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Features → Walkthroughs  → Half-Dead → The Points of Power

by Steven W. Carter


  • Flag the five Points of Power.

Carries Over:

  • Gauldoth (max level 24)


Note: The Points of Power form a rough pentagram, so if you canít find one, it should be obvious where to look. The Points are also somewhat ordered. You can only access three at the start, but when you flag those the fourth will open up, and then once you flag the fourth, the fifth will open up. So donít worry if your way appears to be blocked.

You start out in the northeastern corner of the map. There are only two ways into the area where your starting town is: through the path guarded by the two garrisons to the southwest, and through the two-way portal north of your town. So even though there is a gold mine and a Point of Power near the portal, you might want to leave them be for a while so the creatures guarding them can also guard the entrance to your lands.

With that in mind, explore your corner of the map. Youíll find the regular things -- a sawmill, an ore pit, and assorted resource and troop buildings. Then make your way to the garrisons protecting the southwestern entrance to your lands. You have troops inside, but itís probably best to send everything but the vampire back to your starting town, and add the vampire to your main army.

You now have a choice: east or west. I think east is best since it will lead you right to a vampire mansion, a Death skill altar, and a neutral Death town. So explore in that direction. Youíll also find a bridge blocked by three columns. It leads to the fourth Point of Power, but the columns wonít disappear until you flag the first three Points.

In the southeastern corner youíll find one of Tealís towns. From my experience, Teal and Purple wonít put up much of a fight in this scenario, and so the town will probably be easy to take. With (likely) lots of melee units inside, you can poison the living ones and then create a huge stack of imps (or whatever) to deal with the rest. Once the town is yours, cross the bridge to the south and then head west along the southern edge of the map.

This will lead to a Point of Power (southwest of the Sacred Altar). The Point will be guarded by some devils, but devils and ice demons are warm-blooded troops, so your hero plus a (growing) stack of vampires should be able to handle them. Once the Point is yours, get back on the path and continue heading west, flagging the dragon graveyard along the way if you want it.

From here just keep following the path, and conquer everything you see as you travel to the northwestern corner of the map. Along the way you should finish off Tealís second town plus a Purple town. Once you flag the Point of Power in the northwestern corner, head back to your town so you can flag the Point there, but also try to finish off Teal and Purple along the way. That way you wonít have to worry about them as you collect the last couple Points.

Note: You can eliminate Purple, but you canít eliminate Teal yet because Teal has a hero you have to defeat prior to reaching the fifth Point of Power.

The fourth Point of Power is past the bridge at approximately (53,113) (where the columns were before). The Point will only be guarded by a group of bone dragons, so it should be easy to flag. Then head west to the quest gate at (106,73). Itíll let you pass now that youíve flagged four Points.

Past the gate youíll find a Teal hero. It will only be level 17, and it will only have dozens of vampires, venom spawn, and bone dragons with it. If youíve managed to accumulate over 100 vampires by this point, then they can probably do the battle by themselves. Otherwise, this is the last battle, so just throw your troops at the enemy, and summon or raise if you need to. Once the hero is dead, just flag the last Point to complete the scenario.

Wheeler Dealer at 2009-12-23 00:40 wrote:
Too easy. I played on advanced, maybe should have opted for something tougher. The computer players put up no fight. For maybe the first two or three weeks the only troops Gauldoth had were vampires he had raised with his necromacy powers. Gauldoth was about 2000 xp short of level 23 when I completed the fourth point of power. I was able to accumulate those from "wandering monsters" on my way to the tree of knowledge on the west edge of the map.

I had several order lords to generate growth and wealth. I had a death knight (level 16) in Gauldoth's army to make the troops fight better. There was a second army with a death knight and a necromancer and many lower level troops to clear the roads after the start of the second and third month.

Gauldoth reached Grandmaster death magic but his nature magic skills didn't improve much. Seems like the nature skill I was offered mostly was summoning and I didn't want that. Gauldoth's final army was 13 devils, 29 bone dragons and 160 vampires. I could have had twice that if I thought i needed it.

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