twice, I'm new to the comment system)

Echo_ at 2005-05-22 19:19 wrote:
SO is H5 set in Axeoth?

CloudRiderX at 2005-05-22 16:48 wrote:
I believe Nicolai is the son of Roland and Catherine Ironfist. She mentions it in the opening cinematic in Heroes III. But, one source of information states that no heroes from II, III, or IV will be in this game. But why would Nicolai and Roland and Cathrine be in it, when all the others were alive at that time too? The secrets will be revealed in time.

Monastor at 2005-05-22 15:43 wrote:
King, queen, Nicolai...
It reminds me something :rolleyes:

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