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Features → Walkthroughs  → New Beginnings → Driving for the Boots

by Harukaba

Take the Dead Man's Boots to Gem's starting town to win the campaign. However, if Gem or Clancy are defeated in combat or you lose the boots, the scenario is lost. Your heroes are limited to level 25, but Gem will carry her experience, skills and spells on to the next campaign. Starting Bonus: 4000 Gold or 15 Wood or 7 Crystal.


Click on a map to see a larger version.

Green - Friendly Town
Red - Enemy Town
Grey - Neutral Town
Yellow - Underground Passage

A# - Allied Towns
O# - Opponent Towns (a,b,c,d,e,f,g indicates which enemy)
N# - Neutral Towns
M# - Mirror Entrances (a) and exits (b). two-way unless stated
E# - Exit (a) entrance and (b) exit
S# - Seer (a) and the location of the item (b)
G# - Guard Tents (a) and the location of the Guard Tower (b)
J - Jail
X - Ambush

Starting Out

I recommend that you pick the 4000 Gold as your bonus since it will be easier for you to hire troops and make an early push to the enemy. Since the goal is behind two Guard Towers and a Quest Tower, it will be far easier to eliminate the enemy rather than trying to get the Dead Man's Boots to win the map and campaign.

I have verified for myself that Gem or Clancy won't transfer over to the next campaign even though you are told that he will be. Therefore, it's not necessary to visit any places of learning or go out of your way to gain levels.

First Leg

As usual give Gem the starting troops and hire another Rampart hero to give Gem even more troops and go along the red path. Pick up loose resources and flag the Homestead and hire more Wood Elves. You might get some joins but use the Vision spell which you should probably have by now before attacking wandering stacks. The seer at S1b wants 25 Ghost Dragons which you can easily get after defeating the enemies and you need the Sandals of the Saint that she'll give you in order to get the Dead Man's Boots. While Gem is wandering around this area, have Clancy flag the Centaur Stables and pick up any loose resources. Build up at least a Citadel, a Homestead, Enchanted Springs, and a City Hall for the first week. The second week definitely build up the upgraded Homestead and a Castle at the very least and any of the other buildings that you can afford. Pink heroes will be poking around at about week 2 but they shouldn't be too difficult. At the beginning of week 2 or week 3, follow the blue path and invade into the O1a territory by attacking the garrison which has 12 Bone Dragons. If Clancy has Tactics then he should be the one to do this task to protect the Grand Elves. After breaking through the garrison, take over O1a which shouldn't even have a Citadel. Once you have eliminated the Pink enemy, you are safe from any further incursions since the only other path into your territory is blocked by a Guard Tower with the Guard Tent accessible only by you. Build a City Hall and a Cover of Darkness in it because the computer gets very confused and it'll buy you some extra time. Now you can continue to build A1 as well as flagging the two Rampart towns in the northwest area of the map.

Second Leg

Visit G1a by defeating the Cavaliers that are protecting it and then travel through G1b which is to the southwest of O1a along the blue path. Take over both neutral Rampart towns and hire the available troops. They won't produce any other troops but will be very good for gold, especially after building City Halls. Be sure to visit G4a so you can easily get back to A1 through G4b without having to backtrack. There's another Town Portal guarded by several Ghost Dragons so you should get it sooner rather than later in order to protect the towns you conquer. A good time is just before you want to travel south because you will have enough troops to defeat the Ghost Dragons then. I traveled south along the blue path at the start of the second month to defeat the remaining enemies. My tactic was to use View Air to determine where the enemy heroes were and if they were close to attack them and if not then pick either O2b or O1b to defeat first and head that way. Once taking over an enemy town, hire another hero and recruit the Necromancer troops so they can defeat scouts without you having to use Town Portal to defend them. Use View Air at the start of every turn and use Town Portal to quickly travel to one of your towns if you see the enemy traveling that way and if the troops you have there can't defeat them. Backtracking only when necessary will enable you to defeat the enemy faster. Once you have defeated the enemy, you can then build up Dragon Vaults in every Necromancer town if they don't have them and at least one upgraded Dragon Vault in order to get the 25 Ghost Dragons that the Seeker at S1b requires.

Finishing Up

Once again, Gem and Clancy won't travel to a future campaign so don't delay this map by leveling them or visiting Places of Learning if they're out of the way.

