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I don't care.
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 → Asylum Creatures

by Preserver

Creatures | Structures

The home of Chaos-aligned troops and magic guilds devoted to Chaos Magic, containing spells that focus on fire, melee combat and direct damage. These chaotic creatures, better known as the skum of the earth, are native to the swamp terrain they have taken as their hideout.

creatures of the Asylum army are native to swamp terrain

Click an image for an artwork view

(level 1 shooter)

12 HP
11 Attack
9 Defense
1-3 Dam.
4 Haste
19/6 Mov.
6 Shots
Short Range, Normal Melee
(level 1 walker)

10 HP
9 Attack
9 Defense
1-3 Dam.
7 Haste
23/9 Mov.

(level 2 shooter)

24 HP
19 Attack
17 Defense
3-6 Dam.
5 Haste
19/6 Mov.
Unlimited Shots
Gaze, Normal Melee

(level 2 walker)

38 HP
16 Attack
15 Defense
5-10 Dam.
6 Haste
19/6 Mov.
30% Block
(level 3 flyer)

80 HP
25 Attack
23 Defense
10-20 Dam.
6 Haste
29/13 Mov.
Fire Shield, Fire Resistance, Fire Attack
(level 3 walker)

110 HP
23 Attack
20 Defense
12-26 Dam.
6 Haste
23/9 Mov.
6 SP
(level 4 walker)

250 HP
30 Attack
26 Defense
28-60 Dam.
6 Haste
21/7 Mov.
Attack, No Retaliation
Black Dragon
(level 4 flyer)

400 HP
40 Attack
40 Defense
55-110 Dam.
7 Haste
30/15 Mov.
Magic Immunity, Breath Attack

Neutral Chaos Creatures

(level 1 walker)

10 HP
11 Attack
9 Defense
1-2 Dam.
5 Haste
19/6 Mov.
Sea Bonus
(level 1 walker)

14 HP
11 Attack
9 Defense
2-3 Dam.
5 Haste
19/6 Mov.
Visual Immunity
Evil Eye
(level 2 shooter)

26 HP
16 Attack
15 Defense
3-7 Dam.
6 Haste
19/6 Mov.
15 Shots
Flying, Random Spells: Curse, Disrupting Ray, Slow, Sorrow, Weakness, Magic Leech, Misfortune
(level 2 walker)

45 HP
16 Attack
15 Defense
6-12 Dam.
3 Haste
18/4 Mov.
Goblin Knight
from The Gathering Strom
(level 3 walker)

120 HP
20 Attack
26 Defense
16-30 Dam.
7 Haste
36 Mov.
50% Magic Resistance, Stone Skin, Negate First Strike

Creature art reprinted from Absolute Games


Beelzebubba at 2007-03-07 22:24 wrote:
Interesting. Medusae were kind of hot in Heroes 3, though now they're about the ugliest critters in the game. Does anyone ever even bother with hydras?

Cleanpea at 2007-02-17 06:58 wrote:
In the gathering storm, when you must fight hundreds of the goblin knights PLUS death knights at the same time with only a couple of very high leveled heroes, the only thing that keeps those heroes alive is Bob, with his artifact that negates natural magicel resistance.

Goblin knights are THE most oveerpowered unit I've ever seen in a heroes game
Inisto at 2007-02-17 05:05 wrote:
I believe that the Goblin knights are the best 3rd level creatures in heroes IV. They have speed, damage, health and genies can bite the dust due to their magic resistance.(And dont even think about sending fancy tigers or nomads against them due to their Negate first-strike ability.

ThunderTitan at 2006-12-10 21:14 wrote:
I belive it depends on the dmg the Efreeti receive.

Sandro123 at 2006-12-10 21:10 wrote:
what does the fire shield damage depend on?

blackdrgonslyr at 2006-08-09 15:11 wrote:
I agree with Daemian on the nightmare, But in my opinion theest development is:
L2: Minotuars (defend ability)
L3: Nightmares
L4:Black Dragons

DaemianLucifer at 2006-02-15 16:06 wrote:
I like them mostly for their heroes' scouting and stealth abilities. The best development for them is:
<br>L2 - medusa
<br>L3 - efreet
<br>L4 - blacks

I usually take nightmare over efreeti because of greater HP and terror.Im more of a defender and ranged (read:sneak) attacks.Also,it depends on the map.Sometimes you simply cannot aford blacks.And with lots of buffing spells(nature/life shrines/towns),hydras can easilly become much more stronger.

Sandro123 at 2006-02-15 15:23 wrote:
I like them mostly for their heroes' scouting and stealth abilities. The best development for them is:
L2 - medusa
L3 - efreet
L4 - blacks
FaaZ at 2005-12-04 10:42 wrote:
Are the Efreet immune to all fire spells? Even Armageddon?

Orfinn at 2005-11-03 21:35 wrote:
Megadrake you mean. Most developers dosent care abput the difference between a Dragon,Drake,Wyvern and Wyrm.

Sauron at 2005-10-14 06:00 wrote:
You should add Megadragons
george137 at 2005-08-20 20:33 wrote:
Asylum is great and my favorite mostly because of the Nightmares and Black Dragons!
Pyro at 2005-06-22 14:55 wrote:
Where the Winds of War-creatures are? Oow, Mega Dragons...

gravyluvr at 2005-06-09 14:11 wrote:
This is a great town for exploration. Sending bandits all over to pick up trinkets and developing the stealth skill gets you around so you can develop quickly. If you can sneak around enough you can flag mines all over the map and pull in the resources needed to get the efreeti/Black Drag combo or the Nightmare/Hydra combo going early. This is the best set up for exploring. Lots of good hero combos too.

CloudRiderX at 2005-05-04 00:48 wrote:
Goblin Knights are scary as heck, but besides that, i'm not much of a chaos fan. The minotaur's Block ability is too good, they block like every other attack when i'm fighting them. Black Dragons are great, they've always been, but i wouldn't waste my time just for them.

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