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  • Heroes III Kickstarter Board Game with Ubisoft Approval

     H3 tBG units

    How I will know exact date when the game will be ready on kickstarter?

    Subscribe at and from here also on kickstarter. You will receive notification e-mail when it will all begin. And that

  • Euthia: Torments of Ressurection, Tabletop game on Kickstarter

    "An Epic Competitive Board Game Inspired by RPG Video Game Classics. For 1-4 Players."

    The game is already funded at Kickstarter smile teeth Of course, you can still join. Check in following videos what is that about.

    Need to say, that game was first released a year ago, at our small CZ market. So it's well playtested. And now it's being released again, worldwide.

    If you would like to test it, you can check it at Tabletopia,