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Features → Walkthroughs  → Specter of Power → With Blinders On

by Harukaba

Sandro must defeat all of the lords who seek his position to win the campaign. However, if Sandro loses even just one battle, others will sense weakness in him and destroy all he has worked for. Starting Bonus: 5 of each precious resource.


Click on a map to see a larger version.

Green - Friendly Town
Red - Enemy Town
Grey - Neutral Town
Yellow - Underground Passage

A# - Allied Towns
O# - Opponent Towns (a,b,c,d,e,f,g indicates which enemy)
N# - Neutral Towns
M# - Mirror Entrances (a) and exits (b). two-way unless stated
E# - Exit (a) entrance and (b) exit
S# - Seer (a) and the location of the item (b)
G# - Guard Tents (a) and the location of the Guard Tower (b)
J - Jail
X - Ambush

Starting Out

You have no selection in what starting bonus you have and none of your heroes traveled with you but they are not important since with Sandro's magical ability you can use Summon Water Elemental and Animate Undead to defeat armies much bigger than your own.

First Leg

O1c (orange) should be trapped in its area so your goal is to defeat both O1a (green) and O1b (blue) as soon as possible as well as visiting all of the guard tents. I spent about two weeks by A1 building up my town and clearing out the area. I took all of the troops and traveled along the pink path, defeating enemies along the way until I went to the O1a area and defeated the green enemy. I retraced my path (or used Town Portal if you have it) to get back to E1b and then headed north on the green path to get to the O1b area and took out the blue enemy. These battles should be very easy if you make good use of Summon Water Elemental and Animate Undead. At this point I could relax and started to upgrade the towns, visit mines, and the guard tents.

Finishing Up

After exploring everywhere I waited for a few more weeks and collected as many troops as possible and traveled along the blue path through the guard garrisons through E2a into the O1c (orange) area and attacked the final hero. This battle was very very easy (especially compared to Melodia) and so just use Summon Water Elemental, Animate Undead, and your favorite attack spells and you will have won both this map and the campaign.

vil2 at 2013-08-21 11:53 wrote:
Just finished this mission, indeed I had 3 times the +10 to all stats event. WHile I was happy with that, I regret it because the AI heroes are so weak compared to me. Given the number of magic wells on this map, you cannot fall out of mana so you can always outnumber the enemy's elemental troops with yours. That being said, I had two tough fights with blue and green, and had been able to win only because I was able to summon one more elemental stacks than them.
Callipygian at 2013-06-26 21:45 wrote:
Wow, this was an anticlimactic last scenario of an otherwise hard campaign. I recently started playing the HoMM 3 campaigns on impossible. It's not too hard, although there are some tricky scenarios, among which were the first couple of maps in the final campaign. However, this final scenario was a breeze...I just lumbered through and finished it first try in the 4th week, without dimension door, town portal or logistics. They had no decent heroes and a worthless army. Big disappointment =(

Btw, a funny thing happened at the Melodia fights of the previous scenario: I killed her with elementals, but my army had died as well. My death didn't seem to matter since I had won the scenario anyway, but in the last scenario I got a Sandro with beginner stats and talents (so I had to redo the final fight)!

UndeadHalfOrc at 2009-04-03 19:19 wrote:
Actually, the +10 to all stats events cannot be triggered by the computer players - the checkbox is unchecked - a goof on the part of the mapmakers. The map would have been much harder if the enemy heroes would have been able to trigger it!

Grail Quest at 2007-07-30 19:11 wrote:
If you have Dimension Door, USE IT! If you move quickly enough, you may be able to hit certain scripted areas that give +10 to all stats, obviously meant to boost the enemy heroes. They appear to be near the wood mills, so the AI will typically have triggered them by the time you get to their location, if you go the long way.
A fat stack of skeletons will see you through all combat if you have strong magic, like elementals or meteor swarm. Recruit some higher-initiative troops to spread out attacks and to cast spells earlier, taking out enemy troops. Once you have about 150 skeletons, using Dimension Door you can blitz the enemy. Victory on Month 1 Week 4 Day 5! Yeah! Quest
Edited on Mon, Jul 30 2007, 15:21 by Grail Quest

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