Suggestions on Skills Development

When you set your party, you need to make sure you can develop key skills that are essential to getting through the game. Master level skills in all of these is the minimum. GM skills are nice (though somewhat overrated in the elemental magic The only "must have" GM skill is in Body Magic.

Protection from Magic at the GM level adds immunity to death and eradication.. GM Body also gives a very fast regeneration rate and stronger healing. Critical skills: Body magic (GM level – so protection from magic saves vs death, etc.) Disarm (Master or GM level) Water magic (Master level so have town portal) Air Magic (Master level for Invisibility and fly) Important: Perception (Master) Repair (Master) Identify item (Master) Spirit Magic (Master – raise dead) Mind magic (Master – Cure Insanity) We have developed a character planning worksheet that is quite useful during the game. A blank copy in PDF format cat be downloaded here. Here’s an example of the form:



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