Zeriel and Broseph over at RPG Codex have posted a thorough and, frankly, excellent preview of Might & Magic X: In it, they delve deep into the story, gameplay and overall impressions from a typical diehard MM fan point of view.

"If you're an old grognard who grew up playing games like Wizardry and the earliest Might and Magic titles, you don't need to know anything more: Might & Magic X is a beautiful dinosaur that just stepped out of a time machine. It marries old-fashioned mechanics that should never have been abandoned with a modern graphical approach. There is nothing else on the market quite like it, and for the fans of this forgotten genre it's an unavoidable day one purchase."

Indeed, the game does seem like it will achieve its goal of returning to the "roots" of Might & Magic, aiming to satisfy those grumpy old MM fans who care little for effects and instead want a nostalgic revisit of their childhood's favourite passtime.

The question is, as RPG's preview also summarizes, whether this niche game will be a success beyond the core fans... A success big enough to warrant a follow-up. It will be interesting to see whether people still want to play this kind of game.