A strange bug (?) in Equilibris made Aragorn's luck skyrocket. No high luck scripted, it just happened after he'd defeated an enemy hero and his army in a siege battle.

Thanks to Yurian.

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Karmakeld at 2013-12-16 21:16 wrote:
oh I should prob. add that Encountered increase 'on army' is temporary, while. increases scripts on 'this hero' is permanent.

Yurian Stonebow at 2013-12-16 03:15 wrote:
Thanks for the tip Karmakeld. I will see if I will put your tip into good use when I have my next session at updating the "Tolkien's War of the Ring (H4)" map. Please note that the map version this screenshot comes from is not the same one that currently, as of Dec 16th 2013, is in the CH map database. I shall send the updated version to Kalah for release before Christmas. And please, have some patience with me for this is my very first Heroes IV map.

Karmakeld at 2013-12-15 20:56 wrote:
Yurian, Maciek's and mine test showed, other than what Maciek just wrote, you can place moral/luck scripts on heroes' encountered scripts. This will reset after each combat and thus will not show on adventure map but will work in combat and not bug after loading. In you're example you could use this to eliminate the moral penalty for mixing order with nature.

Yurian Stonebow at 2013-12-15 00:46 wrote:
Ah yes, you're right Maciek. :) I had already forgotten about that little Quest Guard right there. As it happened Aragorn had earlier paid a visit there to gain access into the Pathways of the Dead. Silly me. But I certainly didn't know that the Luck/Morale scripts are that bugged in Heroes IV. It's a shame really that a thing like that was allowed (or they simply just didn't have enought, yes enought alright, time to fix it) to stay in the game despite of patch 3.0.

Maciek at 2013-12-15 00:24 wrote:
Quest gate at (154, 129) is supposed to decrease luck. But you can only decrease luck and morale until player first loads the game after starting the map. Else, the result is like in the picture. It's a bug in scripts and it's also present in Winds of War. Equilibris (at least until 3.51) didn't fix it.

By the way, you can rename tavern heroes if you click on their name. Try naming a tavern hero Aragorn.

Yurian Stonebow at 2013-12-14 23:30 wrote:
@Maciek: I did right-click the army on the adventure map right after the battle and it showed that Luck value had jumped to an unbelievable +256.
No scripts were involved. Not a single one. This is my first Heroes IV map ever and I do not even know how to use the scripting function properly.

Aragorn's next battle revealed his Luck as being neutral although the number value claimed it to be +10. Morale values were twisted too, even though I had checked them before and knew those values being at +3 maximum at that point. Aragorn's personal Morale was +1 and not higher. I have the saves here if someone's interested in seeing them. I also took another screenshot (which shows the situation during the next battle) as a further proof of some mysterious bug having appeared to screw things up.

Maciek at 2013-12-14 22:36 wrote:
Right click this army on adventure map. What number does it show now? 258? Afaik, all decrease morale and decrease luck scripts bug out after you load the game, both with and without Equi. Now, Aragorn will probably have maximum luck in every fight until the end of the map.
Unless it's some other bug.

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