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Features → Walkthroughs  → The True Blade → The Drawing of the Blade

by Steven W. Carter


  • Defeat Normic and Caileen.

Carries Over:

  • Lysander, Proetho, and the best two other heroes (max level 18)


You start out with three towns and three heroes. Each town has units garrisoned in it, plus units available to be trained, so have each hero visit the closest town and collect as many troops as possible. That should make them tough enough to handle the neutral creatures nearby.

Then have your heroes explore the areas near the towns, collecting resources as they go. There is plenty of gold available on the map, so you should always pick experience when you find treasure chests. After about a week, have your three heroes join together into one army (the portals make this easy), and put a single squire into a second army so your hero army doesn't have to waste time picking up stuff.

The heroes, along with numerous crossbowmen, squires, pikemen, and monks, should be able to finish off most everything in the triangle formed by your three towns. (The griffins to the southwest might still cause problems.) While they're doing that, continue to build up your towns, and make sure each one has a caravan. Then every so often train troops at each town and send them to the most eastern one, because that's the one closest to the road leading away from your part of the map.

Note that there are a couple quests in the area:

1. At location (81,43) you'll find Adamus' Retreat. If you return the Ankh of Life to Adamus, he'll help you out (in the form of Proetho, a level 11 priest). This is a necessary quest, and since Proetho carries over to the other scenarios, it's best to do it as quickly as possible. The ankh is being held by the venom spawn at (53,74).

2. At location (38,56) you'll find a quest hut in the water. If you kill the green flagged mermaids and harpies to the east, you'll receive a seaman's hat. The quest isn't necessary or especially useful, but you'll still need to take to the water so you can visit the blue keymaster's tent at (49,31). Also, if you're in need of money, you can find an oracle at (32,50), which will lead you to a treasure of 6000 gold. Plus, if you go to the patch of land at the eastern edge of the water, you'll find three peasant huts there. Peasants pay taxes, so they're a good investment. Just caravan them to a town and leave them there.

Once you're ready to push south, put your four heroes together and let crossbowmen, monks, and either angels or champions take up the other three slots. When you pass the monastery (which you should flag so you can get more monks) head east into a little cul-de-sac area with a gold mine and a couple archery ranges. If Proetho is a higher level than your other heroes, then you can leave him in the triangle of your towns so he can visit all the skill huts he missed before while the rest of your army explores the cul-de-sac. Then you can join them all together before you head west.

To the west you'll finally encounter the lands owned by the Red and Teal players. But first you can do another quest. At (86,79) you'll find the home of a ôstressed-out womanö and she'll offer to trade you five healing potions for 10 peasants. Since you should have a couple Life magic spellcasters with you, the healing potions aren't really necessary, and you can skip the quest.

Also, before meeting up with Teal and Red, you'll finally have to battle some griffins. But with a large army you should be able to deal with them, and it's even easier if you have angels, since they can resurrect any troops who get killed. Otherwise, just let the griffins come to you, and try to whittle down their numbers before engaging them with your melee troops and heroes.

To the west of the griffins is a Teal town. It will have loads of ranged attackers, but you can use your angels or champions to approach the castle and attract their fire while the rest of your troops clear off the turrets. It'll probably be messy, but you can use Song of Peace to great advantage here if you have it. Regardless, taking losses is ok since Teal and Red only have four towns between them, so every one you take turns the tide in your favor.

Note: If you're using angels, don't have them resurrect your heroes. Your heroes will be resurrected automatically as long as you win. Instead, have the angels resurrect themselves, if necessary.

West of the town is another one, and this is where you'll probably find Caileen. So destroy her army and capture the town, and then explore the surrounding area. At (129,93) you'll find a quest gate, which will only let you pass if you have Proetho with you. Beyond the gate you'll find another gold mine plus the purple keymaster tent.

Back near the first Teal town is the blue keymaster gate. Beyond the gate is another gold mine -- and also a few black dragons. You need to kill the dragons for the quest hut at (106,115), so go ahead and do the job. Then capture the mine and visit the quest hut so you can acquire a dwarven hammer (which is needed for another quest).

East of the gate is Red's lands, so if you've been taking serious losses during your battles, this is a good time to re-supply your troops. Between your five towns, you should be able to create quite an army now. Then head east to meet Red.

From here on you just need to treat Red like you treated Teal. The only difference is that Normic is a coward, and he's hiding behind Clodman's Wall. So go to Clodman's house at (85,105) and give him back his hammer. He'll then knock down the wall for you.

