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Answers From the Devs  posted by 299 
Two weeks ago, questions were submitted to the Heroes VI developers, and the time has come for them to cough up some answers. This time, the focus is on the Ashan timeline.

Q: How much time passes between the M&M Heroes V games? How many years pass total between the beginning of H5 to the end of Tribes of the East?

A: The essential dates to remember, and what is really important in the big picture, is the time that passes between the end of the original H5 game (YSD 969) and the beginning of Dark Messiah (YSD 990). Those twenty years are the period in which Sareth, son of Queen Isabel and Kha-Beleth, who is the potential Dark Messiah, grows up.

Q: What happens to the Sylvan faction after their High King Alaron dies? Who takes charge of Irollan?

A: Findan, due to his exemplary conduct during Queen Isabel's War, is appointed regent. It is a safe choice, as he has never coveted the throne and his integrity is unquestioned. Thus, it will lie to him to decide how the next ruler and ruling clan will be selected. This is a separate episode in the history of Irollan.

Q: What other Dark Elf Clans exist besides Shadowbrand, Soulscar and Nightshard? And what other Free Cities exist besides Stonehelm?

A: Further details of the Dark Elves are planned to be unveiled in future episodes, so we would rather not give out that information right now. Other notable Free Cities include Foster's Reach, Listmoor, Eridan Crossing, and Karthal. And there is another one that the community will learn more about over the coming months ...

Q: Are there really 3 moons in Ashan? If so, which one is the Primordial Dragon Asha buried in? Can all 3 open the gate to the demon prison during eclipse?

A: Ashan has only a single moon where Asha lives to overlook her creation. The moon is in fact a cocoon that Asha wove around herself to heal and rest after the Dragon Wars. However, this moon, like ours, has several phases, and the people of Ashan consider that, like Asha, it has three main aspects, or "faces":

1) The face of Death (the Spider Queen), symbolized by the New Moon.
2) The face of Life (the White Mother), symbolized by the Full Moon.
3) The face of Destiny (the Blind Maiden), symbolized by the Changing Moon.

As the moon is Asha's realm, within Ashan's fiery core is Urgash's prison. A Blood Moon Eclipse is a time when the planet Ashan blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon; Asha is thus "eclipsed" by Urgash.
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