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Features → Walkthroughs  → Half-Dead → Eater of Children

by Steven W. Carter


  • Capture Vitross.

Carries Over:

  • Gauldoth (max level 12)


There’s an Orange town right to the north of where you start out, but it’s a Might town, so don’t rush to capture it. (If you do, you’ll probably lose most of your troops.) Instead, recruit from the cemetery and barrow mound, but then separate Gauldoth into one army, and put the other troops into another army. Now you can have Gauldoth grab the treasure chest to the southwest (it might give him a level) and flag the nearby sawmill and ore pit while the other army picks up stuff. Then put everybody back into one army and send them underground (past the berserkers).

What you’ll find underground, right next to the entrance, is a vampire mansion guarded by three vampires. If you put Gauldoth in the back row and your other troops in the front row, and then try to keep Gauldoth as far away from the battle as possible, you should be able to defeat the vampires. It’ll be ugly, but the three vampires it’ll allow you to recruit from the mansion (conveniently already flagged for you) are way more powerful than your other troops combined.

Now you can head back to the surface and capture the Might town, using only the three vampires. You shouldn’t take any losses since the vampires will be able to leech back way more than they lose. You can build up the captured Might town completely, but it’s probably best not to. Just make sure the town has a wresting pit, arena of honor, caravan, and cyclops cave. With vampires and cyclopes in your main army, you should be able to defeat most everything on the map.

Then start exploring. In the rest of the underground area, you’ll find some artifacts and resources, plus Death magic shrines that will teach you all the level one spells. West of your town you’ll find some resource buildings (which you don’t really need) and artifacts. Be sure to pick up the Crest of Valor if you haven’t yet, since it will help the morale of your cyclopes. Also, ignore the dock near your town for now. A quest gate on the other side will prevent the other players from using it, and so you can explore the land south of the river in peace.

At the western edge of the map you’ll find Orange’s other town. It shouldn’t be very developed, and you should be able to take it easily. North of the town you’ll find a two-way portal guarded by some cyclopes. The other side of the portal is blocked by a quest gate that will only let Blue pass, so leave the cyclopes where they are (since they’re helping to protect your lands) and go use the dock on the other side of the map.

You’ll almost immediately find a Green Nature town. You have to capture the town in order to finish the scenario, but between cyclopes, vampires, and poison, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take. However, if the siege does cause you problems, recruit all the skeletons and zombies you can, and add them to your army for the fight.

After you take Green’s town, hunt down any wandering armies Green might have left, and then go north of the town to the underground tunnel. Beyond the tunnel you’ll find a quest gate that’ll only let you pass if you’ve eliminated Green, and past that you’ll find a couple of desecrated graves and couple of level two Death magic shrines. You’ll also find bands of bone dragons in the area, so only visit what is convenient, plus the blue keymaster tent on the right side.

Note: If Blue starts exploring your part of the map while you’re still in Green’s area, don’t worry. Just funnel away all the troops you can (or that you care about) before Blue takes a town.

Once you’re back above ground, start ferrying troops to Green’s former town, and then re-supply your army as you pass by it. You’ll quickly find the blue keymaster gate to the west, and then slightly west of that you’ll find Vitross. There isn’t anything interesting in Blue’s area of the map, so if you’ve already reached level 12, just head straight for the town and take it. Once Vitross is yours, the scenario will end.


Phate at 2012-06-29 13:31 wrote:
Contrary to the walkthrough, it's quite a simple matter to take out the first orange town with minimal losses, and is almost certainly a necessity when play Expert or higher as the neutral stacks of Berzerkers and Vampires will be too large for you to take on with just your starting forces.

Split off 3 stacks of 1 skeleton each and use them to absorb the centaurs' ranged shots. Have Gauldoth summon sprites every turn, don't worry about mana as there is a well nearby. Position the sprites to take the last 1-2 ranged shots. Now you can simply wait, attack centaurs, retreat, repeat with the sprites and take 0 losses. After that clean up the berzerkers and hero with the sprites + Gauldoth.

