H3SW beta v0.8 came out.

Visit their forums for downloads and bug reporting or make your note down. Enjoy when it's fresh! ;)

INSTALLATION note by Orzie added 5.1.2019

1. Install clean Heroes 3: SoD or Heroes Complete (without HotA, HD, WoG, ERA, etc.)
2. Download and Install H3SW v0.8.0
3. Install HD Mod if you have troubles with h3sw.exe.
4. Check if <Fix.Cosmetic> = 0. Write this line manually if it isn't there.

If you have the unlimited resources bug + Dragon Tower bug:

0. Delete the game+mod+HD directory completely.
1. Re-download H3SW v0.8.0 Installer from the same links.
2. Install clean game, install the mod, install HD Mod.
3. Make sure that <Fix.Cosmetic> = 0 in HD Mod launcher. Write this line manually if it isn't there.
3. Enjoy!

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Unknown Mod

This is just the beginning, a small tweaking script over H2: Project Ironfist. Changing this and there, a little reminding WoG in its purpose. Yet stable but with (known) bugs.

Download link1
Download link2

How to use:
 * You will have to rename this script with the name of the scenario each time you want to play another scenario, for example, rename "_MapName.MX2.lua" to "ENROTH.MP2.lua" to use the script with ENROTH scenario.
 * Small maps are suggested as saving tends to be long AND atm you should be able to play the scenario in one go otherwise the game is dead (saves are useless)

Name? There's why, Uknown Mod is done by Uknown_Hero. Check the original announcement here!
(But be careful links are displayed only for registered members.)


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Horn of the Abyss

New version 1.5.4 was released, this aims to be a bug fix release. Fixing quite plethora of bugs and bringing on the table just small (albeit nifty) improvements. It's not quite clear, if that will be the last word from HotA team in this year. It could be, it could be..

Release changelog is available here.

version 1.5.4


What is New (excerpt):

horn of the abyss

[+] New Conflux town sprites (Fort, Citadel, Castle, Capitol) have been introduced for the adventure map

[+] Hints has been introduced to be displayed when targeting a stack, showing the effect of damage spells, healing and resurrection spells and First Aid Tent healing, along with the number of remaining shots for caster creatures

[+] New map Daggerwin Valley have been introduced
[+] Templates mt_Andromeda, mt_Antares and Clash of Dragons have been introduced

They also completed EN FAQ section and Documentation, with description of new creatures, heroes, templates and additional game changes.

EN template section si currently under construction, if you desire to see description of existing templates you need to check it in russian only. Once it will be done, just switch the flag. A guide how to create a new templates is here.

For the lurkers after a long time, it would be good to acknowledge, that there's still only one new town and that's Cove and plans for the other towns were moved aside, for better times. And if you are interested what Cove brings, just see it here.

We would also like to invite you to HotA International Community Discord server. The area is divided into three rooms, for EN, PL or RU languages. Just hit the flag down to appear in the right section. Above chat the community also streams a lot, yt too. If you love Heroes 3, you cannot make a mistake being here. Clickety, click. smile teeth

HotA Discord

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CH2018Dear CH fellows

we wish you Happy Christmas. Spend with your Family & Friends.
Lots of Happiness and Joy!

And something for your soul tooCarol of the Bells


~Your  CH  Team

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Back in 2006 Marzhin announced that he was working on a Heroes V project named 'Legends of the Ancients'. A four-part campaign for Heroes V taking place in the old universe (of Heroes IV - Axeoth). The campaigns takes place after the original stories in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and were to follow the stories of iconic characters such as Nicolai Ironfist, Lord Harke, Lysander, Malustar and Gauldoth Half-Dead to name a few.

The first 2 campaigns, also refered to as 'Book 1 & 2', were released back in 2007-2008.

The project recieved Ubisoft's 'Seal of  Approval' earning the acknowledgement of being Approved Might and Magic Content.


Having to admit time had become scarse, Marzhin released Book 3 as a digital version in Decemeber 2009. The following year 2010 still beared hope that Book 3 & 4 would be released as campaigns, as others like, Corlagon/Cepheus had stepped in to help finish the project.

