The Round Table Proposal

Part 4: The Heroes V Artwork (part 1)
by Angelspit

The discussion about the Heroes of Might and Magic V artwork released last December dealt with the gender of angels, mythology, technological advance in fantasy, creatures upgrades and anime. Heroes players are serious about the look of their game, and they have the knowledge to back it up. As shown in the poll below, which covered the first five pieces of artwork only, the creatures easily got most of the attention of the fans:

Which piece of artwork is your favorite?

Answer Votes Percentage
Archangel 33  31.4%
Archer 29  27.6%
Cavalier 19  18.1%
City 23  21.9%
Map Building 1  1.0%

Instead of trying to summarize everything that has been said, I will let the fans speak by themselves. Below are the most interesting quotes from the forums. I decided to stick to the first impressions mostly, and left the nitpicking, the theological debates and the off-topic discussions out. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The Coastal City

The City on a Hill

The Archangel

The Cavalier

The Map Building

The Archer

The Mine


I wish to thank all Round Table members who joined the discussion. Look for more artwork by the time the game is officially announced.

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