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Features → Walkthroughs  → The True Blade → The Trials

by Steven W. Carter


  • Contact the Oracle of Dawn.

Carries Over:

  • Lysander, Proetho, and the best two other heroes (max level 25)


If you approach the quest gate, you'll find that you need to give up 10,000 gold in order to pass. You start with 5,000 gold, and there are enough treasure chests nearby to give you the rest. But a better plan is to take the portal in the corner and explore the area it leads to. You'll have to defeat some stacks of gargoyles and trolls (which shouldn't be too bad if your heroes all learned combat), but your reward is a gold mine plus several piles of gold. With that gold in hand, you can use the treasure chests next to the quest gate for experience instead.

The second quest gate is to the west at location (29,26). It requires that you have the Sword of the Gods. The sword is located in the southeastern corner of the map, but it's guarded by some efreeti and friends. This should be a tough battle, but luckily you can recruit some crusaders and monks in the area, and there is a tree of knowledge nearby so you can gain a level first. If the battle still gives you problems, then you can just wait for more crusaders and monks to show up, and eventually you should be able to overpower the creatures. Otherwise, just make use of spells like song of peace and mass heal and bludgeon your way through the fight.

The third quest gate is located underground at (35,44). Along the way you should pick up Saint Ranan's Staff (guarded by some nature creatures), because that's what the gate wants.

Following the path underground, you'll come to the last quest gate at (65,36). It will only allow the ˘two who are one÷ to pass, which means you need to find Lysander. Nearby is a purple dragon portal. When you go through you'll discover the tunnel to the north has changed, and that there's now a new area for you to explore. At the back is a portal leading to a pandora's box. Open the box to receive Lysander back (and get an angel in your army). Then take the blue dragon portal back to the quest gate and go through.

Now you just need to go back up to the surface and follow the trail to the oracle's house. Once you get there, the scenario will end.


Karmakeld at 2014-01-07 21:04 wrote:
I've only played it on advanced, but I know that Expert diff. double creature amount and champion triple it, so guarding army simply match difficulty. So question is, if you can beat the last 1/3 with your new found strategy? :-) I wish you good luck..
Wheeler Dealer at 2014-01-06 05:36 wrote:
In this replay I decided to play at the top difficulty, If memory serves I played twice, once when it was new and once about three years ago and I think I played on normal the first time and expert the second.

Try as I might I could not beat the guardians of the sword. I went back and started over on expert. I made one strategic change, I replace my Life mage with an order mage instead of an order lord. (Why would I need another life mage besides Prothro?)

The size of the army guarding the sword was about 2/3 the size it was on Champion difficulty and I won easily but I think I had better thought out heroes. The disruptive power of those order spells were a big help and this time every hero had a minor in earth magic. Wasp Swarm and Quicksand are cheap level two spells that can seriously delay the opponent!

Now the game is too easy on expert!
confused713 at 2006-06-26 19:43 wrote:
I keep trying to beat up those first nasty guarding the "Sword of the Gods" but get killed each time. So before going into the battle I save the game so I can pick up there until I finally do win. I hate make work quests and standing around building an army is a make work quest.

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