Olivier builds arcade cabinets to play Mame-emulated games. He got the idea to install Heroes IV on one, with a 800x600 resolution and a 50hz refresh rate, to play the Equilibris mod with his wife.

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gunsharp at 2005-12-03 09:03 wrote:
Wow that is really awesome looking!

Im so jealous. :)

Psychobabble at 2005-12-03 04:14 wrote:
That's a sweet rig...

And A., too much Dance Dance Revolution for you? :)

Angelspit at 2005-12-03 03:50 wrote:
My uncle owned an arcade game repair shop during the 80s and early 90s, so I got to play the new games not long after they came out, for free (now you know where my addiction for games comes from). Some of my favorites were Crazy Climber, Gauntlet, Spy Hunter, Mortal Kombat II, a pinball called Black Knight, and many more. I can definitely understand Olivier's passion for the colorful joysticks and coin slots. I sometimes stop by an arcade in downtown Montreal, but I rarely stay longer than five minutes. It's just isn't the same thing anymore.

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