"Wryn Pendragon the Umbramancer" (WPU) was cancelled and on its shoulders was created a new one, "The Shadows over Ashan", Heroes VII Community DLC.


Shadows Over Ashan (TSoA) is a so-called "global modification", meaning that it works like any official DLC. It will add new things to the original game, specifically a new nation/town and units which you can play in both single player and multiplayer maps on one PC (hot seat).
The original Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer (WPU) project was canceled, but its strong foundations gave rise to this DLC. Except for campaigns and a script-based systems, everything has been preserved.

What is new?

  • Whole new Xel town (ancient alien race)
  • 18 New Xel units
  • 4 New neutral units
  • 4 New Xel heroes
  • New Xel faction skill Mutagenesis
  • 1 Legendary artifact
  • 3 Old-new spells: Bless, Curse, Animate Dead

Thanks WPU Team for your effort! victory

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