The artworks of the Stronghold might heroes has been released on the official blog, along with descriptions of the different hero types: Warmonger, Barbarian or Chieftain.

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Akul at 2015-04-17 14:31 wrote:
There are two extremes in ways you can make an artwork: realistic or stylish.

H5, H6 and H7 art-style is on heavily stylistic side of spectrum, NEVER on realistic one. Yet people still talk like realism matters in H5+...

Panda Tar at 2015-04-15 04:02 wrote:
... hanging off of their armor (what are those chains for!?!?).

Exactly my point. So they can trip, fall and get killed.

Seriously, why a hero would go chained to battle? It is as if they didn't have time or means to get it off. ^^ As a trophy, perhaps? Not really a handy trophy.

BlackDragonSlayer at 2015-04-15 02:47 wrote:
The female needs more armor (I like the gauntlets and clawed hands, though). Both of them need less... stuff... hanging off of their armor (what are those chains for!?!?).

Panda Tar at 2015-04-14 23:07 wrote:
They can trip and die - likely at any moment.

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