Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah is role-playing game (yes, we believe it can be described as such) with a heavy focus on action, you will get a breathtaking tour of the new world of Ashan, and witness some dramatic events. You play here for Sareth.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (also subtitled "Element" on Xbox) is a first-person action game, with RPG elements. The game, first as PC version, was released by Ubisoft at 24 October 2006 and developed by Arkane Studios, with other developers as Kuju Entertainment, Floodgate Entertainment and Ubisoft Annecy. Xbox version followed in 12 February 2008, with new campaign and revamped multiplayer mode.


  • Dark Messiah Revisited 2017

    Chris Thursten of PC Gamer took another look at Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, which was released more than 10 years ago already, back in the days when Ubisoft was trying to expand the scope of the Might and Magic franchise. Referring to the game as "a brilliant murder sim", he reminds us that the game is a spiritual sequel to the excellent Arx Fatalis, and some sort of blueprints to

  • Free Willy


    The first screenshot from a Dark Messiah multiplayer game. Thanks Oakwarrior, Znork... and poor arturchix.

  • Dark Messiah Prima Guide Review

    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Prima Official Game Guide Review

    by Angelspit (special thanks to Oakwarrior for his assistance)


    Thanks to the Disciples of Sareth, I received a copy of the Dark Messiah Prima Guide, long after I had finished the game. I decided to write a little review anyway, since some of you might consider

  • Dark Messiah CH Review

    There is one common problem with many reviews of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on the Web: many writers who usually review first-person shooters or role-playing games have been selected to review the game, and in some cases they seem to have focused on one area of the game only. Only a couple of games managed to...