Map Editor

Necessary, if you wish to create your own maps or campaigns.

  • Heroes 4 Restoration of Axeoth Project Update

    The Heroes 4 Restoration of Axeoth project has had a lot of movement lately. Here’s a list of some of what we’ve been up to. Make sure you read until the end for a surprise discovery!

    • New team member: ByteBandit!
    • Heroes IV Chronicles
    • H3->H4 conversion feature
    • Unity update
    • Every Dog Has His Day
    • Something special, super secret, just recently uncovered by Jonny!


  • AI Enhancement Tool: first progress

    Those of you who watch HoMM4 forums closely, probably remember the idea to create an AI enhancing utility. The general idea is to give players an instrument with which he/she can turn on and off different scripts to help AI. It's not real AI, of course, we rather help it cheat to the degree that is acceptable and fun for a player, and all on one centralized dashboard. 

    The initial discussion is here: Call to H-IV mapmakers - AI enchancing scripts 

    We at Equilibris Team tried