MMH7 Fotress Town 896


In a way Forge Returns, see the inhabitants:

  •  First comes Shield Halls(20), Blackbear Cages(13) and Warrens(22) for recruiting Kobolds
  •  Then there is Bonfire(6), Runic Temple(5) and Magma Conflux(2)
  •  Hearth of Einherjars(1) is aside, on the left side and Mountain of Fire(17) is on the right


This is to discussion but Halls of Engineers and Forge would sounds better in my opinion. It's anyway very interesting art concept .

Ah, the last one are Warfare Units, they go as Foundry(11) for producing Cannons, Rune Temple(12) and Armory(21).

Notice that Rune and Runic Temple are word siblings. The town is called Fortress, as Heroes V. heritage.

Source, names were shortened, some.