New Sss'Ra in MoM2

We have it, it's fresh and anew. Another MoM2 Dev blog from MuHa games. Now, that looks pretty good. applause

We’re looking for beta testers

Before we move on to the actual dev diary, we would like to make an announcement that might be very interesting for quite a few players: the start of the beta isn’t far now, and we’re looking for willing beta testers!

If you would like to give us a hand and give honest feedback on the current version of the game, look no further and click here.


  • City borders are now visible, so you know the area of influence of a city. 
  • And markers for places of interest were changed.
  • The new town image was changed to look more like a drawing, rather than mimicking reality in 2d. 
  • Secondly, inspired by feedback from our Discord channel, the icons got a revamp and are now more colourful.
  • The city management window is also brighter, but it also received an additional functionality – when you double click on the city, it will now take you directly into the city view (before, you had to click on the button, and it placed you outside the city, so too many unnecessary clicks). Note, that the mini map in both is a placeholder!

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MoM2 SkillsFocus

MoM2 Town Screen


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