The water features of Heroes VII are likely to push your graphics cards to the brink. Looks nice, if your PC can handle it.

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mr.hackcrag at 2015-06-15 16:27 wrote:
After playing games like Witcher 3 (which I didn't like but had top notch graphics) looking at this pic actually makes me really sad. :(

Kalah at 2015-06-14 19:44 wrote:
I'm not following you - is this related to the resource consumption (which Limbic are still trying to lower, btw.) or are you talking about something else which should be posted in the impressions thread?
ToweringAmishPlumber at 2015-06-14 17:26 wrote:
Oh great, just what we need. As it is now, EVERY time we try to reload a saved Heroes V game where the map is larger then extra large (huge, impossible) we are thrown out of the game, and we do mean every time. In addition, when we start the first "session" for the day, it won't load the most recent save, we have to load the second most recent saved game. This is not a problem as long as the map we are playing is extra large or smaller. We've never seen anything like this in decades of playing PC games, going back to DOS days.

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