According informations from Bloomberg and later the article from MMORPG, Ubisoft is being eyed for acquisition, possibly by a private equity firm.

Ubisoft is not playing any negotations, so it's unclear how it would be seen by Guillemot's family.

Guillemot: "The company, was neither confirming nor denying “if” potential buyers had approached it."

As is seen, there's price drop within end of April, let see the stocks history here.

According to another report from Kotaku, Ubisoft has been auditing and assessing various aspects of the company, which could be done in advance of a possible sale. With delays in the release schedule for  major IPs, like Assassin's Creed or Far Cry, the speculation is running rampant.  Ubisoft has also embraced blockchain technology and the play to earn philosophy. The company has also seen some major fallout from workplace sexual misconduct accusations, as well as senior talent leaving the company.

So, now we have a wild, wild speculations in the air. With Ubisoft itself seeking to sold out some of its franchise, we may got later confirmation, that there's aquisition in process.

Later, let me to add, that "blockchain games" are currently being forbidden on Steam.

And that JVC recently become executive director of Digital Insight company and it's promising M&M blockchain game, already backed that with pile of money.
We have a info about it here, from Marzhin.

Thanks to Marzhin and  LordGraa for the alerts!

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