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Features → Walkthroughs  → Unholy Alliance → Search for a Killer

by Harukaba

Unholy Alliance - Search for a Killer

Defeat all the Necromancers in the area to win the scenario. However, if Gelu is defeated in combat, the scenario is lost. Gelu is limited to level 30 but will carry his experience, skills, and spells on to the next scenario. Starting Bonus: Pendant of Life or 2000 gold or 1 Green Dragon


Click on a map to see a larger version.

Green - Friendly Town
Red - Enemy Town
Grey - Neutral Town
Yellow - Underground Passage

A# - Allied Towns
O# - Opponent Towns (a,b,c,d,e,f,g indicates which enemy)
N# - Neutral Towns
M# - Mirror Entrances (a) and exits (b). two-way unless stated
E# - Exit (a) entrance and (b) exit
S# - Seer (a) and the location of the item (b)
G# - Guard Tents (a) and the location of the Guard Tower (b)
J - Jail
X - Ambush

Starting Out

The most difficult part of this campaign is to make sure the secondary skills Gelu has are as good as possible. The first two slots are always going to be Leadership and Archery which leaves you with six slots to fill. I consider Earth Magic and Wisdom to be essential skills that you should get for the Town Portal and Slow spells. I got them along with First Aid, Armorer, Logistics, and Offense. I would have rather gotten Tactics or even another magic school instead of First Aid but I wasn't able to before I stopped trying.

Definitely pick the Green Dragon as your starting bonus as you need to take over another town in the first week and you'll be able to upgrade them to Gold Dragons very soon.

First Leg

Head east immediately with Gelu in order to get the second town as fast as you can. The enemy has 5 towns to your one so you can understand the need to make inroads as fast as you can. Hire a second hero at the starting town to flag mines and don't stop to attack wandering stacks until you have reached the second town. Once you have you can take a somewhat leisurely exploration of the starting area. The second town is pretty well built up and you can build Dragon Cliffs in the first week which will help when you take over O1a (Soledare). Concentrate on making a City Hall in the first town since gold will be a big problem if you upgrade Wood Elves to Sharpshooters on a regular basis.

I'd attack O1a (Soledare) on the first day of the second week but wouldn't use any Sharpshooters because the Castle turrets attack them constantly and they are too valuable to lose. If you buy everything else in your second town, you will be okay and shouldn't lose any of your Green Dragons. Fortunately, there is no annoying magic-casting hero in O1a so that will make things a lot easier.

Second Leg

There are two ways to get across the river, through the underground or on a boat. While there are a good deal of Places of Learning underground, it's more important to make a dent in the enemy so I'd buy a boat at the shipyard and head directly south. Even without Navigation, you will make landfall in three or four days. Before you go, be sure to build a level 4 mage guild in the second town in order to get Town Portal. This will be very important to get reinforcements quickly which will be vital as you will see. Take over O2a and O3a and watch out for any enemy heroes in the area since there's a super enemy going by the name of Aislinn with a lot of troops wandering around and you certainly don't want to face with just Sharpshooters and Green Dragons. So while Gelu is wandering around in the western parts of the enemy's area flagging mines and taking over towns, make sure you're upgrading the second town to at least Gold Dragons and Dendroid Soldiers. What I did was town portal to my first town (A1) and buy as many troops as I could, then town portal to my second town (N1) and upgrade the troops I got in A1 as well as buying as troops from N1 giving a priority to Gold Dragons and Dendroid Soldiers and Wood Elves (upgrade them to Sharpshooters). Then I return to the nearest town by Aislinn and hope he attacks when I'm safe in a Castle. After he's defeated, you can breathe a sigh of relief since the rest of map will be very much easier.

Finishing Up

At this point, I headed east with Gelu and took over O4a and took Gelu underground so he could visit the Places of Learning and attack wandering stacks for experience and hopefully levels. While there were quite a few enemy heroes wandering around, I just hired the troops in the Necromancer towns which were enough to dissuade or even defeat the enemy heroes outright. I also built up the mage guilds in all of the towns and was fortunate enough to get Meteor Shower and Implosion but not Slow which strikes me as somewhat purposeful. I also visited the Tree of Knowledge east of O3a before taking over the final town at O5a and defeating all of the enemy heroes to win the map.


Ansive at 2009-01-20 22:50 wrote:
Started the map... got pretty decent skills... got attacked from Soledare so I restarted.
This time I only got Wisdom. I hate not having any magic skills, resurrection is moot unless you have advanced earth.

Keeping some distance from Soledare might help prevent the enemy from buying a hero.

Sadly I only reached close to level 29... even sacrificed all the artifacts... guess I kinda rushed after I took out their main heroes in two close call battles. (ironically I won the second one by shielding the sharpshooters with what unicorns and centaurs I had left... frenzy, resurrect, resurrect, resurrect... left with a few units and a score of items... he he)

jmgarth at 2007-12-30 19:27 wrote:
Despite several tries, I could not get Town Portal in any mage guild. I sailed Gelu as suggested and grabbed O2a and O3a, but without Town Portal I could not resupply Gelu in time and lost when hit by two large armies at O3a.

I tried again by going underground, and this time was able to resupply Gelu with runners from A1, which I fully built up. I grabbed O4a, then O5a, then back to O3a and finally O2a.
Boots at 2007-08-31 12:17 wrote:
I had a very difficult time taking on O1a (first enemy town) using the strategy suggested in this walkthru. Here's what I did, which led to success for me.
* Restarted the game until Gelu got Earth, Wisdom, and Logistics (also had Water, which helped a lot later)
* Hired 3 more heroes at 1st town. Gave the dragon to one. Had Gelu take his sharpshooters directly to the neutral town, only fighting when necessary (I did have him fight the zombies at the crystal mine near the neutral town). He can make it there on the 3rd day if he has logistics.
* The secondary hero with the dragon can fight the skeles at the sawmill and the zombies at the crystal mine near your starting town. The other two heroes can flag the mines Gelu freed, and go underground to collect the free-lying resources there. If Gelu has Artillery (I did in this case), have him buy a ballista as well
* My build order in N1 was Blacksmith, Capitol, Homestead, Dendroid, Mage Guild 4. I dind't get Town Portal, but I did get Prayer. I ignored dragons for now. Meanwhile, Gelu runs around taking out everything else nearby.
* Make sure the hero who bought the ballista gives it to Gelu (directly or by givign it to another hero first). Have your secondary heroes collect every scrap of gold. I had to sell a couple resources as well, in order to get both a City Hall in my 1st city and a Capitol in my 2nd ASAP.
* On Week 2 Day 1, I grabbed the windmill at my 1st town and the waterwheel at the 2nd. I sold all my resources except for about 15 crystal (thinking ahead to get dragon cliffs next week), and bought all the heavy-hitter troops I could. Unfortunately, Gelu didn't make it to O1a until Week 2 Day 2 (by ONE MOVE, DAMMIT) and the town had 12 vampires in addition to 5 ghost dragons, 40 power liches, and 120 or so skeles.

I suffered heavy losses in the fight for O1a, but at least I won. I *never once* won trying to use dragons--I simply did not have the resrouces to be able to buy enough troops. And expert Prayer helped a lot.
Boots at 2007-08-30 13:15 wrote:
Edited on Fri, Aug 31 2007, 08:17 by Boots

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