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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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News  → Patch 1.7 Released

Patch 1.7 for Might & Magic: Heroes VI has been released, as announced on the official site. To install it, you need to connect to the game and run the updater. Alternatively, you can download single .EXE files by using the same URL as the other patches, but change the number to 1.7:

The patch contains many bug fixes including those discussed with the Limbic team. Check out the full changelog for the game here (see page 21 for the 1.7 changelog).

Note: As I was typing this, I also found out that a hotfix had already been released in order to fix a game-breaking bug. The current version is therefore 1.7.1. See procedure above to download it.

Ryder at 2012-10-01 04:48 wrote:
Updated the game and played it for the first time since early Jan. It still doesnt make me want to continually play it like the first 4 versions of the game did. Having no mage guild and that hateful Sanctuary town the big let downs for me still.

Been able to convert buildings and area of control dont sit right with me either.

Will just have to wait for the new Kings Bounty.

ronus03 at 2012-09-30 13:07 wrote:
I too, took a long break from MMH6 with all its problems and was quite disappointed. But now things are changing for the better with the DM campaign. I'm starting to get the same tingling sensation I had when play H3 and especially H4. With more factions and modifications to the skill system, it'll be EPIC! Modifications are necessary, unfortunately. I think they should be more faction specific. What the hell are Necromancers doing with morale buffs and Heroism?! Give us something more exiting please.

hellegennes at 2012-09-30 12:31 wrote:
The game runs very smoothly for me now. They have fixed a lot of stuff, rebalanced it and added some features. I think the new team is doing great. They just have a lot of work to do, still.

Pol at 2012-09-29 08:16 wrote:

Tried the patch and it's still very buggy. The patch is for the better but not enough. So I would recommend to wait for next patch (if confirmed to be bug free) and just released Heroes VI. Gold.
Crayno at 2012-09-28 12:00 wrote:
@Shad0WeN: Thanks for that link ! :D

michiganjf at 2012-09-26 01:54 wrote:
I lost all the town screens to several checkerboard patterns with the 1.7 patch.
I also get a checkerboard pattern above the individual hero flags.

I also lost the ability to move around large creatures using the tactics skills, even after restarting a campaign from scratch.

The game client also crashes whenever I quit the game.

Is anyone else having these annoying issues with patch 1.7?
Edited on Tue, Sep 25 2012, 22:01 by michiganjf
crees0921 at 2012-09-25 21:33 wrote:
What, no ragging on Ubi for charging ten bucks to bring Sandro back from the dead??

hellegennes at 2012-09-24 21:54 wrote:

Since you've waited so long, if I were you I would wait a bit longer to see if there's an expansion coming, which will probably contain the most stable version and almost probably make the game feel more complete.

Pol at 2012-09-24 17:49 wrote:
Is the game finally safe to buy or do I need to wait for 1.8?
It's probably not a good idea to buy the game, if you want it safe. But it all depends on what do you expect ?

The two pillars of Heroes series, MP & Map playing/creating (which includes quite a lot - f.e. AI, mechanics, bugfree quality) are almost broken compared to H2/3/4.

This game excels in areas like graphics, amazement, very nice two 'Add-Ons' (reported by others), funny Christmas' map. Probably if you will start from the Gold version (with both Addons and 1.8 version) you may be safe.

May be that they will develop the missing features so it will be most successful successor yet, who knows ? :gemini:

For example I really like the Bestiary and the Halo effect. They are still pushing ..

Kalah at 2012-09-24 10:51 wrote:
Safe to buy, sure. It's just not the greatest of the series ...

Shad0WeN at 2012-09-24 07:06 wrote:
I gave up on Heroes VI a very long time ago and in fact I have been boycotting ALL of Ubisoft's games. It's pretty easy when there are plenty of other great games to play, many of which are indie. The way Ubi has handled things with the HoMM franchise and their ill-conceived draconian DRM policy (with a broken system no less) did not sit well with me. As a fan of what was once a great franchise, they have lost me as a customer.

Now I'm looking at this with a lot of interest:
Eador: Masters of the Broken World
Donsta at 2012-09-24 00:16 wrote:
Is the game finally safe to buy or do I need to wait for 1.8?

jeff at 2012-09-23 14:20 wrote:
Wow, when I read that Heroes 6 was buggy when it first came out I never thought they'd get the version number up to 1.7.1 or higher to fix them all.

I have been a non-buyer critic but I do give them credit for at least continuing the patching process.

Avonu at 2012-09-23 07:54 wrote:
You forgot how long it took Nival to deliver patch 1.6 and earlier to fix game to be playable.
Patches for HVI are released much faster then "monthly patches" for HV. :P

ShadowLiberal at 2012-09-23 03:45 wrote:
Wow, when I read that Heroes 6 was buggy when it first came out I never thought they'd get the version number up to 1.7.1 or higher to fix them all.

Heroes 5 fixes only went up to version 1.6, so Ubisoft is actually going backwards at getting Heroes games right the first time and fixing all bugs in fewer releases.
Cristian at 2012-09-22 13:58 wrote:
For 1.7.1, you can also download it offline by adding .1 to the 1.7 posted links. For example, for english (western europe) 1.7.1 version, the download link is http://static2.cdn.ubi.com/patches/HOMM6/hmm6_1.7.1_efigs.exe

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