Before the end of October, I dispatched two questions to several Ubisoft PR representatives, hoping for an official statement:

  1. Since the development of the latest game in the franchise (Heroes VII) has now stopped, we are wondering: are there any plans for continuing the franchise with other games?
  2. There are rumours going around but no official statement has been released yet: can you confirm or deny that Erwan le Breton's team has been disbanded?

Can you guess whether we got a clear message or an ambiguous reply? Well, after hearing back from them I sent a quick follow-up, but haven't heard anything more and I think three weeks is enough time to wait. Here is the official reply:

"After more than four years of collaboration on Might and Magic projects, Ubisoft's partnership with Limbic Entertainment has come to an end. As a result, no further updates are planned for these projects or the related websites. Ubisoft wants to thank both Limbic and the community for their support and dedication over the past four years."

As you can see, the answer says that nothing new is planned, but it doesn't specifically say that there will be nothing more of the M&M franchise - which is what I'd like to know. It just says that there are no plans (not that there never will be any) and that Limbic are no longer connected with it. I guess it doesn't sound good, but we can't say anything definitive.

In case you're wondering about the second question, I did get a reply from a different PR rep but I'm not sure she realized the irony: she said she was going to forward my questions to the Might & Magic team. If the team has been disbanded, I wonder who she thinks is checking the e-mails?