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  • Heroes Orchestra - Haven theme from HoMM V | 4K

    Featuring Maestro P.A.R. wink
    Few years ago we announced the ...

  • Heroes Orchestra 5th Birthday Concertos

    heroesorchestra logo sOn September 24 Heroes Orchestra will celebrate 5th birthday, on this occasion they will stream live TWO ANNIVERSARY CONCERTS! First beginning at 17:00, second at 20:00, Central Europian Time.

    The creator of music for the Might and Magic games ...

  • Heroes 3 OST – 2nd edition vinyl [PRE-ORDER]

    h3 on vinil

    Heroes 3 OST - 2nd edition vinyl arrived here for pre-order. If you badly wanted it for the ...

  • Heroes of Might and Magic III - Stronghold Theme - Cover by Dryante

    The music to sooth your soul. This execution is bringing new life in the Stronghold Theme.

    Played by Dyrante Zan. You can listen to his ...

  • Heroes III Soundtrack on Vinils with Art of Magdalena Katańska

    Behold thecult classic soundtrack ofHeroes of Might and Magic III, brought to vinyl for the very first time at long last, and in an awesome edition it truly deserves! We teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original creators of this masterpiece, to bring it back to life in a way which does justice to the legacy of both the game and music

  • Heroes Orchestra: Nature from HoMM IV

    This week is stuffed with news, so here I'm to bring you news which comes in advance. Heroes Orchestra Insider Previews: Nature from HoMM IV (Premiere will start in 80 minutes)

    There is more to follow, immediatelly when I grasp some time at my hands. Apart from previous years, this year flourish with news and at

  • Celebrating Paul Anthony Romero Birthday!

    Celebrating Paul Anthony Romero birthdays with Heroes Orchestra  virgo
    (P.A.R. was born September 10, 1965) 

    Tournament was arranged in H3:

  • Short News - 19' March2April

    MMH 5.5

    They released a new version, with fixes, new SkillWheel and and possibility to replace new Treeant with the ToTE one. You can grab it here.

    Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC11)

    Paul Romero Symphony Concert in Poland 27.10.17

    There's news from our Hungarian friends; Master Vologya just told us about a concert that's coming up in Wroclaw, Poland in October. Paul Romero will play along with an orchestra, giving fans of good music from the HoMM series live in show. So if you're in the area, why not check it out?


  • Music For Heroes

    I'm big fan of music in Heroes Series, really being touched by Heroes III. music, which were my first ones, and after some years even more by music from Heroes IV.

    Time passed and there's one thing which is always remarkable about Heroes series - and that's the music. Always been here, always inspiring. With people humming the melodies and bearing them where they go.

    It doesn't matter whether we are talking about NWC Heroes fiddled to the perfection under Jon Van Caneghem's baton. Or about new Heroes from

  • Kickstart Paul Anthony Romero!

    Currently out on Kickstarter is a project you might be interested in: the first Heroes of Might and Magic piano sonata album and scorebook.

    "The aim of the project is to release Paul Anthony Romero’s album and scorebook with the Heroes of Might and Magic game series soundtrack, recorded during the composer’s only piano concert in Torun, Poland during the 13th Tofifest