Normic is a level 24 General, and he'll have lots of troops with him, so feel free to wait a while before attacking him. With seven towns behind you you'll have all the troops you need (and then some), and once Normic is dead the scenario will end.


Corlagon at 2008-07-14 13:17 wrote:
System Menu -> Game Settings -> Show Coordinates -> OK.

Then hover your cursor over any patch of ground for about a second and the coordinates will show up, among other stuff.

Angelspit at 2008-07-14 12:39 wrote:
Coordinates are displayed in-game, but I don't remember how to enable them. Anyone knows?

EddyBerlin at 2008-07-14 06:55 wrote:
How do I find the coordinates e.g. (81,43)? I cannot see it on the map.

Grail Quest at 2007-06-23 10:50 wrote:
Hi HodgePodge,
I didn't defeat Normic after 2 months, I only cleared the map. Normic can't fight me unless I go through the border guard and go to him, so once all Red and Teal cities are defeated, the map is safe to explore. I walked the entire map to make sure I picked up all permanent bonuses, visited all seminaries, and defeated all stacks for XP. During the final week as I was headed for Normic to finish, I started buying up the troops I wanted and Caravan-ing them down to meet me at the city nearest Normic. I think I finished in month 4 or so, but I can't remember. I certainly took my time, though I never did get any hero up to the level limit even though I had my cleric go in with the army to get her the most XP possible.
Thanks for the link to the cheats. I liked them in HOMM3 for housecleaning after a map is won, and I'm happy to see they were implemented here too.
Map 2 was too easy, actually. I didn't bother hiring any troops because they were just cannon fodder and slowed me down on the adventure map. I put all heroes together, turned on Quick Combat, and walked through the map. Did you give _all_ your heroes magic?
I gave everyone Life Magic and Order Magic, and my Cleric got Nature Magic as well. I focussed Lysander on Tactics first and Life second, my Knight on Combat first and Life second, my Cleric on Life Magic (and she could cast level 4 spells when she went to fight Normic).

HodgePodge at 2007-06-20 19:07 wrote:
I know about the actual quests to finish the map. It's just... so inflated. I went up to Normic with 1500 squires and about 1200 archers, 110 Champions... And this for a first map? Is this a normal result for playing this map?? Where's the cheat code for unlimited movement so I can clean up the quests once the active enemies are cleared?
The Campaign do get more difficult with each subsequent scenario. You'll find Map 2 very tough … you'll have almost no troops, so build up your Heroes as much as possible.

You are lucky to have so much resources and creatures. I just finished replaying all the original Heroes IV Campaigns and while I did have a nice army, I had no where near that many troops, and I even used the Cheat Codes on occassion too.

It's almost unbelievable thay you could have so many Champions in only the second month. How and where did you get so many? The Castles don't generate that many. And even with GM Diplomacy & Charm you couldn't possibly have picked up that many from the Adventure Map.

The Cheat Code for Unlimited Movement is to first hit the Tab Key then type in:


Here is the complete list of Heroes 4 Cheat Codes .

Grail Quest at 2007-06-20 14:38 wrote:
I know about the actual quests to finish the map. It's just... so inflated. I went up to Normic with 1500 squires and about 1200 archers, 110 Champions... And this for a first map? Is this a normal result for playing this map?? Where's the cheat code for unlimited movement so I can clean up the quests once the active enemies are cleared?

HodgePodge at 2007-06-19 21:23 wrote:
Small Spoilish: You are supposed to find a certain Artifact and surrender it so a certain Priest will join your party. The priest, Proetho, is required to complete the map and he, along with Lysander & others, will carry over into subsequent scenarios.

You also need to take a boat ride, visit all the Quest Huts and complete all the quests given.

Grail Quest at 2007-06-19 20:41 wrote:
It's my first time playing HOMM4, and this is my very first scenario. I must say it's way out of hand. By Day 4, Week 4, of Month 2, I couldn't move fast enough, but never mind because Teal is vanquished.
I have all the towns built up to maximum. I have maybe a score of Lords at level 2, pumping out gold and resources. I have Lysander, Caitlin, and Rissa in my party (Knight, Cleric, and Lord), plus 393 Archers, 326 Squires, 119 Monks, and 31 Champions. I can't be bothered trying to add the rest from the other cities. At the start of the day, resources stand at 42,896 gold, 360 Wood, 345 Ore, 85 Gems, 106 Mercury, 33 Crystals, and 93 Sulfur.
Is it supposed to be like this??

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