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News  → Patch 1.2.1

Patch 1.2.1 is released today. Finally, it seems, Ubi have listened and started releasing smalle patches at a quicker rate than the big ones - if only to get the more criticial errors fixed. Time will tell if this good trend continues.

Why the patch?
"It appeared with the release of 1.2 patch that achievement could be copied from one user to another by using the Compare Profile feature. That means that a further advanced player could regress by comparing his achievement with those of a less advanced player. This only affects achievement and no other part of player profile.

1.2.1 patch fixes this bug and now prevents achievements to be copied."

Kalah at 2012-01-06 11:48 wrote:
Then you're screwed, apparently. I'm in the same boat: I don't really have my gaming rig connected nowadays.

parcaleste at 2012-01-06 11:40 wrote:
And what if I just don't want to play in "online mode" (for obvious reasons - I just want to play the game when it suits me and not when the servers are on)?

hellegennes at 2012-01-06 10:19 wrote:
Technically, if you have a pirated version, you cannot use any online option, so if you have an account and a dynasty, you are already established as a buyer.

parcaleste at 2012-01-06 09:19 wrote:
Proving that you are not a "pirate". ;)

Wondering how the buyers and the pirates should call developers for releasing half arse finished games... How do you call a company that their first (OK, second, if you count THE ONE ON THE RELEASE DAY) patch is released by... what, pirates in China?

hellegennes at 2012-01-06 08:57 wrote:
Why is this high priority? What exactly do you gain by comparing achievements?

Kalah at 2012-01-06 08:34 wrote:
Maybe because they decided to listen to ME. I've been banging on about this since long before release.

CloudRiderX at 2012-01-06 07:16 wrote:
This doesn't make any sense. Why would they release a patch for a high-priority bug NOW when precedence dictates waiting an obnoxiously long period of time to release a more comprehensive (but not that comprehensive) patch?

hellegennes at 2012-01-06 05:20 wrote:
I hope they fix the bug where the game freezes completely in combat (only choice is re-load). It certainly happens when fighting succubi, sometimes.
mshare17 at 2012-01-06 00:00 wrote:
Great, now something else is broken. The 1.2 caused my computer to freeze in the middle of the last scenario of the Sanctuary campaign, so I started the next campaign. I messed up the first map and decided to start over. Bad mistake. The blood choice for the Lorshin encounter (to build cerberi) now kills Kiril and his entire army. So I took the tears choice, but the game won't let me fight the monsters blocking the exit from the starting area so I can't get anywhere. This game gets broken more with every patch. I give up, this is ridiculous.

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