Once you have 25 Ghost Dragons go up to S1b (northeast of A1) to exchange them for the Sandals of the Saint, visit G3a (southwest of O1b), G2a (north of O2b), and then go to the southwestern corner through any of the three mirrors. Visit each of the Guard Towers, give the Sandals of the Saint in order to get the Dead Man's boots, and return to A1 with it to win this map and the campaign.


fargus at 2010-06-18 00:40 wrote:
double post, sorry
Edited on Thu, Jun 17 2010, 20:41 by fargus

fargus at 2010-06-18 00:33 wrote:
Just wanted to say this map is definitely possible on higher difficulty than normal. I beat it on Expert and I'd wager it can be done on Impossible with the right preparation.

If you played the last 3 maps correctly your heroes should be Expert in all or almost all of skills and have decent stats. To do the beginning of this map i used Grand Elves, with Dwarves and Centaur to block using expert tactics. By using offensive spells like lightning bolt, and magic like expert slow you will be easily able to clear your area with Gem's casting ability. In fact, you can defeat the pink player during the 2nd to 3rd week this way and that is exactly what I did. Defeating him early you get a lot more income, I built up two rampart castles and used Necropolis for resource silo and gold.

Now the real key to winning this map is basically strong spells, Expert Earth being a must for the town portal scroll they give you. Since he has so much creature dwelling, if your spells are strong you will more than compensate for army - Destroy Undead, Implosion, for example. I had expert earth and air magic - however I was lucky enough to get Armageddon from the previous map. Therefore I made it my immediate priority after taking out pink player to get gold dragons. You can start to take from the green dragon dwelling during 2nd week and this helps your dragon count a lot. After getting town portal, Gem had an army of only Gold Dragons and could just town portal, face enemy hero, Armageddon, and win repeatedly, using mage guild to refill mana. Clancy used all other Rampart troops, this way I fought on two fronts. This method is extremely strong, and probably a little cheap to be honest. However if you're looking to beat it on higher difficulty then this is the way to go. I even cleared the topia in the bottom left before the comp did and got some nice relics, making the final fights rather a breeze. Hardest part about this map was the frustrating cover of darkness probably :)
belle_wag at 2009-12-11 05:31 wrote:
Clancy doesn't carry over to another campaign, but Gem does.

Grail Quest at 2007-06-13 14:38 wrote:
Before week 2, build Homesteads. On the first day of week 2, build Upgraded Homesteads and use them to kill the stacks in your area. Best combined with Gem and Expert Earth and Water magic, which lets you use Forgetfulness against ranged attackers, and Slow against all targets. Try not to lose any Grand Elves since castle towers will kill enough of them later. As you probably do not have 7 types of creatures, split the Grand Elf stacks so that you need not commit a large stack to picking off small enemy stacks (sometimes 20 or so creatures will come at you in seven small stacks).

This map may be impossible on more than Normal Difficulty. Even on the easiest level, it can be an even fight if you don't use your resources strategically. The reason is Red has many castles, and by the time you penetrate their area (past the green border guard), they may have built up a lot of Dragons.
I played on a harder difficulty once, and was heading down to their area with 3 Bone Dragons, but one of their heroes was coming up with (among other things) a mix of 24 Bone and Ghost Dragons! I cheated to have a look at their castles -- EVERY ONE was either fully built or nearly fully upgraded.
The border guard protects you from being overwhelmed, and it is easy to be overwhelmed unless you can destroy their main stacks without too many losses. You simply cannot out-build the Red faction, and if you have fallen behind in the early game in assembling an army, you will probably lose.
Something you can do is invest in getting the Town Portal scroll and hopefully by now either Gem or Clancy or both have Expert Earth Magic. Another thing is to build only money and resources in the neutral Rampart towns you captured. Do focus on building up the Necropolis that sits just before the bottleneck to the Red area. If you don't have Expert-level Town Portal, you can emergency-buy troops there to fight off incursions into your area while your Rampart army penetrates their territory.
If you can generally hold out against purchases until early in the week (that is, after the Treasuries have given you interest on accumulated gold), you may be able to field one strong and one weak army.
If you try to build all Ramparts to produce troops, you can probably do so, but will likely not have enough money to buy them anyway. And without Expert-level Town Portal, they may be too far to send timely reinforcements. Nevertheless, even if they only have Forts, you may wish to build Homesteads, as Grand Elves are absolutely priceless.

Edited on Wed, Jun 13 2007, 10:58 by Grail Quest

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