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H7: Would you prefer 2D or 3D townscreens?
I don't care.
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Maps for Testing

The search returned 3 results
Map Name: Something Different
Author: Milos Gaji
Size: medium
Version: h5toe
Date: 07-Jun-2015
Multiplayer: yes
Map Version: 0.9
Description: This map is meant to be played by four players, none of which should be AI (AI doesn\'t understand some of the major objects and fails to use thethus spoiling the gameplay. Each position has certain advantages and certain disadvantages in comparison to other positions. There are no Taverns so if your hero dies you are doomed.
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Map Name: Clashing Trilogy V2
Author: Artas1984
Size: extra large
Version: h3sod
Date: 11-May-2015
Multiplayer: yes
Map Version:
Description: This is the multiplayer map designed to play for 6 people. For 6 people: 6 flag teams, 6 different enemies, no allies, 3 keeps per 1 team. Other configurations are possible. Keeps: 3 Towers, 3 Strongholds, 3 Dungeonkeeps, 3 Castles, 3 Confluxes, 3 Infernos.
[ Read the Policy/Rules page ] [ Download Now ]

Map Name: Riddle Me
Author: Captain Hero
Size: small
Version: h3wog
Date: 06-May-2015
Multiplayer: yes
Map Version: 0.9
Description: Why don\'t we have a game of riddles? The sphinx shows you a randomly chosen riddle and asks you to answer it. The first player who guesses three riddles correctly wins the game.
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