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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Heroes of Might and Magic III  → Score Calculator

by rogue

HOMM III Score Calculator
Days till victory
Towns owned
All enemy players defeated
Grail found
Difficulty level

Base score
Final score


GreatEmerald at 2009-08-30 19:32 wrote:
Yea, I've generated a small map with 2 players and using it for WoG ERM scripts testing. Since by scripts are all for battle and creature abilities, I give myself powerful creatures to test and I always win on the 2nd day, thus cluttering my scoreboard... :disagree:
Hellboy at 2009-08-30 17:40 wrote:
So basically, just make a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with 8 towns crammed on it, all connected by roads, with plenty of gold and resources lying around, and 1 obelisk. Play on Impossible, kill most opponents on day 1, and buy all the creatures and put half your army on the grail site and the other half in a town. Next day, dig up and deliver the grail, and kill the last opponent.
I did something like that once on a map made for that purpose, but with less than 8 towns, I think.

I also did something similar on a random map, but without getting the Grail, I think. I think it was 8 players, size small, normal water, no underground, weak wandering monsters. Going first is a deadly advantage on such a map.

Scores are pretty meaningless.

Paladin at 2007-05-02 11:04 wrote:
Yes, that shouldn't be too hard to do, should it?

Guarderman at 2007-04-23 15:23 wrote:
please put the monster to the score that would be great
greenchylde at 2006-01-09 21:26 wrote:
could you post a list of which beast is associated with which scores? i think that would be nice.

lpatenaude at 2005-02-13 15:52 wrote:
As a finalized conclusion:
The time needed to finish any sized map and any amount of towns owned at final victory brings the base score between 245 and 249=> Gold Golem rank(uppest available and giving the hint that is now time to engage in the newest version of Heroes IV).
A much better score is only according to the incredibly stupid player imposing him/herself to get 1st place on score rankings.
Therefore, I Orionpax already acheived the 1st place score and rank of Gold Golem since the launch year of 2000 of the Complete version of Heroes III; That was 5 years ago and, Celestial Heavens and Strategy Planet's web-sites weren't even existing since that time period. I automatically declare myself as the grandest original Champion of you all. Sorry for doing that to you all, Orionpax.

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