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News  → A word from Geary Gravel

Geary Gravel, the author who wrote two Might and Magic novels in the mid-nineties, kindly accepted to share his memories of how he came to work on this project, and the cancellation of the third part of the planned trilogy, "The Worldcrafters".

"I was approached a little over ten years ago by a packager who had made an arrangement with a publisher (Del Rey) and a gaming company (New World Computing) to come up with three novels to be based on the Might & Magic games. (I believe the original plan was for a copy of the first book to be included in each new game, though this did not end up happening.) I had never played the games, but was assured I'd be provided with lots of background material from the one they were currently working on, M&M VI. I accepted the assignment and flew out to California, where I met briefly with the people working on the game. (...)"

Read the full article in the forums.

From "The Dreamwright" : "Geary Gravel effortlessly balances his twin careers of writing and sign-language interpreting. Prolific and punctual to a fault, he has never missed a book deadline, nor taken exception to an editor's request for changes to a manuscript. The Dreamwright is an example of his fiction at its imaginative best."
HeroofPunk at 2011-02-15 20:31 wrote:
Kinda depressing to hear about, wish he could make the third book :(

Darkion at 2006-09-09 02:59 wrote:
So that's what happened! I really enjoyed the first two books and often wondered how I could have neglected buying the third one.

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