h3tbg WGN expo22

Weekly Game Night//Game Expo 2022 - Playing "Heroes III - The Board Game". You can watch the whole series here.

You can definitely feel the spirit of the original game in this one. I’ve played 1vs1 but you can play up to 4 players.

  • Economy - you will collect resources: gold, ore and crystal and spend to buy units, get cards, expand the city.
  • Exploration - you will exploring map by adding new map tiles and visiting plenty of locations that you could find in the pc game
  • Deckbuilding
  • You will build your deck and use the cards in combat. And the cards can be artifacts, spells or heroe default cards.
  • As you play your hero will progress unlocking some abilities (bigger hande size or stronger cards effects you get to play)
  • Battles are played on separate map. It’s tactical enough and can even take quite some time if you play with max units (5) cause each of these have different abilities etc. It’s not complicated, but takes some time with bigger armies.
  • You build your city, adding new buildings and unlocking different skills and units to recruit

Overall, it is Heroes of Might and Magic on board. And worth the wait!


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