Now you'll want to flag the ore/wood mines and focus on building a citadel + harpy dwelling ASAP (take gold from chests). Head west straight away and defeat the stack of centaurs (use single-stack skels + gauldoth to take ranged hits + retaliations, if you curse them they can take up to 3 ranged shots to kill a single skeleton, force them into melee). Flag the gem/gold building then follow the road to the next orange town. If you moved swiftly he will probably just have a single level 1 hero.

Flag the town and wood/ore mines. Build City Hall -> Fort -> Centaur Dwelling -> Berzerker Dwelling -> Citadel -> Harpy Dwelling. You probably wont have the resources for cyclopses, but you shouldn't need them at all.

Now head back to your first town, flagging the harpy and nomad dwellings and recruiting all the troops on the way. Pick up the crest of valor now too. Build an Arena of Honor + Wrestling pits in your first town before Gauldoth gets there.

Recruit all the troops you can from your town + undead dwellings. Use berzerkers in your army instead of centaurs as you fight the neutral berzerkers east of your town, and use them as fodder. Your Berzerkers, Zombies, Nomads and Gauldoth can take the retaliation strikes, and you should win with acceptable losses (i.e. all your 'zerkers).

Now swap any remaining berzerkers with centaurs and head underground to take on the neutral vampires. It doesn't matter how many Nomads or Zombies you lose, so try to soak the damage with them. If the vampires decide to mob your harpies, reload. Use whatever death spells you have to weaken them + summon sprites as additional distractions. I still lost a few harpies, but the reward is well worth it.

If you did all the above in short order with minimal losses, the hard part of this map is well over. There were ~7 vamps available when I arrived, make sure to recruit them all before you leave the underground. You can clear out the rest of the underground aside from the venom spawn without them while you wait for gold, learning a heap of death spells in the process.

With a solid stack of 7-8 vamps in your army, you can take out most of the neutrals on your side of the river. Just fly them straight into the enemy, with curse and help from your harpies they will recover more health than they lose. Clear everything except the cyclopses, ogres and thunderbirds (the behemoths should be possible). Then visit the Western town to gather troops (I used Berzerkers, Centaurs, Harpies, Vampires, Skeletons and Ghosts) and head back east. Get a caravan in your starting town and ship all troops to it.

Now attack the cyclopses guarding the ferry. I used just Gauldoth + Vampires to avoid losses, but you need to have spec'd into combat for this. Taking a few losses shouldn't hurt too much. Around this time Blue invaded from the Western portal, but you can simply ignore him.

Taking the Green town should be a piece of cake with vamps + harpies. Visit the sacred fountain then head north to the unicorns and kill them using the vampire-damage-sponge technique. Visit the blue keymaster tent.

At this point you should be very close to level 12, if not already there. Kill whatever neutral stacks necessary to hit level cap, then march through the border guard to blue's town. In my playthrough, blue had just taken my first might town, leaving a modest defending force and an easy victory. it is possible that blue has just stayed put and has a much larger single army. However, this means you have 3 towns to his 1 and outproduce him heavily, as well as having a more developed hero and a brain (that Heroes IV AI). In this scenario, just wait it out until you feel you have enough to take him. He can only exit his area to the south, and if he does that just sweep in from the east and take the town while he's out for a simple victory.
Wheeler Dealer at 2009-12-18 23:15 wrote:
I played on advanced, when I reached the fight with the vampires (on day 4), there were 4 and I could only kill 3. I had to take a more conventional approach, taking the two orange towns and building them up. Most of the game my army was harpies, centaurs, skeletons and ghosts. Eventually I was able to add vampires and cyclopes and at the end I had 4 thunderburds, a dozen cyclopes and vampires, 80 harpies and 120 skeletons. The last battle was stil very difficult though I might have done better with a second try, giving those 350 haflings lots more respect.

I think my most important decision was to take a second nature skill fairly early, making Gauldoth a demonologist who eventually could summon 80 imps at a time! I never beat the fairy dragons or the two huge stacks of bone dragons! I did hire some order lords for growth and gold but never hired a hero to help Gauldoth fight.

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