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Features → Walkthroughs  → The Price of Peace → At the Crossroads

by Steven W. Carter


  • Be the only player to own towns.

Carries Over:

  • Emilia (max level 15)


You start out with just Emilia, but very quickly some dwarves and halflings will join you. So head south and claim the treasure chest and resources, and then buy some peasants. With that small army you can defeat the berserkers to the west, grab even more resources, and then capture the nearby town. Try to prevent your peasants from being killed in the battles since they generate gold for you. Itís ok if Emilia gets killed while taking the town since the town will immediately resurrect her. So use her and the dwarves as fodder.

Leave the peasants in the town and head on over to the magic university. But watch out: itís being guarded by some bandits. So kill the bandits (letting Emilia take the brunt of the damage), and then learn as many skills as possible. You should be able to afford it with the gold you started with. The university seems to have Life and Order skills most of the time, so youíll probably become a Monk. If you donít want to become a Monk, itís ok; you can still switch to a different class later.

Now you need to explore around your town and collect resources, but thereís a problem. The stacks of neutral creatures are pretty powerful, and Emilia herself wonít be powerful until she gets some levels and gains access to higher level spells. So dance around, fighting what you can and avoiding what you canít. Itís probably a good idea to head west first so you can flag the halfling and golem troop buildings, and also grab the gem mine. Then you can head back to town, recruit a larger army, and go kill things. (Battles will become easier once you get genies.)

Once you clear the immediate area around your town (including the crystal mine to the north), head west back to the gem mine. Nearby should be a stack of Teal medusae. Kill them and then head north to the quest hut. Youíll get eight nagas as a reward. East of the quest hut is a magi tower that you should capture.

From here you have a choice. You can either go north and attack Orange, or you can head west and attack Red. Since there is a stack of venom spawn between you and Orange, and since theyíll hold Orange back for a while, itís probably best to attack Red. Plus, thereís a neutral Order town near Redís starting town, making Red an even more attractive target.

So head west, skipping the gold mine and the treasure trove guarded by the thunderbirds for now. At (120,92) youíll find a quest hut. If you can find Lennyís ring, heíll give you eight potions of toughness. Personally, Iíd rather have the ring, but go ahead and complete the quest if you want to. The ring is located just to the north, on a stack of -- what else? -- leprechauns.

West of the quest hut youíll find Redís town. Possibly Red will have a castle and centaurs and cyclopes, but donít despair. Song of peace (from the genies) and poison (from the magi), plus some not very good enemy AI, can get you through the battle. If Red has cyclopes and centaurs, go with two stacks of genies so they can both cast song of peace; otherwise just leave the genies in one stack. Then you can neutralize Redís ranged troops while simultaneously poisoning them and casting mage fist or ice bolt on them (whichever Emilia has). Redís troops might just stand around and die, but if they exit the castle, pick them off with your ranged troops.

Once Red has been eliminated, head to the southwestern corner of the map. Youíll find a neutral Order town there. However, blocking the path is a large stack of genies. If you canít defeat the genies without losing lots of troops, then hang around Redís former town for a couple days, exploring and flagging resource buildings. Meanwhile, caravan in some more troops from your starting town, and then try again.

Once you capture the Order town, head north. Youíll find a long ridge of mountains blocking off the top part of the map, but just before the mountains youíll find a (possibly) neutral Might town. Take the town and then visit the teal keymaster tent nearby at (44,60). Then head east.

Along the eastern edge of the map youíll find Orangeís starting town. Itíll probably be well defended, so you might want to clear the path to your starting town, and then bring in some extra troops, before attacking. Regardless, use song of peace and poison to your advantage and capture the town. That should take care of Orange.

Near the town at (17,91) youíll find a purple keymaster tent. That tent and the teal tent are the only two tents you need to advance on Greenís territory (beyond the mountains to the north). So if you havenít re-supplied your army yet, do that now and then head west.

The teal keymaster gate leading to Greenís lands is located at (79,32). Past the gate youíll find a Green town that might or might not be well defended. Regardless, take it while trying to keep your casualties low. Then head east. Greenís second (and last) town is against the eastern edge of the map, but along the way youíll have to battle some heavy-duty neutral creatures, including large stacks of vampires and devils. The devils in particular might be nasty since they can teleport right to you ranged troops. There doesnít seem to be a good way to fight the devils (if they donít go after your magi, theyíll probably kill Emilia in one hit) so just take your losses and move on.

When you get to Greenís town, you donít have to attack it. Just keep Emilia next to the entrance to prevent Greenís heroes from going anywhere, and then use another hero to capture all of Greenís resource buildings. Youíll then have two Order towns to Greenís single town, plus youíll have more resources coming in, and so eventually youíll be able to take Greenís town, regardless of how well itís defended.

When youíre ready to attack, remember that Emilia doesnít have to survive the battle since the town will resurrect her if you win. Otherwise, this siege is much like the other sieges youíve done, except with a lot more troops involved. So use song of peace and poison, and try to kill Greenís ranged troops without allowing them to fire back. Once you win the battle, youíll also win the scenario.

Wheeler Dealer at 2014-02-01 18:05 wrote:
My latest game I played at Champion, just to see if I could. The beginning, before I had a town, was very difficult but later scenarios were easier. The computer players were unable to deal with the huge neutral stacks and therefore couldn't bother me.
Wheeler Dealer at 2009-11-24 21:19 wrote:
I chose an order lord to support Emilia. I let him have the Tactics Altar since I don't think Emilia can be great at two magic schools, combat and tactics. Her priorities were order magic, life magic and combat, in that order. His were tatctics, nobility and life magic.

On three occassions I ran into huge neutral stacks that I couldn't take without unacceptable losses. In each case I used my ranged attacks until Emilia's second turn and then had her cast town portal. This way I could whittle down the stack with no losses. There was a nasty stack of thunderbirds where I had to do this three times.

Grail Quest at 2007-07-03 00:18 wrote:
The last green town appears boxed in by a pink border guard which they cannot open, so you can mop up the map and pick up any permanent bonuses while assembling troops for the final siege.
Meanwhile, send a secondary hero (especially if Emilia has reached her level limit) with troops from all the Might and/or Chaos towns that have been captured, to clear the large stacks of neutral monsters. If they don't have enough troops to take the final town, you can then move Emilia up with more troops when she's finished with the map.

Edited on Mon, Jul 02 2007, 22:08 by Grail Quest

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