heroesorchestra logo sHeroes Orchestra released very nice Prayer, from Heroes IV, you can listen to it just below:

"They are going ready to complete Grassland Suite from HoMM IV. As these masterpieces have some of the best and most chilling tunes in the HoMM series."


fheroes2 update 

fheroes2fheroes2 went to version 0.9.6, which boosted translation for polish, french and russian languages.

Added shadowed cursor for two hex monsters, so you will see where you will land. And brought in support for Nintentdo Switch, also fixed over 60 bugs. 

You can follow them here in our thread.


101 Tips for Heroes 3

Liso1 from heroes3wog.net released all 101 assembled tips from Heroes 3, including HotA in one video. You can see them all now and judge, what of them you didn't know? :)