Aeolwyn's Legacy - Update#4

There's a new teaser from Brrapp Games (Tim Lang's studio) about Aeolwyn's Legacy. Not a new demo (demo sits here) just a teaser. For indie game, quite nice. :)


Heros 3 Assistent for HotA

It's small and very nifty utility to calculate spell damage, fights, artifacts and guardians (in/out of caches) on the map. And some other thingies. So, in the end, this a treasure mostly for mapmapkers.


Visit their homepage to watch their instructional videos and download.

App made by "The Xenofex". You can also subscribe to his YT channel. There are some more Heroes 3 interesting videos.


HotA Team send out a teaser about new Factory unit Dreadgnought.

Dreadnought can be considered the magnum opus of the Factory's engineers and artificers. It is a key unit of its armed forces, the cornerstone of its arsenal, and also an indispensable assistant in construction and heavy lifting.

More information about it here, at HC. Still not a word about Factory faction release date.


Creature Quest

Current version of the game is 62.20.1507

  • Max limit for shards in guild storage during Guild Wars set to 7mil
  • Max level upped to 700
  • Various bug fixes

Doest it helped to fix Guild Wars? No, not at all. But it's a small improvement in the rightdirection. It stopped that hellish growing only in the end.


Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

Ubisoft finally released new content, where you can play for Yog and Dracon. And got them both. Dunno with eacts levels now, so Yog starts with 74 and Dracon with 84, probably till 92.

The game got small enhancements, which are:

  • Nerfed Solmyr
  • New artifact "Live Hawkeye" granting you some limited magic dmg resistance
  • New spell slot for heroes, where you can add one speel of your choice
  • New spell Prayer and Spell Bookshelf, for getting spell tokens for your own spells
  • Guild messengers giving your Skillstones and day bonus or teleport to already revealed place. Only for the time of St. Patrick holiday.
  • Minor other fixes, allegedly also text fixes

Wasn't able to notice them anywhere, the overall text quality is still tragic.


CANCELLED E3 2020 - Los Angeles

As expected, due to an ongoing pandemic of SARS-CORONAVIRUS-2, this event was cancelled. As a replacement there could be call for an online meeting, which will be streamed. Most likely several of them.

What is clear is, that this year, you are worry free about travelling to Los Angeles.

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HotA 1.6.0

Horn of the Abyss 1.6.0, short new features overview:

  • Resistance skill is back as voluntary skill. Naturally disabled in all HotA maps but available to choose again.
  • New skill "Interference" is introduced. And it does lower enemy power by 10,20,30%. In a similar fashion there were introduced three new artifacts: Plate of Dying Light 25%, Charm of Eclipse 10%, Seal of Sunset 10%
  • Beautiful Wasteland terrain and decorations inspired by Heroes II (but no Factory town, that's yet to come)
  • New Quest conditions and triggers for AI-controlled player
  • Specify Banks guards and rewards
  • New Unit: Steel Golem

That isn't all. For all futures description please go to HC. List to the middle of the page.

For consulting a full changelog.

Download: HotA Site | Acid Cave        

And to discuss in our forums. smile teeth

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Attention Might & Magic fans,

This is Super Goober and, if you've played Might & Magic VI for as long as I have, at some point, you had to have stopped to admire the art and visual style of the game, particularly, the weapons. The game had some of the most beautiful weapons I had ever seen, and even the most basic of them were pretty. Well, imagine seeing a real sword, built in a forge owned by a real blacksmith. I'm talking about this sword:

warrior sword by malfunit dce1egx

Would you like to see a real-life version of it? This is the Warrior Sword from Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, and it just so happens that I know a blacksmith who make swords, and he streams it from Twitch.TV.

In fact, if you want to go check him out and see the process of making swords and knives, here is his Twitch Channel.

I've been talking with this man about making an exact replica of the Warrior Sword. He has agreed to do this for us if we can raise enough money to cover the costs of making and retrieving the sword. I live in Idaho and the blacksmith lives in Georgia. I have a launched a GoFundMe campaign to make this possible and we need all the help we can get.

The blacksmith has given me an estimate of how much the sword is worth, and he said it will be somewhere between $2500-$3000. Then add another $1000-$2000 for air travel expenses. Not cheap! But when will we ever get the chance to do something crazy like this? Not only that, I am in contact with a few of the former New World Computing people, including Tim Lang (lever designer of MM6), David Mullich, Paul Romero (composer), Shelly Garcia (Heroes 2 artist) and even Jon Van Caneghem himself. I think they would be delighted to see something like this come to life.

An actual sword from Might and Magic VI...imagine how amazing that would be!

 Pol: I wish you much luck with that Super Goober, you will damn need it! This is both Might&Magic and crazy, seeing that sword 'alive' would be wonderful! Hopefully it wouldn't just sit on your ledge and travel with you around the globe a bit..

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