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News  → MMX in the Works?

After Ubisoft's release of a teaser page a couple of days ago, fans have already jumped to conclusions, both here on The Round Table and at sites such as CVG and RPGwatch. It is certainly not a new theory; the fans have speculated that Ubi might continue the M&M saga ever since they bought the rights to the franchise. Indeed, when Dark Messiah was first announced, it was thought by many to be this continuation.

There is still no official confirmation that MMX is in the works and if it is, there's another question that immediately jumps to mind. Not just who the developer is, like the people at RPG are asking; we already know that Limbic are still working on something for Ubisoft, so it could be them, but we also know that Ubi like to farm out things to a lot of different developers (like Nival, Black Hole and Virtuos for the Heroes games, Arkane, Floodgate and Kuju for Dark Messiah, Capybara for Clash of Heroes and the list goes on). No, my question would be more important than that, namely what kind of game it would be.

What else could it be, though - is the "X" the obvious hint of a new RPG or is it just a generic symbol of something unknown? We can mention some things that count against a new big game - the proximity to the release of the H6 expansion, for one, albeit with the stand-alone factor and the fact that the developers are tired of working with an badly written code. There's also Ubi's willingness to expand the franchise and their use of "M&M" as a prefix of all titles from online card and browser games to DS games - this new thing that's coming might not be what you expect. One thing counting in its favour is the increased M&M related chatter from official channels.

What do you think?

JSE at 2013-03-21 15:52 wrote:
I cannot be optimistic before I know the art style of the new game. So far, the only "Ubi" Might and Magic that had an acceptable style was Dark Messiah -- it looked halfway believable. Heroes V is way to cartoony for me, and Heroes VI is so full of embellishments and tattoos that it makes me nauseous. The style of Clash of Heroes of course is a deliberate anime attempt and completely out of the question for a new Might and Magic RPG. Oh, and there is the upcoming Might and Magic: Raiders of course. According to the screenshots released so far, that one will be even more sugar-coated than WoW. One can only hope that for Might and Magic X UbiSoft will go for a style that is more in the vein of Dark Messiah -- or better even: Skyrim.

By the way: Isn't it really very embarassing that on their official Facebook page, UbiSot has given wrong release dates for two Might and Magic games? If you click on Kalah's second link, you will see a timeline according to which Might and Magic VI came out in 1994 (while it actually came out in 1998) and Might and Magic VII in 1998 (which is from 1999). How can something like that happen? Or is this intentional, and the first who spots this wins the great prize?

Sir Charles at 2013-03-21 14:51 wrote:
Well, I'm cautiously optimistic. With the success of Skyrim, maybe game-makers will see that there IS still a market for a true RPG.

Kalah at 2013-03-20 21:30 wrote:
Irina's tweeting again ...

And on the Facebook page we have this! :)
japol at 2013-03-19 14:32 wrote:
The new game will be called ''Magic and Might X''.

They will restrict the top tier character skills and artifacts to those who log in to their all new and updated Influx server.

They will take months upon months to issue a meaningful patch for the actual game because they will be too busy patching their precious Influx server.(of course for a deeper gaming experience)

And lastly they will ignore every community advice given to them,while delegating the game to 3 different developers.

So,all in all i am very excited.

P.S. I actually wanted to write Conflux instead of Influx but it is a very fitting mistake

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