King's Bounty II.

Kings Bounty 2

Kings Bounty II. - developed by 1C-SoftClub. Realistic graphic RPG with huge team to make smooth experience. I would guess that Witcher and previous KB were pretty inspirational. Publisher is still 1C Publishing. The game unveil in a completely new world, there are no relations to any previous games. First shown at GamesCom 2019 in Cologne.
Status: In Development
Engine: UE4

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  • Kings' Bounty II Released

    King's Bounty II was released according the plan of 1C at 24th August 2021. From many reviews it seems to be pushed up a bit, they are however patching it fast. From console's world it seems to be appreciated, whereas from PC, it's a tad worse. To summ up from many reviews:

     + Unique combat system
     + Nice atmosphere, music and the settings
     + Confirmed good tranlations for 'russian' and

  • King's Bounty Franchise Bundle 57.33€

    kb bundle sale

    The King’s Bounty Franchise Bundle includes the long-awaited sequel to the legendary King’s Bounty video games series, King’s Bounty II (pre-purchase version), as well as the critically

  • KB2 Ancient Monument

    KB2 Ancient Monument

    Ancient monuments will grant you new talents or additional XP.
    They're also the perfect place to have a picnic!

    Which character do you think would enjoy this view the most?

    You can respond directly to 1C question ...

  • Kings Bounty 2 Gone Gold

    At July 29 the waiting ended and Kings Bounty 2 gone gold. This game will attempt to follow, where original Kings Bounty, from NWC, left. Loosely.

    Different land, different heroes, where it all again start with death of the King. Hybrid strategy RPG, with emphasize on your choices. Battle perks, like terrain and unique units.

    Watch the king, what he keep in fingers. Printing started. And the 'Day One Edition' is at the snap of your fingers too. August 24

  • KB2 Quarter of Beer for Day One edition

    KB NextTurn

    It should look like that. Beer you need your own. To translation:

    "Classic turn based strategy King's Bounty, is returning this summer in full-fledged part two. Fans of Heroes

  • KB2 Battlfield

    kb2 battlefield

    King's Bounty II battlefield. Did you seen anything like that before?

  • King's Bounty II - Delayed second time

    The release date was pushed to late August (August 24, 2021). According to the game’s producer, Denis Maltzev, the game is “complete and playable”, but they want more time to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. In fully he states:


    “We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing, polishing, and postponing launch will give us the precious months to balancing phase, much needed for such important project for us,
  • KB2 SeeThemAll!

    KB2 SeeThem

    See them all. There on the twitter. I recommend to check them full size, the quality is astonishing. ;)

    Game is currently scheduled for March 2021.

  • Kings Bounty II. - Devs Diary 2

    Second Dev Diary is here. You can see more from the team, creation process and shaping the game. Also some short memory line, to put it into context.

    Still in very early phase of Dev Diary. ;)


  • Kings Bounty II. - Devs Diary

    Information about new Kings Bounty II. are finally, albeit slowly, pouring to the public. Period of silence after GamesCom in Cologne seems to be over.

    At this moment there are planned three main heroes classes, for which you will be able to play. Traditionally they will be Knight, Paladin and Mage, thought the names are not final.

    Knight hero will be Aivar, and there's already short introduction at the Steam page.