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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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News  → H6 Patch 2.1 Released

Ubisoft have just released patch 2.1 for Heroes VI. While you can check the complete changelog here, the short version is that this patch contains more than a hundred bugfixes, including the infamous Town Screen Nvidia crash.

Patch 2.1 is huge - about 2.1 GB. We therefore encourage players with good DSL lines to create and share torrent files of these, so that players with slow or intermittent web connections can get hold of them eventually. I myself have created torrents for the EFIGS (English/French/Italian/German/Spanish) versions and I am currently seeding them as:
(digital version).

This is what torrents were really made for!
Naki at 2013-05-05 10:33 wrote:
This was most definitely not what torrents were made for. Oh yes...
Um, what?? Nope, even Blizzard uses a torrent-like means to make downloading/updating their games faster, so this is a great use for torrents! :)

? "No" to what?
EDIT: Oh, I see it now - the cumulative patch NO-no. :)

Kalah at 2013-05-04 00:06 wrote:
noxtheroxstar at 2013-05-03 23:44 wrote:
One last quick question, is this a cumulative patch?

Caradoc at 2013-05-03 23:26 wrote:
Greetings! Saw the expansion had come out and thought I'd drop by to see early impressions. The bad news is there's already a patch. The good news is the patch is here already. So I gotta go steaming and torrenting to put the damn thing together, and then wade back into the DRM muck to play. God how I love this game.

Ironmallet at 2013-05-03 22:21 wrote:
This was most definitely not what torrents were made for. Oh yes...
Naki at 2013-05-03 17:21 wrote:
There are two versions, yes - one for retail (DVD) version and one digital. They require different patches.
Thanks! :)
OK, completely lost it here with the making of a new torrent, sorry, the above Russian torrent is bad, because it is missing part of the tracker URLs.
Now, how do I generate a proper torrent, with some UDP and some http trackers in it? Using uTorrent 3.3.1 Beta on Windows 7 64-bit, tried to separate them with an empty line for each next URL, no go. Help?

NOTE: Tixati handles the torrent created in uTorrent just fine and shows all tracker URLs, but uTorrent itself won't for some reason. Nice going from uTorrent not being compatible with itself. :)

Kalah at 2013-05-03 16:16 wrote:
There are two versions, yes - one for retail (DVD) version and one digital. They require different patches.
Naki at 2013-05-03 15:08 wrote:
What is the difference between the two torrents you gave???
Is one only for the DVD version of the game?

Link to Russian patch!!
Feel free to upload the .torrent file here. :-)

EDIT: I downloaded both patches you gave and will be seeding them for most of the day, each day. :)

Kalah at 2013-05-03 12:19 wrote:
Shades of Darkness is 2.0, so the patch is a new layer added to the new versions.

I am currently seeing peers from the US, Finland and Russia (strange since the latter hav etheir own language patch). 15 peers. I have uploaded 8.8 GB so far. Hope you guys want to keep helping out with seeding this monster of a patch. :)

I also hope that the devs will issue a hotfix soon to deal with the new bugs. :beg:
noxtheroxstar at 2013-05-03 09:17 wrote:
Quick question about 2.1. Is this patch included in the Heroes VI Complete version, Or is this patch a POST Heroes VI Complete version?

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