We will focus on what happened in this month and what wasn't summoned on our table yet.

fheroes2 0.9.1

  fheroes2 unit s10

First goes fheroes2 project by fheroes2 Resurrection team. Who work with constant passion to get to the 1.0 milestone. This time, release 0.9.1, they added:

  • Instant battles
  • Upgraded their AI to be more 'craftier and smarter'
  • View Word Spell
  • Easy units splitting by a few mouse clicks
  • Another part of campaing

You can check and comment the full annoucement here. This is a small milestone on its own. yummy (Full changelog. - You still need original Heroes2, technically at least demo, for playing.)

Heroes Orchestra presents new arrangement, Battle Theme II from Heroes IV

Myself I remember listening to Heroes IV. soundtrack again and again for almost a year. Always enthralling, always yours. Opera music.


Hero's Hour

This is a small Heroes like game, with it's own engine and simplified graphic. You can take for pay what you want. Take a look here. We have been alerted about the game by Darmani, here, thanks for it! gong


  • Random map generation from 25 map types
  • 6 factions, each with 7 different creatures + upgrades
  • 43 unique creature abilities
  • Additional nonplayable creatures
  • Real-time combat
  • Give orders and change stances - or just watch!
  • Procedural town tech trees
  • Unique town perks as your town levels up
  • Level up your heroes
  • 28 unique skills to level up
  • Challenging but fair AI opponents
  • 53 spells
  • 120 artifacts
  • Unique artifact sets
  • ~30 adventure objects
  • True to the original gameplay
  • Tweaks to gameplay, like the infirmary system

heros hour jKb2 Y heros hour MMoERj heros hour PdooyY heros hour ToAyd6

What says Darmani about the game:
"When they say "based on", that's an understatement. It has the same 7 resources as HoMM, units spawn in a castle on day 1 of every 7 day week, there are treasure chests that give gold or experience, and many of the adventure map objects are identical to ones from HoMM (Fountain, Rally Flag, Idol of Fortune). The town mechanics are most similar to HoMM VI, with a "town level" that increments when you build enough, unlocking more buildings (hope I'm remembering HoMM VI correctly). Main difference is the real-time combat, of course, though there are also differences in the magic system, and the "hospital mechanic" by which some of your lost creatures will very slowly become available to hire back at the castle.

It doesn't come with instructions, and, on my machine, had a problem that the mouse's hitbox wasn't under the cursor (meaning I thought many buttons were broken and unusable), and that tooltips appeared pretty far from what I was mousing over (meaning I initially had no idea the strength of what I was fighting). Once I got the hang of it though, it was a pretty cool game.

I don't know how much longevity it has (I'm finding the real-time combat rather shallow --- past the early game, I usually just watch my army fight by itself and win with no casualties), but it's an interesting twist on the HoMM series. One thing that impresses me game-design wise is that it manages to make the obelisk/buried treasure mechanic actually fun. No hunting down obelisks all across the map and then spending days doing nothing but digging in some forgotten corner of the map. Instead, each obelisk gives you a flavorful paragraph like "Ki-g Ragna- left his treas-re som-where n-ear the mino-r shrine" you walk over to the nearest minor shrine, and watch as your "Dig for treasure" button turns from gray to black when you get close enough.

It's pay-what-you-want right now. I've played about 5 hours the last 2 days. Still buggy (e.g.: the win-condition doesn't work; it just keeps going), and has a terrible AI (I let it run around an area for weeks....and it still never reclaimed a Sawmill I took). Still, I had fun, and I'll be giving him some of my money."