Master of Magic - Release Date Tomorrow & Twitch

As we approach Master of Magic’s release on December 13, we can’t wait to see what you think of the game.

The feedback we received so far has been great, both during our live streams on Twitch as well as on many video reviews on YouTube.

For December 13 we have prepared something special for you: we will be live on Twitch with Mila “Yuuki” from MuHa Games, Writer and Lead Quest Designer, and Slitherine’s own Edmon. Join us at 3 pm GMT on Slitherine’s Twitch channel . We will be live with an hour-long stream just before release.

The launch of Master of Magic will kickstart Slitherine Next, Slitherine’s new three hours long live show which will showcase all of our upcoming games. 

Update 13.12.:
Game is up, you can get the bundle for 42€ yummy

Direct link to Slitherine Bundle Page, with some small discount.

Out now on Steam, GoG, Epic and Slitherine store!