The last hope of seeing Book 3 & 4 released as campaigns, were buried near the end of 2012. Shortly after, the last part, Book 4 was released by Marzhin as a digital book, complete with art work.

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Masters of Sighisoara

For today Advent article, Celestial Heavens decided to send our Danish reporter KarmaKeld on a virtual trip across the Öresund to Sweden, to have a chat with HeroOfPunk, founder of the Masters of Sighisoara project, about the Ghost of Christmas MoS Past, Present and Future..

They had a Q&A over a nice cup of warm Glögg (a type of Scandinavian mulled wine made with brandy, almonds, raisins, and spices.)...

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Put on the music, and try to read it in time! smile teeth A few months ago Sir Albe posted a nice history of "Sucession Wars Mod" on Enroth diehard fan community board. Summing it up completely from year 2008 to presence. To celebrate and remind its 10th Anniversary.

Before you will delve deeply, to devour on it, you should probably know, that new version of mod wasn't yet released and it's expected to be soon™. Or in other words, to be, when it will be ready. But the mod was already once made public in version 0.7.


  • This is modification of Heroes III. engine.
  • That it is compatible with HD Mod by baratorch (minus HD+).
  • That it should come with converted H2 and H1 maps.
  • And it's based on the original lore.

Let Orzie speak(quote):

"Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars is a fan-made total conversion modification of Heroes of Might and Magic III, which aims to recreate the unique atmosphere of its prequel, Heroes of Might and Magic II, and to provide qualitatively new gaming impressions to the fans of both games.
Further development of the project intends lore integration with the Might&Magic series by New World Computing with attention to earlier games of the series."

This is a good read. Go on!

And for Sucession Wars Team, one big Hooray! from CH, thanks guys for keeping one dream alive.

Thanks FireCage321 for info.

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Project Ironfist

The aims here are high. Project Ironfist is all about easy modding, with help of LUA scripting, enhanced editor, new campaigns (but not yet with campaign editor), artifacts, spells, abilities, stats balance. Custom scripts in map are supported. To let them speak:

"Our maps feature elementals that split in two, enemies that get more powerful the longer you wait, and epic quests to unlock missing secrets. Try out our maps Last Stand and Sorrow's End! "

Also the modification brings a few gameplay tweaks:

  • Hit-and-run tactics for heroes is no longer allowed because rehired heroes do not regain their movement points
  • A new artifact: Pandora's Box. This artifact creates a random stack of level 1 creatures for the duration of each battle.
  • A new spell - Awareness. When cast, Awareness reveals part of the map around the caster, similar to the Redwood Observatory
  • And no "WAIT" button, ever. Discussions why, you can see here or here.

The Game Itself is running pleasantly well and if you loved traditional Heroes 2 interface, you will be home here. Though there are some minor changes, which just fit in nifty.

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A relatively young and stable program is F2HE. First seen release is from Dec 9, 2017 and from that time, they made it into the stable version. The Free Heroes 2 Enhanced engine is created with use of SDL but, of course, you are still supposed to have the original Heroes II. bought.

You can download the windows build from here. Quite extensive explanation of what are changes vs original engine, can be found on the program homepage here. Scroll a bit down to see it.

By itself the Windows version is bundled with demo of Heroes 2 but you can copy your files (DATA/*.agg, MUSIC/*.mp2, /MAPS and original exe.) here and you will get PoL under Free Heroes2 Enhanced engine.

From my (actually short) test time, everything seems to be in place. Oh, just before the start configure the game via "FH2Lanucher.exe" and you can start it by "FHeroes2Enh.exe".

Don't forget to "Save the Config". And when the program first time load all your maps, it will take awhile.

It can do Quick Combat, use "spacebar" and "h" key for moving and selecting your heroes. Supports resolutions 4:3 up to 1920 x 1080. See screenies below:

Map Editor is not in the scope of FH2E. If you would like to have a better one you will need to wait for our next article.

I think that you may be pleasantly surprised here. ;)

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