Interesting interviews, with anyone at least a little bit touched by Might & Magic games.

  • David's Mullich Interviews over YouTube

    We created a small collection of David's Mullich YouTube interviews, over past two years. If you settle your mind back, to wonderful times of  Heroes III., you can enjoy these sweet times again.

    Let sip some cofee, it might be a longer while. Thanks cuc, for pointing the video to us. 


    Channel: YRS TRULY

    What's the deal with Heroes of Might and Magic III?

  • Marcus Pregent Interview Part 2

    The jolly fellow Marcus Pregent shares more of his great stories with us in the second part of this interview, where we go through things such as: 

    • Legends of Might and Magic 
    • Might and Magic VI 
    • Heroes of Might and Magic III 
    • Gelu
    • Nerf Guns in the office
    • Community Questions 
    • Much, much more

    Did I mention Nerf Guns in the office? Yeah I did, but seriously, that sounds like a lot of fun and I hope I will get to

  • Where did the time go?!

    Hi all of you that are a part of the lovely Celestial Heavens community, where did the time go?!

    It's been 2 months, no wait, it has actually been 3 months since I finished the interview with Marcus Pregent for Celestial Heavens. I was finally starting to feel a little bit better after having suffered from covid-19 for a couple of weeks. I was finally on the road to recovery and I decided to carry on and have the interview.

    The interview turned in to a 3 hour long one, with lots of fun and

  • Songs of Conquest Interview

    Songs of Conquest - Interview with Carl from Lavapotion

    That's right folks! So, what took us so long?

    We had to reschedule due to a small covid scare (don't worry, I took a test and it came back as negative, so it was "just" the regular flu). But here it is, approximately 1 hour of me and Carl from Lavapotion chatting and chilling in Lavapotions beautiful sofa.


    Since, like I mentioned, I stayed up until 4

  • Michael Wolf (Level Designer) on Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Map Making, Part 1

    Michael Wolf (Level Designer) on Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Map Making, Part 1

    Guys, girls and dinosaurs, it's HeroofPunk (and I really wish I could go by another alias by now..) I present to you, Michael Wolf!

    Michael Wolf brought us maps such as "Twins", "Heroes of Might, Not Magic" and the "Secret Campaign" from Armageddon's Blade which brought us a good play, but also some good laughs.

    So, Tim Lang (our interview with him can be found

    Interview with Tim Lang Part 2 + More News

    Interview with Tim Lang Part 2 + More News


    Tim Lang, lead designer of Might and Magic IX and owner of DungeonByte...

  • Tim Lang on Aeolwyn's Legacy and Game Design (Celestial Heavens Interview)

    Hey all! It's HeroOfPunk here!

    I just wanted to let you all know that I, on a mission from Celestial Heavens, interviewed Tim Lang, lead designer of Might and Magic IX. Now a days, he runs DungeonByte, which is currently working on a game called Aeolwyn's Legacy, which is really interesting for anyone who enjoys Might and Magic!

  • JVC Interview Released

    JVC 2016You have waited patiently, submitted your questions and now it's time. Our latest Q&A with the creator of the Might & Magic franchise, has been released for public viewing and commentary. He talks about his current work on VCME's mobile game, as well as a few things about the plans he had at NWC... and about the future.

  • Interview with Jon Van Caneghem

    Jon Van Caneghem
    January 2017
    JVC 2016

    Regular readers will know this name well: as one of the original founders of NWC and creator of the Might & Magic games, Jon is considered the

  • Interview with Tracy Iwata

    Tracy Iwata
    January 2017

    CreatureQuest 31. A quick bio: what's your story? How did you get into gaming and what's been your career so far?

    I got hooked on video games when I was

  • Bryan Farina Interview Released

    Celestial Heavens recently conducted an interview with Bryan Farina, former NWC writer, designer and producer - currently working as an executive producer for JVC's new game Creature Quest.

    Read the whole interview here.

  • Interview with Bryan Farina

    Bryan Farina
    January 2017

    1. A quick bio: what's your story? How did you get into gaming and what's been your career so far?

    NWClogo"I started gaming in the late ‘70s when my tech-loving father got a PONG system for our TV.  Then  he bought a

  • Rob King Interview Released

    As the first in a series of interviews, we today launch our little Q&A with Rob King, music producer and maestro generally well-known by the Might & Magic fans.


    Go here to read the Rob King interview. Enjoy!

  • Interview with Rob King

    Rob King
    January 2017


    Rob King is a name that will be familiar to fans of the Might & Magic franchise. Responsible for much of the music of previous games, his work serves to add that certain level of class needed to lift the gaming experience. It's been a while since we had our own talk with him - you can read that interview here.

  • Karin Mushegain Interview

    And now for something slightly different. For the past several weeks, the news we have had to report have been all about Heroes VII. Now, though, we present something a bit more general, and you certainly won't find it anwhere else.

    Karin Mushegain

    July, 2015.

    Masters of Sighisoara Q&A

    Q&A with the Masters of Sighisoara

    December, 2013.

    Back in 2009, CH member HeroofPunkannounced his intention to create a whole new continent called Sighisoara. Joined by fellow map makers Maygwan and Yurian Stonebow, the team have since created a whole ...