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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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News  → GotP Revival and Beta

After a long hiatus, the Ghosts of the Past mod appears to be under construction once more. The mod will introduce balance changes, new creatures names (such as Pikeman, Wood Elf and Walking Dead), new heroes and new campaigns, among others. There is a new project plan at the Heroes Community and a beta has been released today. As for the öfficial Web site, it still contains old information and will be redesigned, according to the new team members.

In related news, the second book of Legends of the Ancients will be released in October instead of September. An updated to the first book is also in the work (details) based on the precious feedback you guys provided. If you want to start playing the first version, head to the LotA Web site.

winterfate at 2007-09-30 21:27 wrote:
It's interesting enough for me! ;)

KronosDuizend at 2007-09-25 11:33 wrote:
As the new Project leader, I'd like to say there will be eleven new Campaigns including the two Tales of Karador Campaigns wich will be though in the beginning and really really challanging in the end.

And by the way there will be a third set of Haven Creatures that wear gold and there will be new Neutrals Spells and Artifacts! Wich I know how to make. :) They won't replace anything.

Is that interesting enough for you?

okrane at 2007-09-25 07:42 wrote:
I am not that excited about this mod. It seems to me there are just creatures with slightly different skins, the Sanctrum which TotE will make obsolete and just slight modifications of the game.

I hope I'm wrong though.

I would prefer some challenging maps instead.

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